Meiko's Day

Saturday, September 27, 2003

3:50PM - Yay! I can read Goten's Blurty

Here I am with a blurty thing. I was at Goten's house and she said " You need to make a blurty so you can read mine" So before I could decide for myself she forced me into it. I personaly find it wierd writing to no one in general.

I went to the mall with Goten today. Here mom kept trying to rush us out of it. I bought a pretzel and Gir riding on a pig. After that we went back to Goten's houde and I listened to Gohan's drunken song. He's soo cute! Now I have to answer other emails and read a fanfic that was finaly updated.

*note* Goten is only a nickname. Her name is Kelly.

Current mood: lazy
Current music: Gohan's drunken song-DBZ movie 1
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