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(insert witty subject line here) [02 May 2003|03:50am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Rob Zombie - Everybody Scream ]

Just got home from seeing X-Men 2, and holy shit, was that a great movie. I recommend you all cough up the five or six bucks to go see it, because it is definitely worth it all.

I just realized today that my above link for my web page didn't work because I had the URL wrong. Rest assured, all you eager people out there can now visit my web page...all three of you who are probably reading this and only hearing "blah blah blah."

Oh well...

Got my History paper done today which is due when I wake up in the morning, a good 7 or 6 hours from now, so I have that thing off of my chest. Spanish is my next concern, which is also due tomorrow, but I think it'll be considerably easier.

At any rate, I'm getting incredibly bored with myself, as I'm sure all of you readers are getting incredibly bored with me too, since I live such a non-interesting life. Oh well, you all love me and you know it.



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Looking Ahead... [02 May 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Rammstein - Feuer Frei! ]

...I see only good things

Samantha's prom is this weekend, so I know that'll be a blast, even though I may see people I'd rather not, but I honestly could not give a shit less.

Looks like I'll be staying here at Aquinas for the summer working for Campus Safety, which I'm not all too thrilled about at all. I was hoping to spend my summer with Samantha and all my friends from back home, but looks like tuition rears it's ugly head once more, and unfortunately, I have to abide.

The world would be so much simpler if humans weren't naturally greedy...then nothing would cost wouldn't even be in our vocabulary, and just think of the crime that wouldn't exist...oh well...such is life...

Anyways, the parentals are coming soon, and I have yet to pack, so I will be leaving now...

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