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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
9:14 pm - School Starts Tomorrow
i cant belive this but... SCHOOL IS STARTING IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS!!!! urgh its annoying me cuz i cant wait to go. it will be my first day in high school. all these people are like "are you ready?" and im just like... sure. really the only reason im going to McEachern is cuz of the band and my friends or else i would probably have enroled in a magnet school. i doubt i would have made it anyway but i think im gonna like it at MHS. itll be fun except for my senior brother toruring me. o well im gonna go now i think ive said enough about my boring life.


current mood: anxious
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3:36 pm - FIRST ENTRY!!
hey people this is my first entry ever. ive been tryin ta get a journal for a long time but then i found this site cuz of one of my friends who i think i really really like. if u dont know me my name is jody im newhere from 5'7-5'9 about 135lbs i have dark brown spikey hair(i might grow it out) and brown eyes. i love to chat with people so even if i dont know u u can still im me just if u wanna chat. my aim screen name is MHSDrUmBuMx7

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