Brian Lee


14th September 2003

1:29am: Bad Day
well, here's the good:

1. I got to talk to Keely today, a very good friend of mine that I haven't talked to in ages. She's one of the most important friends I have. She helps me out all the time, and is such a good listener. I always feel bad because I talk about so much stuff with her. I never know what's going on in her life. I feel like such an ass because of it. Sigh, next time.
2. Hang-out Time with nate and nick. too bad they're competiveness in video games piss me off.

1. I talk about well, girls, with keely. And then to me. And the hard, painful truth is that there's many things wrong in what i do that keely noticed. It made me angry that she was right, i wish i was thankful for her trying to help. But instead i was stubborn and refused to believe her. I hope that I don't make that mistake again.
2. I got in some little trouble with Atoosa's mom for calling her too much. ARGH, it's bad enough that her parents like....hate they have a reason to hate me. I'm probably never gonna be able to hang out with atoosa.

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