we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl <3

;27 Dec 2003|11:31pm ;
sorry girls but im moving to GJ its so much better!! get one and comment me _wishinq ill miss u all please please please get journals over there =(
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;22 Dec 2003|12:30pm ;
just thought id let everyone know that i have a GJ _wishinq add me over there if u have one and dont worry im not moving over there im gonna try to update in blurty and GJ yep LOVE YA ALL
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;27 Jul 2003|12:23am ;
takin a break from blurty ill miss all my blurty chickas
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;09 Jul 2003|11:25pm ;
goin on vk dont take me off your friend lists ;D
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;05 Jul 2003|01:25am ;
HAPPY 4th hehe well its not really the 4th nemore cus its like 1 something lol but yeah this was the best 4th of july ever! ok so i woke up at 1;30 cus my mom called me god that was a bummer hehe but then she left work to pick me up so i could come with her to this cook out at her work but then we decided that it would be boring but even tho my mom still had to work til 10 that night we went to her friend janices house where my brothers were and the onders ((ashley, chris, mrs onder for those who dont know them)) were gonna meet us there ok so after that at like 8 or 9 something we went back to phoenixville and went to friendship field to watch fireworks and like dave had told me he had to work but he was there! AHHH..* well like i had already been there for like 10 minutes i guess and then he walks in with his friend and comes and stands next to my mom and just looks at me and then her! i was ahhhh i love u ehhee but then i walked past him a couple times with ashley and ashley noticed he was there but i didnt lol...ok so no1s online and im just listenin to music and shit so im gonna go watch tv or someting but im gonna stay online just incase dave gets on
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;03 Jun 2003|01:51pm ;
hey everyone!! CONCERT TONIGHT!!! yay i cant wait its gonna be super fun! and were takin a limo there its gonna be off the hook hehehehe yeah well im outie i have to finish my ss much love*xOxO
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;30 May 2003|08:20am ;
hey! yeah i havent written in a while cusi havent really felt like it lol yeah but DANCE TONIGHT! yay! i cant wait omg its gonna be so fun MaDdiE KnApP is coming over after school and then were going to get r nails done and r eyebrows waxed yippie skippie hehe and CaItLyN will be with us to!!!! yeppers i cant wait but after that my step mom and my brothers g/f r doing r hair and makeup! I LOVE MY DRESS!!! its white strapless and it has pink and red flowers sewn on it! its really super pretty i got it with kelly her dress is super pretty to! so is caitlyns and maddies dresses! they are GORGEOUS!! i cant wait to see every1s dresses tonight! haha im really excited! yeah im in music right now and im done my stuff i have to do so im writing in this! ok well im pretty bored so im gonna change the layout of my blurty or something! xOxO*
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;20 May 2003|06:01pm ;
omg BOOM thanx so much for doin my blurty its beautiful lol even tho i cant see it! yeah well today was coolies...school sucked like always but my mom is movie to glenhardie THANK GOD! i can get out of phoenixville this stupid crap hole..yeah i cant wait im moving july 10th! yippie skippie ill have a house party lol well im gonna order pizza now and do my core ex crap LY*xOxO
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;20 May 2003|05:14pm ;
| mood // excited |
| music // I LOVE MICHELLE! |

ahh don't u love it? lol.. if not then i.m/e-mail/comment my blurty to lemme know what u want done!
muchh luvv <33

xO KisseS Ox
P.S.- Feel Free to make any changes.. i won't be offended =)

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;11 May 2003|09:35pm ;
im kinda upset...heres y...DAVE could u of guessed? like seriously he gets me soo upset...cus i know i ruined every chance i had with him! y do i have to get soo obsessed with guys?! it sux so much i LOVE him like no lie hes so awesome and like even tho he can be a dick head he can be really super sweet and thats y i like him and like he isnt that cute either he has like A HUGE NOSE but i cant stop thinking of him and how it might of been if i wasnt such a bitch god i really hate my self right now...and ashleys prob. goin michelle what the hell r u thinkin while shes reading this cus she knows how much of a stupid ass dave can be but i just cant get over him!! i like havent gone to la taverna in the longest time and like i dont wanna go there cus something happened with one of the people that used to be there but i wanna go to see dave but like i dont cus i think hes gonna ignore me of like flirt with my mom cus he does that...GRR! i wish i could at least be friends with him but i cant even talk to him cus i think hes gonna think im a loser cus i know i am and he thinks im ugly and he tells people im annoying and ugly well i guess i am ugly if dave thinks i am god im so depressed..guys really suck ALOT! well im gonna go im really upset and im like crying so im gonna try to go to bed LYL
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;11 May 2003|12:17pm ;
I ____ Michelle.
Michelle is __________.
I think Michelle should _________.
Michelle needs to ________.
I want to ________Michelle.
If I have seen her picture(s), I think Michelle is ________.
In one word, I would describe Michelle as ________.
I can see Michelle being (a) ________ someday.
If I were alone in a room with Michelle I would ________.
Someday Michelle will ________.
Michelle reminds me of ________.
Without Michelle, my life would be ________.
Michelle can be ________.
________ is how I describe meeting Michelle.
Worst thing about Michelle is ________.
Best thing about Michelle is ________
One thing I would change about Michelle is her ________.
Michelle needs ________.
I am ________with Michelle.

fill it out honeys
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;10 May 2003|09:39pm ;
hey chickies...like the layout?! yeah i just did it cus like the backrounds i was making werent really working! yeah but neways my weekends been a bummer so far well today was but yesterday was fun i slept over kellys house with maddie and then we walked to chesterbrook today it was cool but when i got home my mom was kinda in a bad mood and she said we could go see matt but later she changed her mind and said we couldnt i was soo sad i was counting on seeing him cus i havent seen he in like 6 months and like the last time i saw him he sang me wonderful tonight...boo hoo...=( yeah but im over it now well im kinda bored and tired so im gonna finish watching drum line LYL <33
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;09 May 2003|09:13pm ;
michelle, this came out super ugly, i like the other one SO Much more.......do what you want with it

<33 xoox

if u need help, just HOLLAAAAA! heh

<33 jenny
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;08 May 2003|06:25pm ;
heyy shelz...i did the blurty thingy backround, but it came out really small, and i didnt think i would like it, but i really do, having it all on the sides and one middle strip, and then you couldnt read the text, so i changed that too, but if you dont like it i cant always change it!

orignal blurty girls f o r l i f e


<33 jenny
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;06 May 2003|08:48pm ;
| mood // dorky |
| music // sIxErS gAmE//Go SnOw..<33 |

I HAVE A PLAN! yay! lol but i cant talk about it its a secret plan <33 yeah but neways today was ok and u know what i really dont feel like writing right now so im gonna go LYL <33

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;05 May 2003|01:17pm ;
| mood // cranky |
| music // SUSAN SAID I COPIED HER!!! |

hola chickas and chickos im in the library in english i know super cool beans lol neway i have to go cus miss c is coming back and she already gave us this lecture bout how were not supposed to be goin on ne other sites LYL <33

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;04 May 2003|09:44pm ;
| mood // grateful |
| music // nOnE* |

i had a super duper weekend hangin out with my girl kelly! LYL! <33 ur my hero...lol i dont know im hyper...THOSE TICKS WERE UCKY!>>long story and i dont feel like making it short neways im outie im really tired LYL <33

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;02 May 2003|07:18pm ;
| mood // contemplative |
| music // BbAlL gAMe//Go sIXeRs..<33 |

hola i just got back from the movies and the mall...w/ caitlyn maddie and kelly its was super coolies the mall was soo fuN! yeah but neways im really bored so im gonna go lol me = tired!~! LYL <33

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;01 May 2003|12:57pm ;
| mood // frustrated |
| music // sTiLL nOnE*// |

More quizzes im bored...

Find your inner Smurf!

Which Real World cast member are you?

~Find Your Beauty Aura~

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;01 May 2003|12:19pm ;
| mood // groggy |
| music // nOnE*// |

i just got home from school and today sucked ALOT mr cannon is such a dumb shit he moved my seat to the back of the room inbetween neil and joey GOD IM SO MAD and the only reason he moved me back there was because i lied to him FUCK HIM that stupid whale yeah ill write more later when im not so pissed off LYL <33

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