Mills' Day

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


I've been so busy and forgot to update this journal.

Well, I spent the first part of the summer at Braille Quest where I re-met Tamara, and did tons of fun stuff; such as: watching a free movie at silver city, free trip to Play Land and a free trip to the Splashdown waterslide park.

I spent the rest of the summer working on Bowen Island; where I met lots of new and old acquaintances. Most of the old staff were back again this year with the acception of Allison who was replaced by Bella. I had a wonderful time hanging out on Bowen's dock and just being outdoors.

I spent the last couple weeks of the summer roaving about in the good old U.S of A in sunny California. It was really hot, and seeing Monina, Anita, uncle Aroon and ninang Meme was great. we also visited my dad's cous Peddie and met Monina's BF Tony.

After California the summer was pretty much over, and the new season was rolling in. I have started courses at Douglas College, and have made a load of new pals over there. My courses are super duperly easy, and as of yesterday (Septemember 9, 2003) I am no longer a single free man. Tamara and I finally came clean and have become an item.

I was always excited to have female acquaintances who were potencial GFs, but now that I have her, it doesn't feel that thrilling. I mean it feels just the same as how it was two days ago, and now I feel kinda afraid I won't be up to par to this. I like her much, but I am afraid of disappointing her in the end.
Well, I'll just keep on doing what I feel and go on my gut feelings. It's done me good so far, so why stop now?

Oh, I almost forgot about my promotion to Corporal in june of 2003. I wonder what this year will bring to me, and I wonder what kinds of new things will come with being a junior NCO.

Current mood: accomplished
Current music: last beautiful girl: Matchbox 20
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