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Ow! My ovaries! [11 Jul 2003|10:40am]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | R. Kelly ]

work took a lot out of me last nite so i went to bed as soon as i hit my room. and to think i will putting on that outfit again in 6 hours.

I was watching an episode of "Leave it to Beaver" on Nick and I realized I never could have lived in the 50's. All that flippy dye-job blondish hair, plaid full length skirts and pointy bras...and knitting! The mother spent the whole episode either in the kitchen washing dishes or on the couch knitting. I must admit that Eddie Haskel was rather hot. He's the only character on the show that doesn't make you think of a cold glass of milk.

Brittany Spears is not a virgin, according to KCCI Channel 8 news. Big bloody deal. My mom, sissy and I went to Perkins this morning. She came up to see me and wish me well. I <3 my mom. I made a remark that it'd probably be full of drunks trying to sober up. My mother said "Nah, it's too early for the drunks. It will just be full of a bunch of homosexuals. All of the homosexuals eat muffins." She wasn't quite sober. Some dude in a black trenchcoat kept staring at me. He reminded me of this kid named Will from high school. Will once told me my long tongue would make some man very happy some day. He always wore a black trenchcoat and all my friends called him "Trenchcoat Willie." Last I heard he moved to Florida. I noticed on the Perkins menu they have an item called "Mammoth Muffins." It made me think of Mathew. Mathew once asked me to make him "...a blueberry muffin, of the mammoth variety." I think I'll shower soon, or try to figure out my new Song Walkman thing...YEAH WHATEVER!

Shaun is such a queen! I <3 him


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