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Michelle is back!! [30 Jun 2003|10:04am]
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my daddy called me!!!!! I was so supprised!! We only talked forl ike 12 minutes, but I was so happy to hear from him. I think I am going to call him today or tomorrow and ask him how he is feeling, because I am very worried about him. Last summer is August I got so scard. We were playin mini golf and he just like falls on the coarse, and crys in pain. I was so scary. He may die from cirrohis of the liver.... Then BITCH amy was like "yeah your dad has only 4 years left to live." So Anyways I had to babysit and that was alright.... nothing big.

I had to work at Sabre room. It was alright. We got home earlier then usual. Not THAT early... but early enough. I went back to my aunt's house. And spent the night. I seriously LOOOVE this place when my cuz is not here... No offence to her or anyhthing... I just like having the place to myself. It's great! Anyways, Work was okay... The people were nice.. no tips though... DAMN!

Monday (Today)--
Well I am writting very early, but thats okay. Michelle came back tpday and was at tennis. I was so happy! It was great! So Michelle was standing at the net and I the people who werwe supposed to hit the ball (me) were supposed to slam it over to them. So I did... And she ducked... and Simms was like Why are you ducking, and immatated her. And he called her Chicken Liver. THEN at the end of practice hw was like hey Michelle And acted as if he was going to serve... then slammed his foot on the ground. (thats what I do when I get mad.) It was funny how he did it. We also played doubles today... But he didnt keep track of the place... we got up to the varstiy girls Annie and someone else...And we got our butts kicked.. it was nice to lose to people who are on Varsity.. It will help us later. We only have like 2 weeks left of tennis camp... MAN am I going to miss it! Mr. Simms has NO idea how much this WHOLE tennis thing is helping me. (even though I get a LIL frustrated) Okay.. well i need to drop my cell phone off at my mom's house so Her boyfriend can use it. I will write again later if I have time.

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