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ATTENTION: mike is going to fuck some shit-head the fuck up this saturday if his pussy ass shows up! [07 Jan 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Untold Truth - "Today's Mourning" ]

yeah... i like the title too... it holds a lot of ground and pinoche, if you will... so i wake up at 2:30 this morning, and see that this fuckin kid who left my girlfriend a troubling message yesterday was online, so i took the opportunity to speak my mind and warn him of the reprecussions he would have to face if he decided to command her to not do something... not to check his profile to be precise... yeah, its gay, its stupid, but he decided to TELL her not to look at it... big mistake, because the second i see you're telling my gf what to do, i find it as a posed threat to her. so the reprecussions i laid out for him were a little harsh (i told him i'd break him), pardon me for my abrasiveness. i told him if he didnt want her looking at his profile, to block her, but the stubborn cock smoker declined the easy way out, and decided to offer me a FIGHT! thats right folks... a scrawny little fairy armed with nothing but a bad attitude OFFERED TO FIGHT ME!! i must admit, ballsy on his part... stupid, but ballsy... on top of the will to fight, he also insulted the way jill and i look... more importantly, the way jill looks... he hurt her feelings, and for that, not only will he suffer, he'll remember what i did to him for the rest of his fucking life because i plan on scarring him beyond repair. long story short, we got into a 2 hour pissing contest, slung some mud, threw some insults, and at the end, he fucking apologizes to me... "ok, so now what?" i ask myself as i crawl back into bed after leaving him with my final warning... will he show up to the empress ballroom show this saturday? did he apologize to try to get himself out of the grave he dug himself? because as far as i see, allan, if you read this, all you did was piss me off more... oh? im being a "bully"? a "meat head"? guess what, this bully meat-head is gonna fuck your life right up if you show up this saturday, because i've only just started to end this bullshit... NO ONE orders jill around, and NO ONE insults her or i... you break the rules, i break your fucking face, you piece of dog shit. this "ugly" "fat" "bully" is gonna kick your fuckin teeth in...

other than that horseshit, today was splendid :) i woke back up again at around 8:20, started the car to warm up, drank a glass of water, brushed the teeth, went to jills... we got a chance to lay down for a little bit before we took our showers, which was really nice because we dont get to do that half as much as we'd like to. then we ran some errands, ate some food, did some shopping, and went back to her house for dinner.. then we played nintendo, and she started to feel really sick :( so i stuck around until it was time for her to rest up. tucked her in, came home, here i sit. i cant wait for the show this saturday, i never seen full blown chaos, i like them a lot... there'll be some hardcore, good friends, good times. maybe even some stage dives and high fives! ... im an asshole... heh, lata

p.s. if anyone would like to harrass the fuck that wants to fight me aka the kid that might die this saturday, his screen name is Alley Boy Kitten ... yeah, i know, he's pretty much as gay as his screen name... he mistreats his girlfriend and is really cocky and high strung... i might warn you though, as soon as he starts talking, he just don't fuckin stop... melee mouthed bitch... he hates it when people who don't like him look at his profile, so get lookin! peace

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