Melissa's Journal

Tuesday, November 4, 2003


Alison, Dave, and Kelli came over on Halloween. They all ended up spending the night. We drank a little but not enough to get anyone shitted...or even drunk...On Saturday Alison, Dave, and I went to Unos and came home and watched High Anxiety and Cool Runnings...well they watched all of Cool Runnings...I went to bed. They left on Sunday, which was good I suppose, because I woke up feeling like CRAP. I have this MASSIVE head cold. It fucking sucks...I feel like my head uis going to explode and my nose is going to fall of...and I cant hear cause my ears are all stuffed...oh well what are ya gonna do huh???

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Tired...worked from 9-5...some people had to be there at 6 htough so I shoudnt sat anything...though they got to leave at 3...BEST BUY 887!!!

Current mood: tired
Current music: My moms radio
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