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weekend update [06 Oct 2003|09:03am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Ed Gein - "Willie Loman" ]

well its been quite the eventful weekend... friday, john, ashley, jill, and myself all made the haul to the olive garden in orange... after being stuck in crummy traffic for about an hour, we got there and had to wait another hour, but it was fine, it all paid off later on the night... we are seated, and our waitress decides to start talking, if thats what one could call the noises produced from her oral cavity... at one point, i had to translate her jibberish to ashley, "doup oh dalad", as wendy the wiley melee mouthed the waitress put it, was translated as "soup or salad." a series of grunts and clicks proceeded as she walked away with our 4 orders of never-ending pasta bowls... after the OG, we made our way back to jill's house where we sat around for a little while and john and i messed around on the guitar... SATURDAY! jill and i met up with fred, katy, nick, erin, and kassy, and we hauled ass to uconn... for the first time ive ever been to a liquor store and actually made legally-of-age purchases, i felt pretty cool... yeah, ive been alive for 21 years, my reward - to get my girlfriend drunk and take her to a seedy hotel out in manchester to produce a fun and educational experience for the both of us. hehe... sinner... but on an emo note, it was, eventhough the bed was about as comfortable as laying on broken glass and jagged rocks, a beautiful night that id gladly go through all the creepiness of the hotel personel and low-value comfort value again just to relive spending the night with jill :) (she blushes and says gooh, but she really feels heartwarmed knowing that i am so cherishing of times like that ;0*) ........ the next day, we showered and got ourselves together and went out for breakfast and to the rather unsettling manchester mall... went back to wally world, went to craig's crib for his b-day, and watched football and ate random snack food assortments. later on that night, me and "siege-A" went to the waterbury vfw and witnessed some crazy ass grindcore bands, and in pieces... Ed Gein was a pretty gnarly ass band with a sound i found myself liking... and in pieces, as disappointing as they were that night, was still a pleasure to listen to considering i love the new song a lot, and they closed with one of my personal favorites. chilled with cj for a little bit after the show, and went home and counted some sheep. i now sit at jill's house as she waltzes around behind me wearing nothing but a bath towel and a smile... sooooo yeah.... why am i on the computer?! im outta here!! *zzzip* ;) ... j/k... peace

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survey [06 Oct 2003|09:26am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Bedroom Heroes - "Embers & The Night After" ]

First Ten....All About You

#1) What do you wish was your name?: Xavier Prescott III.... actually, i like what it is now i guess, eventhough it sucks, but hey, i lost my creativity

#2) What song seems to reflect you the most?: Dredg, "Same Ol' Road"

#3) What thing always makes your day when it happens/ you see it?: jill smiling/in a good mood, and when shes having a good day

#4) If you could change one of your qualitites, what would it be and why?: id be a little bit more in shape... but as a personality trait, i wish i wasnt so lazy and more punctual... so i wish to chan ge a few of my qualities

#5) What in your life influences you the most?: straight edge hardcore music... the powerful lyrics and "chugga-chugga" break downs ands sharp shrill "rrRREE rrrRRREEEE!!" guitar fills make me motivated to stay on the straight and narrow path of being pure and keeping a clean soul... XXX for life baby... actually im bullshitting you, eventhough sXe hXc is pretty positive and inspiring to me... actually my dad inlfuences me the most i think.

#6) What has been your wildest/best/most interesting fantasy? be the lead singer of a semi-popular hardcore screamo band and make people fight eachother while listening to the band's music.... actually my real fantasy is to take jill to italy and live like a rich and luxurious cosmopolitan lifestyle for a few weeks.

#7) Which feature of yours do you love? Which do you hate?: my pringles can sized phallous... my gut

#8) If you had to have a picture be your symbol, what would it be and why?: that photo of that buddhist monk that set himself on fire in the center of tienemen square in china... because i see myself as being a peace loving person that would gladly sacrifice my all to with-hold my beliefs and honor my word, no matter what the cost.

#9) What would you title the movie or soundtrack of your life?: Honor

#10) What are you most dissapointed with so far?: myself because i dont have a job or go to school at the present time

Next Five....About Others

#1) What one quality makes a person worth being around?: sincerity

#2) What one thing about a friend always pisses you off?: brag about tolerance to drinking and other stupid shit that is hazardous to one's health

#3) Ok, now vent your worst people experience:

#4) What is a major turn on?: a soft warm body, a welcoming smile, and being in a semi-clingy, emo, softy, "gooh"tastic mood.... *:D 0:)*

#5) If you could create the perfect person, what three qualities would they
have and what would they look like?: understanding, faithfulness, and sense of humor... and that perfect person looks like jill... oo yeah, because it is jill :)

Last Five....About Life

#1) What confuses you the most about life?: kindness being mistaken as weakness, and people's ability to lie and cheat without any regard for the people they are harming

#2) What's one thing that goes on that makes you wanna scream?: abuse - whether it be drug, child, alcohol, or emotional, and kind of abuse makes me wanna go screamo and abuse the abusers

#3) Which matters more, people's words or actions?Why?: actions leave impressions on the person, but words leave impressions on the mind and heart

#4) Does love really make the world go round? Is love present in today's world?: it makes the world easier to live in, i believe, and it does exist because i personally feel it... but its not as popular as it should be... love is too hard ro define for people to know exactly what it is, but thats what makes it so notorious, because people fear what they dont understand.

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