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    Friday, January 10th, 2003
    12:27 am
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    12:25 am
    My ass could be all yours, lol
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    Thursday, January 9th, 2003
    12:31 pm
    Damn, I love sex quizzes
    What's your sex style?

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    11:40 am
    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...
    Another slow day in the world of phone sex therapy, bahhahhhahhah. I've worked for a straight up phone-fuck line before, so I guess this phone sex "therapy" is different. On the hardcore line, (I wouldn't even call it all that hardcore, because there were some taboos that couldn't be discussed, most of which are all big turn ons for a lot of people that call these lines...anyway) you'd get a bunch of calls, all day long, but only for three or four minutes each, no matter how hard you would try to keep them on the line. And the pay deal with them sucked. If you couldn't keep an average of 10 minutes per call, your pay would be below minimum wage. Very crappy. But with the company I'm at now, it's much better, despite less business. The clients are established, and have been calling for years. It's not like I answer the phone and they're cumming in my ear after the first sentence I say. They want to actually talk. And there are no taboos AT ALL which makes things a little more exciting, if not weird. There is also a regular rate per minute that the operators get paid, no matter how little or how much they talk. That is a definite plus. What a great company. Anyone who's reading this, and who wants to break into the phone sex world, I say give Dr. Susan Block's Institue for the Erotic Arts and Sciences a try. It's just an amazing business, I can't believe it.


    And of course, the number to call little ole' me, Melissa, is on that site as well!! Anyone out there who's looking for a good time, you should try it out, anything goes, no matter what your fantasy, we can do it. Yeah, I'm a phone slut, ok. But it's good!! :-D

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    Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
    11:14 am
    Took A Quiz
    Decided to peruse Quizilla a bit before heading off to my love shack...hope this works...the result is a surprise to no one, however.

    Are you a sex fiend?

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    10:55 am
    Waiting for Business
    I'm signed on to my phone sex line...just sitting about waiting for calls. This is the only bad part about the job really, the waiting. I could work for a company that has a larger volume, but I really love where I am right now. It's not just your typical cum and hang up line. I usually talk to my clients for at least half an hour, about whatever they want. I still can't believe this is my job!! I enjoy it, it pays very well, and I get to slouch around in pajama's for as long as I want (oohhh, oops, I mean, sexy lingerie that is wet with the juice of my dripping, shaved pussy, lmao) It takes good creative and devious skills, but those are some of my favorite qualitites to put to use. I didn't think I'd get as horny as I do, actually. I've already cum twice today, and that's just in anticipation of the calls!! Maybe I'm a nympho, who knows. All I can say is, thank goodness there's a job like this, for a horny freak like me!! lol. I've gotten hundreds of guys off over the phone, just in chat lines or whatever, and while it was free for me, I might as well have been getting paid for it, since the guys had to pay that line anyway. I think I have a serious obsession with dick. I could spend all day fantasizing about sucking them, actually sucking them, pretending I'm sucking them, thinking about hot cum in my mouth, on and on and one. The sexiest feeling to me, is having a guy cum all over my face and tits....godddd it's hot. Can anyone relate? lol. Hopefully I'll have some interesting stories about my clients soon. For now, I'm off to play with my vibrator. All this writing has gotten me worked up again.

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    Monday, January 6th, 2003
    9:58 pm
    My first entry!!
    So this is my online journal. It may be that no one ever reads this, which is fine. I think that I'm in a period in my life where things need to be recorded, just not on paper, for any old person who's bangin around my house to pick up and peruse. So I started my job as a "phone sex therapist" on Friday. Pretty much just a glorified phone slut, if you ask me, but I'm cool with that. I enjoy it immensely, so far. And the money's not too bad either. I've been feeling like I *should* feel immoral, guilty, dirty, yadda yadda yadda, but I don't. At all. And I think that's ok. People pay to get off over the phone all the time, I like to have phone sex all the time, so it might as well be me that's getting some $$ for it. No one in my life really knows just how perverted I can be, so it was a shock to the two people I have told. I do have quite the kinky side though, and it's been coming in handy. Har har. Handy. Anyway. This'll just be a quick little entry to get things started, hopefully many more will come soon.
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