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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
11:07 pm - Cringe worthy
I don't get how some people keep declaring how much they love their other half OUT LOUD on Facebook's shoutout.

I'm fine with putting up couple pictures to share with your friends. After all, friends will be happy to see you being happy and all.

Maybe it's their first time in a relationship or maybe it's their honeymoon phase. But 7 or 8 out of 10 times writing something like "I love my bf for doing this and that" or "I have the sweetest bf blah blah blah"....

Honestly, it is cringe worthy and puts people off.

The first few times, maybe some friends will go like "awww soooo sweet!". But having it all the time just grosses friends out. Or even worse, friends start to drift away from you because of it.

Like oh come on. We KNOW you love your bf already. Get on with life, ok?

Besides, I think only those teenage puppy love kind of couples will do such acts. Something is a little wrong if adult couples do those things. One does not need to declare such mushy things to the whole world. Yes, the whole world knows you are in a loving relationship already. Now keep your mushy hunny bunny stuff in your bedrooms please?

Maybe I'm old fashioned or something, but I honestly believe that long term adult relationships is more than just those 'on the surface' stuff. It is more about tolerance, understanding, compromise, trust, learning how to live with one another, and so much more.

When you love one another deep in your hearts, you do not have to constantly declare it to the whole world. You just know it deep within. That is what really matters. :)

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Monday, January 26th, 2009
2:14 am - Happy 牛 Year!
Wishing all a prosperous 牛 year! HUAT AHHH!!!


I was watching this Aikawa Nanase live performance. Love the energy that she can bounce off her fans. Not forgetting her stage presence and getup.

Makes me miss her mini performance in S'pore some years back. It was a kick ass 30min gig by Nanase. If Marty Friedman, Pata and Shinya came down with her as well, it would've been 100000X more kick ass!

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current music: Aikawa Nanase - yumemiru shoujo ja irarenai

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
11:02 am - CNY celebration in school
We celebrated CNY in school today. I stayed with my class and we played the Ang Bao challenge games together.

The game is that there will be some questions as well as challenges (CNY related of course) to complete. Winners will get Ang Baos. So I stayed with my class and our class won the most Ang Baos!

I was particularly happy for this student, whom usually doesn't even have money for recess, that he won an Ang Bao. I'm sure he'll have a decent meal with the $2 :)

It was so much fun. My students even urged me to join in some of the challenges with them. Even the usually very mischievious students peeled a Mandarin Orange for me to eat!

I wish they are as enthusiastic with their school work though lol.

Nontheless, it was fun. Hopefully this signifies more good times ahead with the class for the rest of the year! :)

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
8:59 pm - Practicum over!
Yes! Finally the nerve wrecking practicum observation phase is over. I somehow pulled through my lecturer observing my lesson today, despite feeling drowsy due to my flu medication.

I think I did ok. Some screw ups here and there, and some areas of improvement for my lessons. But I reckon I'll get a decent grade for my assessment. My lessons could've been planned better to cater to that particular class, but thank goodness my management of the class (despite all the technical screw ups) made things better.

Now that the practicum is over, I can heave a huge sigh of relief. That is one big burden off my shoulders.

But I can't rest on my laurels though. I have to keep improving in my profession!

At times I feel a little disheartened when I offer some students extra help after school hours out of goodwill, yet they conveniently 'forget' the appointments. Despite so, it still makes my day when one or two students keep to their promises with me and are thankful about it.

I guess that's the beauty of this profession. If I can make a difference to even just one or two of the kids, all the effort is still worthwhile. I've got to keep believing in that.

I'm like 90% recovered from the flu. Can't wait for the CNY weekend to come. Now that the practicum is over and done with, I can fully enjoy CNY without having thoughts of the practicum at the back of my head.

I'm kind of broke paying for my new computer (still waiting for it to be done up! please hurry!!!) and buying CNY goodies for Carol's family and mine. But heck, it doesn't matter since it made both our families happy! :)

Lots of feasting and catching up with relatives to look forward to! HUAT AHHH!!!

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current music: Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night -09- I Want You

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
8:50 pm - Of domestic violence
I was watching a program on Channel U and the topic of the day was violence in our society today. One of which, was domestic violence.

The host Quan Yi Feng said it best:
"If a man hits a woman once, there will most probably be a second time."

I definitely agree with that. I have ZERO respect for any man who hits a woman. In any circumstance, a man should never hit a woman, no matter how angry he is or how bad the situation is. I think a man who hits a woman is a coward.

Think you're a such a powerful man who wants to exert your force on the physically weaker sex? Be a REAL MAN and take on someone your own size.

Why did this topic strick a chord for me?

I remember how someone I know told me that he slapped his ex gf because he was very angry with something she did. He did not sound the least bit remorseful about slapping her.

After hearing that from him, I lost every little bit of respect I had for him as a person.

I think even if a woman did something really bad (strayed with another man or whatever), a man has the right to be angry but no right to hit a woman.

current mood: thoughtful

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Monday, January 12th, 2009
9:14 pm - Crunchtime stress!
Tomorrow will be round 1 of 2 for my practicum assessment. Feeling very nervous and stressed over it, despite preparing whatever I can for it already.

The thing is that I will be assessed for one of the most difficult to handle classes that I teach. A class that may have incidents happen or some kind of outburst waiting to happen any time.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope it will all end well. My job is on the line here...

Wish me luck! Gonna need lots of it!


On a slightly related note, this is the kind of new challenges we face at work these days.

With most students owning a camera-phone and the ease of putting things up on the internet, anything and everything can happen.

In this case, I think it is ridiculous. I mean the student. Yeah, so an extra few minutes of singing the National Anthem will cause him to fail his N or O levels?

Right. How about learning how to sing the anthem properly once through and get over with it then?

Kids these days... *sigh*

In any case, this serves as a reminder that I have to be careful of what I do and say while at work. Will never know when danger lurks!

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current music: Concave Scream - Driven

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
10:07 pm - How do you...
Tell a friend that she has changed into someone you cannot remember anymore?

Let a friend know that she is totally contradicting herself by doing exactly everything that she said she would never do?

How do you get the message across when that friend constantly avoids any confrontation of problems?

How do you do that without sounding harsh or hurting, when that friends is a good friend who is essentially a very nice person?

I wish I have the answers to the above, as it is disappointing to see a good friend being led the wrong way.

But how?

Do I care too much? Should I just let it go? Maybe that will be a little easier on myself and the friendship?


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current music: Benny Benassi vs. 50 Cent - In Da Club (cruise satisfaction)

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
11:00 am - Looking back at the last few months...
It has been a while since I've written a proper blog entry. The year 2008 is coming to and end, so I reckon I should take stock of what went on the past few months. I reckon this will be a very long entry then lol. Let's see how much I can recall...

The months of Oct and Nov were when I was busy every other day either with invigilating exams in the school or coaching the Girl Guides drums for a performance. It was hell tiring to be working like 12hrs everyday and I felt for the girls a lot. Sometimes I felt so bad, the least I could do was to buy some food for the girls to munch on during breaktimes.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that we pulled through the performance with style, despite only having about a month to teach a group of girls who knew nothing about drums to put up a stellar drum corp styled performance. It was so good that we thought that it was a pity that only the principals of other schools could watch their performance. Hence we decided to let them perform again at the school's graduation ceremony, in front of their friends (more like the boys they liked lah lol). I'm so proud of the girls! Even after the performances were over, when I see them around in school or outside of school, they would still call out to me enthusiastically. Dang, I miss the girls already! :)

I also got involved in putting together a student band to perform at the graduation ceremony. We only had time for 2 jam sessions and the boys had not prior gig/performing experience. The performance went well with some minor hiccups. But I thoroughly enjoyed performing and hanging out with the boys. I hope the boys will go on to the polytechnic courses of their choice. They asked me to jam with them for fun again. We shall see how it goes!

Carol and I went to Bangkok in late November. Most of you already know that we were very very very fortunate to be able to board the plane just 2 hours before the whole airport blockage started. The moment we arrived at Changi Airport, we started receiving text msgs and calls from family and friends to check if we are back in S'pore. It warmed our hearts that people are concerned of our safety. My prayers at the 4 Faced Buddha in Bangkok (prayed for our safety) were answered.

The 4 days (actually more like 3 days since we arrived at past midnight on our 1st day) were mostly spent shopping, shopping and more shopping. Most of the time shopping for Carol's presents for her colleagues and close friends. I did my own fair share of shopping as well. We went there with half a bag each of luggage and came home with 5 filled to the brim luggages. That was how hardcore we shopped lol.

Those who thought our budget of spending $800 each in Bangkok was ridiculous, you are proven wrong. You don't know the shopping king and queen well enough :)

It was also great to be able to catch up with Denise in Bangkok as well. She is studying Uni there and thanks to her, we had an awesome Thai dinner at Som Tam. She gave us some good tips on how to walk the shopping alleys in Pratunum too.

December has been mostly about preparing, rehearsing and recording the upcoming X'mas single release with the band. Kenny from our indie label The Enigmatic Army worked tirelessly with us. The resulting recording is sounding very promising at the moment and it is our way of saying Merry X'mas and thank you for the support to all our family, friends and fans. Lookout for it in another 2 days!

Looking ahead, 2009 promises to be a very hectic and tough year ahead for me. I'm under the observation of a very demanding Supervising Lecturer for my coming Practicum in January. She will be coming down to observe and grade me for my class management and stuff. I'm pretty much stressed by it, but fingers crossed that I will pull through this some how.

Many plans and changes ahead at work as well. A new Principal is coming in and he is a big unknown right now. All of us in the school are keeping our fingers crossed that this will be a good change. The entire school is undergoing major renovations, shifting of office and all. It's all a huge mess and it will be a bigger mess when school reopens in a week's time. We are all bracing ourselves for it.

There are also plans of bringing students to Cambodia in March for volunteer work. I'm arrowed to bring the students. The previous M'sia excursion with students tired me out pretty much. I'm sure this Cambodia trip will be several times more taxing.

I've also got to get the student recreation room up and running in the coming few months. But all the logistics side of it is in a mess. A mess is possibly an understatement. It is a nightmare. Nothing, absolutely nothing is moving at all, despite me and the other Teacher In Charge's pushing. Well, we just have to take it in our stride I guess..

Work aside, there are also many things planned for the band. Second single release early next year, recording for the album and the album launch gig next year. Looks like we are pretty tight right up to our necks already lol.

A colleague did some fortune telling for me and I've read some myself. All of them said that 2009 will be a tough year ahead and things will only relax a little after the middle of the year. Well, I can already feel it looming now. Honestly, I'm not really looking forward to all the things ahead.

But I know there is no turning back. 2008 has been a rather good year for me. Shall brace myself and make the best out of 2009 for myself, family and everyone around me.

So come on 2009! ROCK N ROLL!!

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008
12:04 am - The flying shoe
Something I saw in the news today had me LOL-ing in front of the tv.

Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw a shoe at George Bush at a press conference!

This guy is like a hero now man. I know this is all about the politics and stuff. But for me, I thought I'd only see such shoe-throwing action in Stephen Chow comedies. To see it happening in a serious press conference for politicians just cracked me up lol.

I can only say, Zaidi has got a hell lot of balls lah!

current mood: amused
current music: Gackt - Jesus

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
9:33 pm - Papapapaaaapuffy!
Everytime I listen to Puffy's Aoi Namida, I am reminded of you.

Another week until you're back. Your absence from our sunny shores have been missed. Really. Nevertheless, it is great to know that you're having a great time over there.

See you soon, Straw Hat Pirate ;)

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current music: Puffy - Aoi Namida

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
11:20 pm - Songs that mean a lot to you?
Today, a friend asked me which song mean a lot to me. I stopped for a minute and pondered. Then I remembered how I listened to Silverchair every night when I was about 17. The words in their music hit me hard. I could relate to them a lot. Especially these two songs:
Suicidal Dream and Freak

Yes, the world looked that bleak to me at that time. I hated my life in the Polytechnic and the people around me. The words in the songs spoke to me.

Thankfully, I met a bunch of friends from IRC then. They turned my life around. The many days of jamming, hanging out at Marina Square and nights of playing Quake. Those were probably the defining moments of my life. I learned so much from you guys and thanks to you guys, I felt like I could be truly myself. No more suicidal dreams or feeling like a freak.

Thank you guys. You know who you are. :)

current mood: thankful
current music: Silverchair - Suicidal Dream

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008
2:00 pm - Converse and more
I'm loving the converse shoes that the gang gave me for my birthday. Thank you guys and girls! Love love loveee the shoes! The shoes had its virgin gig on Thursday when the band gigged at Home Club :)

Speaking of which, I saw someone selling this pair of converse shoes online. I know the seller 'blissuicide'. He is making a living selling limited edition shoes now. But he surely is resourceful to get the Limited Edition Mastermind Chuck Taylors! Damnnn fucking nice! Even the acrylic box is nice loh!

But then, I wouldn't want to wear a $500 pair of shoes and risk dirtying it man. What's the use of having a pair of nice looking shoes that I can't wear out. Not that I can afford to splurge that much on shoes anyway lah lol.


Sometimes I wish I have a delete button to control my life.

Friends who know me well enough will know that I can smell a person's pretense from a mile. I don't like to waste any time or energy on people who are insincere and think so highly of themselves.

I wish there is a delete button so I can erase them out of my life. I very much prefer to be around the company of sincere and encouraging people. If I treat a person as a friend, I do it wholeheartedly. Not because I just want to feel 'associated' with this person for whatever reasons. I don't know how some people can do that. It disgusts me.

But alas, life is such. There is no such delete button. I can only grit my teeth and try as much as I can to ignore.

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008
2:34 pm - Off to the land of smiles!
In a few hours time, I will be on my way to Bangkok with Carol. This trip has been a long time coming. Can't wait!

It is time for us to....


Hopefully we can meet up with Denise on Monday after she finishes classes in her Uni at Pathumwan.

Friends who have asked us to help buy stuff, we can't promise everyone. Apologies if we can't get what you want but we will keep a look out for the items. There is so little time and only 2 pairs of hands. In fact, we realised that we have more items to help friends buy than for our own shopping! *sweat drops*

We came up with a shopping 'battle plan'. Shall have to see if we can execute it! lol

We'll just try our best and see what we can grab lah ok? :)

We will be back on Tuesday night.

Sawasdee Krup, Thailand!

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
4:09 pm - Returning to the 90s
Went for my haircut at Orchard Point yesterday evening. The hairwash seat was killer. The backrest hahad s a vibrating massage feature. Shiok man! Ehh Chun, tell you already. Orchard Point better! lol.

After I was done at the salon, I headed down to HMV at Heeren. I was there for a good 2 hours, checking out new albums and sampling them on the CD players. It felt like going back to my poly days. Back then, I would travel down to Tower Records (Pacific Plaza) or HMV myself whenever I felt like it and spent hours checking out music. Whenever any friends I was suppose to meet turned up late, I could always while my time away at either music stores until they arrived. It was often "Ok. Just look for me at Tower Records." No probs.

I still remember going to HMV with Ming quite a lot back then. We'd sometimes pick up a Jpop/Jrock CD at random and buy it without even sampling the CD. We went totally by our gut feel. Most of the time, the CDs turned out to be great buys. There was also a time I bought CDs at HMV so much that I regularly redeemed free CDs for completing the stamp cards. Yes, that was how much I spent on CDs. Whenever I was broke, it was because I bought too many CDs. That explains the amount of CDs I have at home lah lol.

Come to think of it, I guess it runs in the family. My parents bought many cassettes (we had drawers full of them) when I was a kid. If the tv was't turned on, the stereo would be blasting music at home. I was ermm... merely carrying on the 'family tradition' lol.

Naturally, I felt kinda nostalgic as I roamed HMV on my own yesterday. It felt like I was going back to the 90s. I realised how much I miss that kind of freedom and joy in discovering new music.

Eventually, I left HMV with Sodagreen's album going at only $9.90 and Dir en Grey's latest album.

current mood: nostalgic
current music: Trivium - Shogun

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
11:59 pm - Comeback performance
Watching SPEED at their comeback performance brought a smile to my face.

No more of the high pitch shrieks and simple jumpy dance moves. Looking more mature and with slicker dance moves.

Welcome back, Japan's biggest girl group ever. Better than ever. SPEED.


current mood: satisfied
current music: SPEED - Ashita no Sora

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
10:38 am - Lots to edit and book shopping
Managed to borrow Dad's digi cam cable as Carol couldn't find hers. Upon transferring the files over to the laptop, I realised that I have over 200 pics to edit and upload! *sweatdrops*

That is only ONE DAY worth of pics man lol.

I reckon it's gonna take a little while. I'm only half done with the editing.

Heading out to Borders now for book shopping with the Library teacher in charge. Couldn't convince her to go to PageOne ley. Oh well. Next time then.

[edit] Book shopping trip postponed to next week.

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
11:44 pm - Burning out
Working practically 12 hours every other day is finally taking a toll on me. On top of that, I have to deal with numbskulls from 'up there' who have brains located in their bums. All eye/mouth power and inefficient buggers. Drives me up the wall man.

I came home today feeling like shutting out from the world for 48 hours so that I can don't give a damn about anything and just recuperate.

But alas, work beckons again tomorrow.

I do apologise if I unknowingly appear unfriendly to anyone today. I'm just... damn fucking tired.

Watching SPEED's reunion song did make me feel a little better though.
Another 3 more damn rehearsals and the actual performance on next Tuesday, then I'm going to start planning to clear my leave.

Thank goodness that the girl guides are such angels to work with. Full of energy and initiative. Or else I would've collapsed by now. How ironic it is, that students who are 2 decades younger have more brains, initiative and are more efficient than those 'people up there'. *rolls eyes*

I can't wait for end November to come. Bangkok trip feels so far awayyyy!

All right. I'm hitting the sack. Good night world.

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current music: Marilyn Manson - Eat me drink me -11- Eat me drink me

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Monday, October 27th, 2008
10:09 pm - A happy place, destroyed by one man
I may have been away from the company for almost a year, but I am still in tune with what is going on.

It is very sad and disappointing how just ONE person's influence is dividing everyone. An influence that divides people and causes discrimination is bad influence.

That influence is also causing some whom I have known to be humble and simple living people to splurge and over-indulge in superficial material things.

Honestly, ask yourselves. A good friend will tell you frankly and help guide you to a smoother path. Would you consider someone a good friend if all he does is to spread bad vibes around, cause division amongst everyone and influence you to spend money like water?

A bad influence is like a disease. It spreads like a plague and soon enough, it will suck everyone into the black hole, destroying everything.

It is up to YOU, to make a stand. To stand up and have your OWN opinion. Think about your life and not follow a bad influence, thinking that everything is all right.

Please. Stop and think the bigger picture. Life is more than just a whole load of rah-rah diva-like glam. Don't fall into that vicious cycle. You do not have to follow the rest if you do not think it is right.

If that virus is there to break people up, then it is obvious who should be leaving the place.

I sincerely hope some of you read this. If any of you take offence in my words, then I guess I hit a raw nerve. It is about time for you to reflect and look at things from the bigger picture.

It still hurts me to see the unhappy and tired faces of those who have made the place full of cheer and happiness back then. I hope to see a happier aura around when I drop by the next time. I really hope so.

Let's put the smile back into the place, for EVERYONE. I always believe in one for all and all for one. Leave no man behind.

current mood: discontent
current music: Marilyn Manson - They said that hells not hot

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Sunday, October 26th, 2008
11:49 pm - Vanished dream on a Sunday afternoon
I took a nap this afternoon and had a dream. I seldom slip into dreams when I sleep, so this is a rare thing.

So anyway, I had this dream when I was napping. I dreamed that I was writing a song with the band and this very very catchy melody came up. I wanted to immediately wake up from the nap so I can record that idea down or something, but my damn body refused to allow me to get up.

So by the time I woke up, I clean forgotten about the melody! *slaps self*

A song idea just vanished like that lol.

Anyway after the nap, Carol and I decided to take a walk down to Queensway Shopping Centre. My intention was to buy a vest, but the one I was interested in had no sizes. Damn shop don't seem to cater to tall people. Damn it! Can't tall people get some nice clothes too? lol.

Ended up buying a pair of cheap $9.90 flip flops instead. Just as well, since my usual pair (POWER brand slippers which I wore since 1998!) is finally giving way.

We were rather amused by the gay staff when I was choosing my pair of flip flops. We've got nothing against gay people. Just that this guy was well, rather entertaining with his way of speaking and hand gestures lol. Great customer service too, even when I was just buying a pair of cheap slippers. 2 thumbs up!

I bought Arch Enemy's Rise Of The Tyrant album too. Came with a DVD. I watched it and was rather amused by how this guy dug out Ace of Base and ABBA CDs from the members' bags lol.

Had a rather relaxed Sunday to rejuvenate. Tomorrow shall be a day of curry feasting. YES! Happy Deepavali to all!

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current music: Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal

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Friday, October 24th, 2008
2:46 pm - Another whirlwind of a weekend
Last weekend, the band joined a Japanese song competition for fun. Somehow we won the band category and went on to bag the top prize for the overall grand finals.

Funny how things somehow fall into place nicely when you go in with a carefree and "just do it lah!" mindset. :)

It was tonnes of fun and I felt very very thankful to friends who came down to cheer and shoot photographs for us. I could really hear you folks from the stage. You all ROCK!

We have put up pics and videos up on our LGF Facebook page. If you're not on Facebook, what are you waiting for? Register an account already! We are damnnnnn active there. Especially the Spam-your-Facebook-with-comments Chinese Girl, Regine lol.

Oh and our LGF blog is updated with lots of new stuff and new layout too. Go check it out!


A little ranting here. Feel a need to air some thoughts and observations I've had in my head for quite a while.

I wonder why do some people put so much focus on exterior and material things. Having lots of fancy gadgets/clothes is great. But that does not make one a better person and it surely does not really impress me.

Why do some people spend so much money on things that they cannot afford just so that they can look all impressive and 'glamorous'? Is it very difficult to simply live within one's means? All that material stuff is just a facade. How long can one impress people with an iphone or some branded bag?

I've got nothing against people who splurge on high end garb and expensive gadgets. If you can afford it, then by all means. It's good for the economy too. But if you can't, then just get on with it. Is it that difficult?

Then there are people who are so pretentious, it makes me want to puke. Seeing people carrying balls and blatantly stroking egos for others with ulterior motives (to get something out of others) just disgusts me.

Yes I know, that is the real world out there, some may say. Call me stubborn, but I strongly believe that if one works hard and treats people around him sincerely, things will somehow fall into place. There is no need to stoop down so low.

I'm not the kind who can put on a fake smile and act all chummy with people I don't like or feel disgusted with. I'm sorry if I'm that stubborn. I just can't bring myself to do that.

When I can sense the pretense in someone (which I can smell from a mile, really), I would practically treat that person as transparent. Yes, it gets pretty obvious but I can't help it.

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current music: Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone -04- Psychosocial

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