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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004

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    I am so fucking bored today...For some odd reason I woke up at like..8 something.. There isn't anything to do at that time of the day..I've been on here since then. Well..not really on the net.
    I was tryin to figure out what was wrong with my computer cause my sound card wouldn't work last night. I decided to defragment my computer cause I haven't done that since um...I dunno, a long time ago anyway...

    and yeah, it works better now....amazing thing these computers eh?

    I work like..3 pm. I work with Pete..not a good thing. :P I dunno why, but I can't stand workin with him. He's not exactly annoying, but yeah..I dunno. I guess its cause I can't do things my way when I work with him. He's the Kennel Manager and I have to do things his way. even though, my way is better. :)

    YAY I get paid today! *just realized* well then, thats gonna make today much better and much easier to get along with.

    K, some random pictures, and Im off. :)



    mk, thats all.

    Current Mood: bored

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