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Reading Material for the Bored Individual [17 Mar 2003|06:39pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Tool - 46 & 2 ]

So here I am getting ready for dinner when I get a phone call from Samantha, which is cool and everything, because I love talking to her, but the exact subject matter is what I wasn't too thrilled about. One of my best friends, Bromley, has a girlfriend named Brandi, and Samantha was over at her house, and they needed my opinion/advice on a certain topic that they had been discussing. Apparently, Brandi has been having these thoughts about breaking up with Bromley for reasons that are currently off the record. But I'll tell you what, I'm not all too happy about it one bit. And those of you reading this and know him, don't say a word to him about it. So far as I know, he'll be finding out tonight, and I'm quite sure he doesn't know about my blurty, so I figured it'd be relatively safe to let out some steam.

But anyways...

Life is good for me, couldn't be better. Got a good job, good grades (I think, and severly hope for), and most of all, I have my Samantha, my fiancee who means absolutely everything to me. So yeah....suddenly I've run out of things to say, so, later.

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Useless Information.... [16 Mar 2003|06:02pm] first blurty is this thing...oh well...

[01] d.o.b.: 11-17-1983
[02] location: Michigan
[03] occupation: College student

[04] hair: brown and spiky
[05] eyes: brown
[06] height: 5'9"

[07] clothing: Tool shirts, hoodies, jeans, depends on the weather
[08] music: Metal/Rock
[09] make up: Nope
[10] bodyart: Not yet

[11] wearing: Tool shirt, jeans, necklaces (3), watch, Samantha's bangles (3), earrings (pair), socks, boxers (probably more info than you needed :D)
[12] thinking of: The next time I'm gonna see Samantha

[13] bought: System of a Down - Steal This Album!
[14] did: answered number 13
[15] ate & drank: Arby's Giant Roast Beef, Curly Fries, and a Cherry Coke
[16] read: <--
[17] watched on tv: X-Files

[18] club or houseparty: club
[19] tea or coffee: French Vanilla Cappucino
[20] beer or cider: beer...cider destroys my stomach...but then again, beer kills the liver...hmmm....
[21] drinks or shot: Drinks
[22] cats or dogs: Dogs any day of the week
[23] single or taken: Taken.
[24] pen or pencil: Pen. I hardly use pencils anymore.
[25] gloves or mittens: Gloves, their more condusive to gripping things
[26] food or candy: Food, then candy
[27] cassette or cd: CD
[28] coke or pepsi: Coke
[29] hard or mild alcohol: Depends on what it is or what it's mixed with
[30] matches or a lighter: Lighters. Zippos r0ck
[31] Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: Neither.

[32] kill: No one, though it'd be nice to get Bin-Laden and Hussein...
[33] hear from: Samantha
[34] get really wasted with: No one...I never get really wasted, that's stupid...casual drinking is fine, even Jesus had wine
[35] tickle: Samantha
[36] look like: Me.
[37] be like: Me.
[38] avoid: Melanie
[39] touch: Samantha
[40] talk to: Samantha
[41] hug: Samantha
[42] instant message: Whoever talks to me
[43] kiss: Samantha
[44] who broke your heart: lots of people, not Samantha though

[45] eat: Wege (blech) or my dorm
[46] dance: Wherever there's good music with good people
[47] cry: Wherever I am when I'm severly upset about something.
[48] wish you were: With Samantha

[49] Dated one of your best friends? Well, Samantha is one of my best friends, so yes
[50] Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? Yeah.
[51] Done drugs? Nope
[52] Broken the law? Not severly.
[53] Ran away from home? Heh...right....
[54] Broken a bone? Nope
[55] Cheated on a test? Yup
[56] Skinny dipped? Nope, but I'd be one crazy enough to do it...
[57] Played Truth Or Dare? Yup
[58] Flashed someone? I flash Samantha all the time...of course, I also have mooned two of my best friends, Scott and Bromley...hehehe
[59] Mooned Someone? Well this is redundant...see above question
[60] Kissed someone you didn't know: Nope
[61] Been on a talk show/Game show? Nope
[62] Ridden in a fire truck? Nope
[63] Been on a plane? Nope
[64] Come close to dying? Nope
[65] Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? Never in a million years. I already have everything I've ever wanted/needed
[66] Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? Yeah
[67] Eaten a worm/mud pie? No, but I think my brother has....
[68] Kissed Someone? Yeah
[69] Swam in the ocean: Yeah
[70] Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? Yeah. Lucid dreams are worse...thos are the kind where the nightmare is still going on, but then you're also awake, but you can't move because your body is still paralyzed by REM sleep...creepy

[71] The most embarrassing CD in your collection? Don't really have an embarrasing CD...if I had an embarrassing CD why would I have bought it in the first place?
[72] Your bedroom like? Needs to be vacuumed hardcore
[73] Your favorite thing for breakfast? Cereal
[74] Your favorite thing for lunch? Whatever sounds good at the moment
[75] Your favorite thing for dinner? Prime Rib with Au Jous Sauce
[76] Your favorite Restaurant? Anyplace that serves good prime rib

[77] A Vegetarian?: Hell no.
[78] A Good Student?: If I do my work, yeah
[79] Good At Sports?: Yeah
[80] A Good Singer?: So I'm told
[81] A good Actor/Actress? I'd like to think so
[82] A deep sleeper?: Like a rock
[83] A Good Dancer?: So I'm told
[84] Shy?: I can be
[85] Outgoing?: Most of the time
[86] A good storyteller?: Yeah

[87] boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yeah.
[88] how long?: For almost 10 months
[89] are you in love?: Definitely
[90] Virgin?: Nope
[91] listening to music?: Yep
[92] what song?: "Chic 'N' Stu" by System of a Down
[93] sick of this survey yet?: Yeah, make it go away....:D
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Yeah.... [06 Feb 2003|09:15am]
Ok, so just trying this thing out for a little bit, so, umm...yeah.
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