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[25 Jun 2003|01:37pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Lillix --> What I like about you ]

Hey I'm Ryan Merriman you may have heard of me and if you haven't than that sucks for you :] I'm taken, sorry. I love you Ashley. - Blows her kisses- Umm. Everyone is cool here. Anna is my bitch, Im her Mack Daddy/Sugar Daddy whatever you wanna call it. Im Anais's hoe, just so I could be on her bestfriend list. JUST KIDDING, Play kicks ass. Jesse is the man, he is really cool and funny to be around with. Michelle and me got icecream, she hates twizzlers -angry face- but oh well, she still loved gummybears :] I think I embarrassed her :[ ... Well thats pretty much it. Hit me up on Sorta like ry peace.

7 blow me baby

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