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Friday, November 28, 2003

11:51AM - wanna love ya, wanna bug ya

ehhh my boys goin huntin all this weekend, im gonna b bored as shit...oh well ill find somethin to do lol

Current mood: bored
Current music: "Stupid Girl"-Cold
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Saturday, November 22, 2003

8:03PM - party party

damn, ive slep about 2 hours in the last 2 days, i was up all day n night n morning on friday to today.....jesus i was tired.....good times last night, fuckin country music, see it all started with the other three girls n two guys up stairs n me, charles n cassie were downstairs, then me n charles couldnt get confortable, n one girl said we could sleep on her bed, soo cassie said she had no problem sleepin downstairs, so me n charles went up stairs n tried to sleep but fuckin country music was playin the next room, n this girls dad was makin all this fuckin noise, n the bed was soo unconforable, n well yea...........i finish the rest of the story when i write again, cus im lazy

Current mood: bored
Current music: "Burning Inside"-static-X
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Thursday, November 20, 2003


i heard interesting things about my boy yesterday n im fuckin sick of it,hes gone, done, never again................thats bout it cus i cant stand fuckin cheatin, its fuckin ignorant...fuck you matt

Current mood: pissed off
Current music: "Chicken Huntin" -ICP
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

8:44PM - Pictures

ok...can someone leave a comment on how im sopossed to leave pictures on here.....on a journal entry, cus im confused

Current mood: missin my boy
Current music: "Surfacing"-slipknot
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8:21PM - Bitches love me cus they know that i can FUCK!

ummmmm yea.....boredom, the one night i dont go ne where n im fuckin bored.....n i have nothin to write about, exsept i went riding again 2night, my horse was decent, alittle stupid but ok, my other one still has a bad leg, n i gotta a new one to ride today, hes not trained but thats y im riding him lol, for all that dont know, i train horses, n work at taco bell, its good money with the 2 combined soo yea thats about all that happened 2night, n i miss my baby :( i wanted to see him today but i had to go out, n he called but i didnt have my phone to take the call :( its sad, but hopefully ill see him on friday, im not in love yet, n hes knos it, but maybe one day, see i have issues, i dont like to get close to ppl, to much shit has happened, n the way i think, if i dont get close to ppl i have the advantage, i cant get hurt, i dunno maybe ill grow out of it, maybe i wont, n maybe it takes that one guy to change all that, but i dunno, im gonna go now, ill write laters

Current mood: weird
Current music: "Bitches"- MSI
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12:52PM - first entry n im fuckin hungry

Likes: matt,his giant tongue ring, his tatoos, and his jus plain sexiness, humor, someone who acts like themselves instead of following everyone else,knowing someone really cares about you n you feel the same, bats,little kisses here and there, cars,my dog(hes the shit),cigarettes, obscene gestures,rough sex, pain in any way possible, tummies, cats, alcohol....more to come

Dislikes:ppl who will try to make my matt from me,back the fuck up hes mine,cheaters,liars,ignora nce,ppl who jus want sex,ppl that im you n say, ur hott? wut the fuck is that if ur gonna talk to me say something interesting,ppl who go around preachin bout jesus, i dont care wut u believe but dont try to push it in my head cus its not happenin,ummmm me,chickens,they scare me,ppl who think there better then everyone else,cruelty to animals,loud obnoxious ppl,immaturity,homophobes, stupidity, ppl that call my house n wake everyone up n then hang up when there asked who they are...if your gona call me at all hours of the night call my cell jus dont wake my mom up cus she bitches at me, ppl that r one way with some ppl n change completely for others......n theres more later

ill writye later, see im in school n im too lazy n too hungry to write so i jus took it from my other site....thedilly.com username: mindlessxmisery
ill talk later

Current mood: hungry
Current music: "Right now"- korn
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