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    Sunday, April 20th, 2003
    10:26 pm
    Morgan and Rich #10
    **Content NOT suitable for children!**

    Morgan and Rich series #10 - The internet's favorite fictional couple

    The next Sunday afternoon Morgan got off work early. She called Rich and she went to his house. They made out some more and they rolled around on the bed, laughing and making jokes while Morgan tried to tickle him. He asked her to pick up where they left off a couple nights ago, so she eventually did. She started sucking his dick as he layed on his bed and enjoyed it. Rich's father came in a few minutes after Morgan was done, so Morgan and Rich sat on the couch acting innocent. She introduced herself, but she left because Rich and his dad were going to go have lunch. She would just have to wait to see him again at work the next night.

    Thursday, April 17th, 2003
    10:25 pm
    Morgan and Rich #9
    ***Content NOT suitable for children!***

    So here it is Thursday night. Morgan is on her break when Rich comes in. He sits with her for 10 minutes then clocks on. Morgan is put into drive thru cash and then into the gril later on with Rich. At about midnight he attempted to grab her breasts, several times, and did so on a couple of those attempts. Rich later asked Morgan where she lived so she might be able to take her home. But when she responded to where she lived, he said nevermind. Later at about 1 am he asked Morgan "so would you care if you took me home" and Morgan responsed "Sure, i dont mind." Rich: "You wont get yelled at for workin late or anything and taking me home?" Morgan: "No, my moms at work anyways, and my stepdad wont notice when I come home." Rich: "Oh ok, cool, so you'll take me home." Morgan: "Sure."

    So at 3 am when they finally got out of work, Morgan took Rich home. On the way there Rich asked her, "Do you wanna chill for awhile since you don't have to be home soon?" Morgan: "Uhm...sure." So when they get to his house they sit in the car listening to the radio. Rich reaches over, turns down the radio, turns off the car and turns the key backwards so it doesn't waste gas and so the lights go out. Rich: "so, you don't have to be home for awhile." Morgan: "no, not really, they won't notice." Rich: "Oh, well, since we aren't at work do you care if I grab you better, like for more than a second?" Morgan: "I don't care." Rich: "Well will you actually like it or do you really want me to." Morgan: "It doesn't matter to me." Rich: "you sure?" Morgan: "Yea, i don't care." Rich: "Ok, here I go, get ready." Then he ended up not even doing it because he felt as if she didn't really want it.

    10 minutes later after talking for awhile, Morgan asked Rich if he had any fruit inside. He said no but that he might have something else she can have. So they go inside the house. They walk in and Rich's dad is sitting in the living room sleeping with the tv on. Rich gives Morgan a small parfait that he brought home from work. They go over to the computer and Rich starts talking to people. Morgan sits on the water bed next to the computer.

    Later, Rich: "God I just wanna jump you right now." Morgan gives him a weird look and smiles and said "uh no." But then 5 minutes later Rich's computer froze, so he got off, sat next to her on his bed, and pulled her back so both their backs were on the bed, and pulled her into his arms. Rich: "Do you care if I kiss you right now?" Morgan: "I dont mind." Rich reaches in and puts his tongue into her mouth, she responds and they start making out for 20 or so seconds. They stop. Rich: "wow, you're a really good kisser." Morgan: "eh.." They kiss again, but this time more passionately than the time before. Rich notices that the top two buttons of Morgan's uniform are not buttoned, Rich: "Well since you're already unbuttoned I'm gonna go down your shirt okay?" Morgan: "okay." He reaches down her shirt, feeling her bra and the top of her breasts. He asks if he can take the bra off but she says no.

    They continue playing around on the bed but then Rich takes Morgan into his sisters bedroom since she is not home and because it has a door. They continue. This time Rich asks if he can feel her pussy. She says no, but 5 minutes later he convinces her to let her. She starts to rub her, then goes into her pants, then into her panites. He thrusts his finger up into her pussy and rubs all around, pushing in and out, wiggling his finger sometimes vigorously, sometimes smoothly. Rich: "It'd be great if you would grab me while I do this." Morgan originally said no, but somehow RIch seemed to convice her to do it. So Morgan slipped her hand down his pants and started feeling Rich's dick, rubbing it and then grabbing it, pulling it back and forth. Rich: "Since its dark how about we take off our shirts and pants." Morgan didn't but Rich did. Then Rich managed to get Morgan to let him go inside her bra instead of feelings outside of it. He was really good at talking her into things. And eventually at about 4:45 am he convinced her to suck his dick, so after saying no 5 times, she finally got the courage to do it, and went down on him. 5 minutes later RIch's dad called him to turn on the coffee, so he had to get up and he did. Morgan buckled her bra and started leaving since she needed to go home, but Rich came in and pounced on her, but Morgan had to leave.

    5 minutes later she kissed him goodbye and she drove away into the night, smiling the whole way home.

    Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
    10:24 pm
    Morgan and Rich #8
    Wednesday night. At 6 Morgan over-hears her manager telling another manager that Nick called out and he was going to be short on staff for tonight. Morgan is disappointed and ends up staying until 11 instead of 9 so she could help out her manager. However, Morgan was able to switch the next days shift with a closer for Thursday night since there was no school on Friday. So instead of working 3:30 to 8, she was now working 5-close, and Rich worked 8-close so this was a good oppertunity to make some moves.

    Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
    10:24 pm
    Morgan and Rich #7
    The next night, on her birthday, Morgan went into work to put in her requests since they are due every Tuesday. The only thing Rich said to her was "Is that what you wore to school?" because she was dressed up since she had just gone to dinner with some friends and family at a nice restaurant. Morgan would try to straighten this out with Rich tomorrow since she worked.

    Sunday, April 13th, 2003
    10:21 pm
    Morgan and Rich #6
    Morgan got back from her trip Sunday night, 5 days later. She went in to check her schedule and Rich did come over to her, but really didn't say anything. He just sat down in the office chair as Morgan was writing a letter to the manager about a problem with her schedule. Too bad. She left.

    Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
    10:19 pm
    Morgan and Rich #5
    The next night Morgan and Rich work together again, but Morgan is leaving at 9 because she has to be up at 4 am to leave for a school trip the next day. When Rich walked in it was as if they were ignoring each other...barely even spoke a word. Morgan didn't wanna leave on her 5 day trip thinking that her and Rich were weird with each other. Unfortunately, she had to. She left a 9 without even saying bye. Oh well...

    Monday, April 7th, 2003
    9:36 pm
    Morgan and Rich #4
    **Content not suitable for young children!**

    Alright, it's the next time that Morgan and Rich work together. Morgan goes into work that day knowing that something will happen. When Rich clocks on at 8, Morgan is sent to work in the grill with him. What a great oppertunity to make a move...her and Rich are both in the same area working.

    Rich walks past and pokes Morgan in the back. She turns around and pinches his ass, and says "oh my bad, was that your ass?" and he goes "no actually it was my thigh." So Morgan reaches down again and pinches his ass again and says "There ya go."

    Later Rich walks by and as Morgan is making sandwiches, Rich asks "I see you're trying to put your boobs on my arm...uh huh." and She goes "yea, sure, whatever..." But it was true. She didn't mind having a sexual part of her body so close to this newly found crush. Later Rich asked "So would it be okay if I were to grab your boob." And Morgan goes "I don't care, whatever." Rich: "You wouldn't mind?" Morgan: "No, not really."

    Later Morgan goes back in the stock room, hoping that Rich will follow her in there. She imagines him coming back and just grabbing her since he has not done it yet. However, he didn't show up and Morgan went back into the grill area. Not long later Rich went over to Morgan when they weren't busy an picked her up from the top of her legs and carried her about 20 feet across the grill premisis. He puts her down. Morgan: "Wow, you must be really strong if you can lift me." He says that he was a wrestler in high school so that she was actually quite light to him. The Rich says "It was great picking you up because I got a good grip of your ass in my hand" Morgan smiles and walks away bashful yet so happy.

    Again Morgan went into the stock room to get some wraps. This time Rich did come back in the room. He said "it's a great oppertunity to grab you now don't you think?" And she's like "uh huh..." So as she's walking away Rich manages to get a small about of Morgan's breast into his hand.

    At 10:58 right before Morgan is about to leave, Rich tells her to come over to him and gives him a hug. So she does and as she's doing this he again grabs her breast and squeezes it twice. Morgan walks away happy because she had been daydreaming about Rich doing something like that to her.

    Saturday, April 5th, 2003
    8:22 pm
    Morgan & Rich - #3
    MORGAN & RICH: The internet's favorite fictional couple

    So, here it is Wednesday night. Morgan is finally working with Rich after 2+ weeks! Morgan goes on her break around 7:15, and at about 7:30 Rich comes in and pokes her in the back and sits down with her, because he doesn't clock in until 8 o'clock. They start talking and Rich again asks for Morgan's number. Now of course Morgan wants to say yes, but she just can't. She keeps thinking about Russ and what he will think. What could she do. So she answered "I might..." but then never did.

    Throughout the night they continued flirting constantly. Rich told Morgan she likes to flirt, and Morgan said "I think you do to." And Rich said "well that's why we get along so well." It was true, they got along very well. Before Morgan was about the leave at 10 Rich called her over to him. He said "so will you let me call you?" And Morgan said "i can't", He replied "Why not?" and Morgan came up with the excuse that she didn't know him long enough. He said "ugh, you suck" and Morgan left, disappointed that she still didn't give him her number.

    Morgan really wanted to give it to him, but it was complicated. What if he called and wanted to go out, then they would end up making out in a car some place or something like that. She just couldn't cheat on Russ like that. But Russ was so attached to her, if she ever dumped him she was afraid he would kill himself. So she felt guilty all night long as she tried to sleep. She wanted to dump Russ, but she was too nice.

    Well doesn't this just suck?

    Friday, March 28th, 2003
    1:53 pm
    Morgan & Rich #2 - Makin the move
    Morgan and Rich series (#2): The internet's favorite fictional couple

    So, it's the Thursday night. Morgan is finally going to work with Rich after waiting a week to work with him. Morgan decided that she would ignore the fact that she was going out with Russ and try to a make a move anyways, and then maybe tell Russ later. She goes into work all excited, wondering what will happen next. She takes the paper with her that has her phone number written down on it, so she can be might seem desperate, but it's better than not giving it to him again!

    8 o'clock rolls along...the time when Rich is supposed to be working, but where is Rich? Morgan goes to check the schedule and as she goes down the list of names she sees the name Rich, Thursday, and a crossed off "8-2" shift. "Damn!" She thought. After waiting all this time he had called off and wouldn't even be working with her! The next time Morgan would get to see him would be Wednesday night...almost a whole 'nother week!

    Morgan asks the manager to go home early that night, and she let's her leave. Morgan drove home disappointed. This was supposed to be the night where Morgan would try to amount Rich's flirting into something more. She was also planning on accidentally not having a ride so Rich would take her home. But her plans were ruined. Rich was sadly not there :(

    Oh well...Morgan will just have to wait 6 more nights!

    To be continued.....
    1:50 pm
    The Morgan and Rich series: #1 - How they Met
    The Morgan and Rich series #1:
    The internet's favorite fictional couple

    Age 17

    Age 20

    Morgan and Rich both worked at the fast food restaurant called Mickey's. Morgan worked the day shift and Rich worked the night shift. These two had worked for months without ever meeting each other until one day Morgan decided to stay late because the night shift was short a couple people and the manager really needed her help. So at about 8 o'clock Rich came in to work. He set eyes on Morgan and he fell in love. Her eyes were sparkling, her hair beautiful and shiny; everything about her made Rich stare in awe.

    After about 20 minutes of working Rich went over to Morgan and introduced himself. Morgan smiled, told him her name, and continued working. For the next hour or so of work Rich was constantly flirting. Her would walk past her and give her little shuvs and nudges, compliment her work performance, start up conversation, and just try to get close to her every chance he got.

    Morgan went home that night not realizing that Rich was totally flirting with her. One reason might be that she had a boyfriend, named Russ, however she did not like Russ very much because he had a small intellectual level, and Morgan was extremely smart.

    About a week later Morgan and Rich worked together again. This time Rich turned up the volume of his flirting. He would ask Morgan about her day and how she was doing, he would come up behind her and tickle her sides, massage her shoulders, and more.

    The third time they worked together was Thursday night, which was about 3 nights later than the second time. Morgan had started to work more night shifts because she found it less stressful than the day shift. So Rich went up to Morgan and asked her what she was doing Friday night. She said she was working 5-9, so Rich said "Oh" and went back to work. But Rich still continued flirting constantly. He was always grabbing her (innocently) and touching her. So as Morgan was getting ready to go home he asked her if he could call her. Morgan got nervous and said "No" even though she really did want him to. It's just that she had a boyfriend and she didn't wanna cheat on him because she would feel bad about it.

    For the next week Morgan kept thinking about Rich and how he wanted to befriend her so badly. She would not work with him for over a week, but she couldn't wait a week! So for the next few days she went into work for a couple minutes wearing her sexiest clothing, making up excuses why she was there such as checking the schedule and needing to talk to her manager for little things. Of course Rich would come up to Morgan every time and start flirting, and Morgan flirting back.

    The night night before Morgan was going to work with Rich she started to daydream about her and Rich. She really wanted him to ask her out again and decided that if he was to ask for her phone number again, she would definitely give it to him. That night she had trouble sleeping because she was really looking foward to working with her new crush. But what was she going to do about Russ?

    This concludes part 1.
    12:53 pm
    Welcome to my Journal!
    Hello everyone who reads this, which probably isn't a whole bunch of you, but I'll pretend like it is anyways! I've been searching for some website to post my continuing stories of "Morgan and Rich." It's a series of stories about two people which is to be made by real life events of my life, my friends lives, or the ideas of the readers. The story is kind of a combination of the true and false events happening throughout my life. Some content may be explicit, so don't read if you hate anything made for adults.

    Anyways, if you do plan on reading I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to post new ideas. I also plan on putting poetry, quotes, and others in this journal, so when I get it all complex like that, feel free to scroll around my entries.

    Until next time,