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Friends Only [11 Jun 2009|01:22am]
[ mood | calm ]

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We Miss you Kami [21 Jun 2004|11:19am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Promenade // Kozi ]

Would you look at this, a puplic post.

We miss you Kami

5 yrs ago on the 21'st (today here) The 21's is almost over in Japan so I have to hurry and post this. 5yrs ago today Kami, the drummer of Malice Mizer sadly died of a bloodclot in his brain. Kami loved butterflies, and nature. His energy in his drum playing would always modivate the band. It isn't the same without him, and I greatly miss him. Although, I know now that he is free, and his suffering has ended. Although he isn't here in body, he is here in spirit. If I could I would go to his grave, I would be there, I want to be there, why is money such a big factor in our lives it is sad that it keeps you from visiting someone. -_-
We Miss you )
We miss you Kami

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