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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
Cute 06
Rate Your Cuteness!

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Is that good or bad? I`m highest on the cuteness scale @__@

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?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
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Shy, private, and protected, you have a need to be
heard, but your in control at least on your
blog !

What kind of blogger am I?
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You are WATER

Your inner element is one of great compassion and
love. You are an extremely kind-hearted person
who tends to care more about helping others
than themselves at times. You gravitate to
people who need help or just a shoulder to cry
on and you provide them with the support they
need. You harbor an intense compassion for
others that is truly admirable. You are an
incredibly easy-going person who just goes with
the flow and tries to be comfortable no matter
what. You tend to collect things, little
reminders or memories of time gone past. Any
career that will allow you to help others in
any way is ideal for you. Love is a essential
element in your life, and your search for the
one and only for you is paramount to all
things. The one you choose with have to be
loyal, honest, and able to share their emotions
with you.

Your greatest strengths are your ability to bond
with others and help them through the tough
times. Your weaknesses are your tendency to get
overly emotional on things and drive those you
care about away with your emotional outbursts.
Balancing your strengths and weaknesses is
crucial for you to achieve balance in your

Astrologically, Water is associated with the signs
of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. You are most
compatible for either love or friendship with
another Water Elemental or with an Earth. You
are least compatible with a Fire Elemental.

Now that you have an idea of your strengths and
weaknesses, why don't you put them to the test?
If you follow my lead I can take you to a game
world where you can explore different sides of
yourself and taste real power....

...and all
the world can be yours.

Which of the 5 Prime Elements are you?
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Which type of beauty are you?

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Graceful and beautiful, you are both magnificent
and a bit of a mystery. Those you choose to
love you do so with all your heat and soul, and
you will simply ignore those you don't deem
worthy of you. You are picky with your
affections, and those you do choose are
constantly astounded by your love, beauty and
grace. Your dignity is important to you, and
you are not one to embarass yourself with silly
antics. However, when you do decide to break
down and play with those you love, it is a
sight to behold. Be careful not to be too
aloof, or else you might find yourself closed
off to too much of the world.

Now that you know what your inner animal spirit is,
let me show you something else....

Take my

What is your Inner Animal Spirit?
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Your Unico
Your Unico: Your cute & friendly, people are
jealous of you

What Famous Unicorn Are You
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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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Selkie. You are a fun loving, ocean going type of
person. The waves draw you in with their
hypnotic rythme, and you just can't resist the
siren's lul of the ocean. You are disapointed
in humans, and even your fae cousins for not
appreciating the ocean and all of it's wonders.
If only they could see there is more than what
meets the eye, that dreams live under the sea
as well...then maybe they would not scoff.....

What Type of Changeling Are You? (Now Including Pictures for Each Kith)
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cuteness goth
You are the cute goth. All the world looks upon you
as the better of the gothic slime. Your make-up
is always perfect, and you might have some
weird obsession with pink O.o. But no matter
where you go, you are one of the most desired.

In the gothic world, who the hell are you???
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You are the 50's! It's all about the gelled hair,
poodle skirts and ice cream parlors! Solid!

What Decade are You?
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Goddess of Love:

One of the four Goddesses with a total opposite,
the Goddess of Love surrounds herself with
friends. Your genuine love for people makes you
the most kind and sweet of the Goddesses. You
feel the need to be with friends at all times,
and can get very down in the dumps if no ones
around for you, although you never actually get
depressed. Youre also quite the matchmaker,
always having ideas on who your friends should
be with. People come to you for love advice and
you are just as happy to give it out. Your
temper rises only in the name of love; when
someone scorns those people or beliefs you hold
dear, you are ready to shake your fist at them.
You rarely get violent, however, and prefer a
more peaceful approach.

What Goddess Are You?
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