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The Perfect Boyfriend [27 Oct 2003|02:51pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Chingy feat. Snoop - holidae inn ]

dont ask me why im typing all this....i just watched newlyweds and nick is to good for jessica. hes to nice for her...but i just felt like typing this....

He's my boyfriend but then can be my friend at the same time. no matter what the situation is, we both can make each other laugh. hes there for me when im down. hell call me outta the blue just to talk to me. he tells me he loves me at unexpected times. its doesnt matter how he looks as long as he treats me good, and can definatly make me laugh. im not into looks...mostly just personality. he loves me no matter how i look. make up or not..he loves me. he respects my family just like he respects me. we'll not only spend time at his house with his family, but we'll also spend it at mine, and even if it is boring, he still doesnt complain as long as were together. it can be boring at times, but we'll make the best of the situation. when were fighting, well always make up in the end, even if it is something big, our love is strong enough to make it through. he trusts me as much as i trust him. and we wont have to worry when were hangin out with other friends. he treats my best friend just like he treats me. with respect. he doesnt care if i hang out with my best friend more then i may with him. he should understand just like i should when hes with his friends. he'll be romantic and not think its stupid or corny. HE DOESNT CARE IF WE DO SHIT OR NOT. every relationship ISNT based around "getting some", that shouldnt be of importance all the time. even tho it is nice at some times. not all the time though. he doesnt care how stupid or dorky i am, he can be just as silly as me, and we wont even care. we both can be each other around each other, there is no different "faces" put on to impress each other...just ourselves..plain and simple. he tells his friends that im HIS girl. he doesnt act different when hes around his friends with me. hes just the same and doesnt care what they have to say. he respects me for who i am, and what i may do, we all make mistakes, some of them arent good for us, but he respects me for what i like to do. no matter what it is. he doesnt mind talkin to me on the phone, and we'll both sneek out late at night when we both miss each other, maybe just for a kiss, or maybe just to see each other..every trip is worth it with each other. there is no distance between us. no matter if he does live 4 miles away from me. im his juliet to his romeo. oh romeo where are you?

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