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Monday, May 9, 2005

11:23AM - Its All About the Happy

Someone told me they hold on to people that are assholes to them, and that they are nice to those assholes. People that are sweet to them, they tend to mistreat and push away. I agree, I think I do the same thing. So assholes, bring it on, I'll be nothing but sweet to you. I have to stop trying to make things work, that won't, and focus on making myself happy. Not just by trying to obtain a goal or something I want, but in every little thing I do. Granted life is hard, and sometimes it can really suck and you may have to make sacrifices but people should not live miserably in hopes that once they get through it, things will be better. In most cases this isn't true. Be happy everyday, thats the only way to ensure that you will enjoy tomorrow.

Some people may claim they are working hard to reach their life goals. Some people may look at me, and think I'm too laidback, and unorganized, and whatever, but you see, my life goal is life itself. I wish to enjoy everyday, not just some point in the future that is too far away and blurry to see.

Current mood: pleased
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11:32AM - This One's For You Bob Barker.

The Price is Right is the shizzle. It reminds me of my Aunt Jo-Jo. She loved this damn show. Everyone wins a kia. Hooooouuurraaahhhh. oy okay i'm stealing this little listing activity from my buddy erin. So here's some ish about me:

Thirteen things you like:
1. Running
2. Bike Riding
3. Laughing
4. Reading
5. Traveling
6. Thrifting
7. Cooking
8. Sex
9. Movies
10. Time with family and friends (and funny old stories)

Twelve movies:
1. National Lampoons Xmas Vacation
2. Mrs. Doubtfire
3. Garden State
4. Finding Nemo
5. The Emperor's New Grove
6. Crash
7. Trading Places
8. The Terminal
9. Grosse Point Blank
10. Troop Beverly Hills
11. Big
12. Office Space

Eleven good bands/artists:
1. Saves the Day
2. Dashboard
3. Straylight Run
4. Billy Joel
5. Alkaline Trio
6. Modest Mouse
7. Spin Doctors
8. Nirvana
9. The Killers
10. Thursday
11. the used

Ten things about you ... physically:
1. Sad, sad feet.
2. Squinty eyes.
3. Little lips
4. Athletic legs
5. some ink
6. Short
7. the searle chin
8. blue/green eyes
9. pasty, i burn.
10. skinny fingers.

Nine favorite foods/drinks:
1. Gatorade
2. Iced Tea
3. Count Chocula
4. Buff Chk Dip
5. Yuengling
6. Red Wine
7. Bagels
8. Port Wine Cheese
9. Bread

Eight things you wear daily:
1. My Aunt's Claudgh Ring
2. plastic soda ring thing Ally put on my wrist April 2004
3. watch
4. industial bar (earing)
5. other earings
6. hair tie
7. clothes
8. Smile

Seven things that annoy you:
1. whining
2. the sound of ppl sucking their teeth
3. ignorant people
4. racist people
5. glass half empty people
6. bad breath
7. ovaltine commercials

Six things you touch everyday:
1. Bed
2. Toothbrush
3. Ear lobes and earings (nervous habbit)
4. toilet paper
5. myself (get ur mind out of the gutter)
6. light switches

Five shows you watch:
1. Nip/Tuck
2. 24
3. Friends
4. Connan
5. Old episodes of Ed

Four celebrities you have a crush on:
1. Topher Grace
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Adrian Brody
4. Tom Hanks, uh not a crush, but i loooove him

Three Cool Places You Have Been:
1. Costa Rica
2. Knoebels
3. soon to be Italy

Two people that you have kissed
lets do first and last bfs
1. Tim Pacific
2. Joshua Hare

One person you could spend the rest of your life with

Current mood: lazy
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