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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
7:13 pm
cuddle and a kiss
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i hate it when you write a whole entry..then when you go to press update ..it gives you some peice of shit excuse ..and deletes everything you wrote.

*agrees* ..the little old lady in Poltergeist ..is a spitting image of Jill in 30 years or so...haha

last night at Lee's was great! we watched seven...'the most f*cking disturbing movie you'll ever see' ..claims mike lacroix. we all agreed we could have done without it.

the poltergeist *chuckles...* scared the shit outa me. the clown mostly... come on though..who the hell builds a house on top of a graveyard...seriously! what a doof.

so people left around 11:30ish...we ate chips and dip..talked about mikes wonderful company *bats eyes* ..cough. started pirates of the carribean around 1ish ..went to sleep around 2ish. not to diss pirates..but holy crap we were tired.

so we woke up early to send my sister off to work ...slept a little longer and went out to the skating rink with chrissy, autumn and austin. they're so cute! ...except when a) they step on you while you're sleeping b) throw stuffed animals at you c) pull your arm out of its socket d) ..snot ..thats all im going to say...

ohhh but it was a good weekend :-)

current mood: pleased
current music: Law & Order SVU

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
8:12 am
im starving. i ate a little last night for dinner ..but not much. breakfast sux at my house..either cereal..or ..nothing. unless i want to make pancakes or waffles, which i dont ...its cold down there.

no school yesterday ..pretty darn cool. i liked how i got absolutely nothing done all day. i tried to play my horn ..but it didnt work ..like no sound came out. *shakes head* im very dissapointed.

so no school today..because of 'subzero temperatures' ...leave it to podo to use big words. haha. so i plan on doing nothing yet again. im guessing that the basketball game is cancled *rejoices in jubilant song!* which alllsoo means ...ill be goin over Lee's earlier ...probably bringing dan. :-)

the draft from the window behind me is quite refreshing ..the noises it makes that is ...its freakin cold.

im still hungry..

current mood: hungry
current music: not the same - ben folds

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
4:59 pm
i still cant quite comprehend it ...how can someone so innocent, so kind, so..dan ..go through sometime like that. the funeral was beautiful. i of course couldnt stop crying. it hurt so much to see dan ..crying...sad..holding his sisters hand. i never want to have to see him like that again ..it just broke my heart.

and im crying again.

i signed up for the missions team at church..theres a meeting tonight that i really dont want to go to ...afterwards my parents have a meeting so im just going to sit and study in the youth room...

i do not want to have midterms tomorrow ..im not ready ..theres too much on my mind ..ill fail ..oh well.

what would i do without mike masterson...i think id admit myself to a mental hospital

j'ai tres devoirs. au revoir.

current mood: sad
current music: going down in flames - 3 doors down

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
3:23 pm

What kind of band geek are you?

so theres a game tonight ...are you suprised that i don't want to go? ..hmph

we drove albert home and then went to the florist to get the order in for dan's flowers ...go figure..i forgot his address so i called them back when i got home. they're sending them tomorrow...i hope he's home ..the funeral is then. im debating if i should go..like if he would want me to? ..i mean i didn't know her...but since me and dan are kinda close i think it would be important to him ..maybe im wrong..im just being stupid. i dont really want to go if its only miss marino, ms. howitt missy her sister and dave ...that would be weird. ..if i do go ill be missing most if not all of school tomorrow...damnit

so ...my life is boring ..this is what i get. sooo not funny.

current mood: melancholy
current music: my sister humming midway march

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
5:50 pm
it's days like these that i hate going to school. im so preoccupied that i cant get anything done, listen to anyone, have any mood or concentrate. theres so much wrong with that picture.

i agree with tanya and krista when saying that coach herring is a full out bitch. not only did she do something totally irrational but shes so stubborn its enough to make you piss. as if being on JV for 2 years isnt enough...i get told im certain to be on JV once again if i dont do football season. nice try. that aint gunna happen. shes losing enough people to save 2 people slots on a team we deserve to be on. ....yea nevermind..she doesnt deserve to be talked about...

its days like these when i wish i wasnt such a loner ..staying home..going to piano lessons..doing homework. what kind of life is that?

God can you please just take a break...

piano lessons went well...finally. he says hes sending me to this other guy sometime in the next 3 months ..i look forward to that...paul has bad breath.

list of things to do:

1. civics essay
2. work out ...im amazingly out of shape
3. help out a friend
4. get over myself
5. study vigorously for midterms and finals
6. get a life
7. practice practice practice

so the case is...i have no time ...i have no life ...i have really chapped lips ...damn that mellophone

current mood: stressed
current music: golden year - david bowie

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