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    Thursday, September 29th, 2011
    10:34 am
    captured in a king who

    Deputy director of the development research center of the state council LuZhongYuan says, at the present time is short term growth slowed only callback, China's economy will not "hard"Report from our correspondent Puma espera sandal (reporter FengYao GuoShaoFeng) yesterday, deputy director of the development research center of the state council LuZhongYuan in countries at a news briefing new do, said China's current economic slowdown is only a short-term callback, expect 2011 GDP growth is the fastest China a year will reach above 9%. China's economy will not "hard".

    For recent international debate more China whether "hard", LuZhongYuan think "no need to worry." He said China's economy is short-term callback, but still in the callback reasonable interval, still around China's long-term growth trend line in the small wave motion. He is expected to throughout the year, China's economic growth rate will puma future catbe 9% above, and China's economic growth potential in 30 years according to the average increase speed of calculation, growth potential in about 9% 10%."China's economic speed slightly slow down some, is the result of active control official, accord with macro control intentions. The pace of economic growth slowed to control the overall price level, be helpful for promoting the economic rise structure adjustment, reduce the energy consumption and emissions. Otherwise is easy to cause the economy is overheating." LuZhongYuan analysis.

    LuZhongYuan pointed out that China's development of global economic recovery, avoid pulled two times of economic agents will play an important role in supporting. He said China's economy fell back to 9% or even 9%, slightly below in the world still is very fast. "China in the world, because of the large size because as long as it will remain in the rate of growth of around 9%, can the world puma speed cateconomic growth on the recovery of the very important role in boosting." He said.

    Small and medium-sized enterprise did not appear collapse tide

    In addition, the recent about zhejiang, guangdong small and medium-sized enterprise survival increasingly difficult news continuously. LuZhongYuan said yesterday, although small and medium-sized enterprise development faced with rising costs and the financing difficulties of tightening in the business environment, but the development research center of the state council survey also found no collapse tide. LuZhongYuan says, small and medium-sized enterprise management environment tightens, "small micro enterprise at present the biggest difficulty is the rise in the cost of financing problems, and again, they emerge the survival and development of more difficult."

    But LuZhongYuan is not recognized by small business environment is the tightening monetary policy caused by tightening, puma bmw"mainly because of the financial system, capital market, the bank system does not adapt the private economy and the small, miniature enterprise development cause."

    Xinhua net haikou September 28 (xinhua summer crown male) hainan meteorological offices and 28 afternoon released this year, the message said, no. 17 typhoon "the sand" in Philippines to continue in after west-northwest, strength and is expected to strengthen will have direct hit hainan. Hainan province, said if the meteorological offices, sand "landed in hainan, may be six years the strongest typhoon on hainan.

    Hainan meteorological station said, 28 14, "the sand" center moved to 17.5 degrees north latitude, 116.0 degrees east longitude, namely is located in hainan wenchang distance is about 590 kilometers southeast of ocean, maximum sustained winds near the center of 13 level. Expected, "the sand" will be on a per hourpuma ferrari 20-25 km speed to continue west-northwest strength to strengthen, and gradually to the east to west island off the coast, and will at near 29 afternoon to at night in hainan WanNing to guangdong area coastal areas landed. YangjiangLocal police reigns in is temporary workers

    Police in the king in handling cases promptly control. Interrogation, the king in his account, alias "wang mou first", had been hiding in the county of Michael essien, two months ago, arrangement of being introduced in jail was when prison guards.

    An escaped personnel in uniform to the jail was why will go to work? Reporter received readers reflect upon, contact immediately to is the king of Michael essien county catch in dengfeng, civilian police. Lou shop police station WangJunMin instructor told reporters that they see the king in a police uniform in appear in front, also very surprising. They then made a preliminary investigation, not the king in Michael essien county public security bureau official police, the true identity of the public security bureau, is using cointegration p 2008 Michael essien police through formal, named in the way of the ministry of public security. The king in the public security bureau in Michael essien, first in the local police station to assist the police handling, and two months into the jail before work.

    WangJunMin revealed that, as in the first captured in a king who have objection, local police temporary not let dengfeng, police, and they are in a king take coordination.

    Reporter then telephone interviews with the county police, and Michael essien essien county public security bureau in chief told reporters in the county public security bureau, Michael essien, the identity of the king in merely a temporary hiring him, when, he has "bleaching" identity. But what the problem in the link, the police are investigating.

    10:34 am
    the mistake. Police

    Discipline staff said, YouChengHua provides his daughter on taobao buy fake love MaShi, LV bag, confirmed that the record of the two bag is indeed cheap false bag. And the other two problems, the results of the survey and the local media reports of the agreement.

    In the local media interviews, accept YouYi and says 6000 yuan is mother to her boyfriend, then boyfriend bought 17000 to DuoYuan birthday gift for her boyfriend's father. The additional $1000 pocket money is given and his mother to save, to pay the phone bill. But sincenike shox deliver shoes then the threat from YouYi and send in the blog and the pictures, she can be found from two other LV bag, she use of the mobile phone is also iPhone4 value of RMB 5000 yuan. QianXiNaZhou discipline staff told reporters that this problem before questioning not know, now that he know will once again find YouChengHua check.

    A man seriously injured after his wife fled, police in anhui yesterday outside the captured

    When arrested the man dressed in police uniforms, anhui province is the county jail association of Michael essien police.Ten years ago, a man in a king outside the wife dozen become seriously injured, and later the police after Nike Shox NZ shoesescaping online pursuit. Yesterday morning, according to the clues to the outside the police in anhui province bozhou city, the county will be successful in Michael essien king caught. Let handling the police surprise, dressed in police uniforms, actually in a king in the county jail essien raised management of criminal.

    Man will wife dozen become seriously injured after abscond

    According to introducing, the king was born in on April 27, 1974, live in dengfeng city Zhai ditch village shop Lou town. In 2000, the king and his wife WeiYanPeng get married. On May 11, 2001, the king in a quarrel with his wife for trifles. The king in picked up a piece of brick, the wife WeiYanPeng to hit.WeiYanPeng was sent to the hospital, doctors found that there were three her head wound and the smallest wound also received seven needle. The forensic identification, the injury constitute serious injury. WeiYanPeng

    Immediately after the crime, to escape the legal sanction, the king in dengfeng fled, whereabouts unknown. Adidas Barricade V Shoes So far, there are WeiYanPeng headache, forgetfulness, deaf and complications. Because of the king in despair, WeiYanPeng through the procedure for a divorce. In the absence of the king, a court ordered two divorce. Now, WeiYanPeng again to set up the family.

    But the king has been to unknown. In The police catch on fruit, so long as its fugitive online.The public security organ in the online pursuit special inspector "qing nets action" in dengfeng city public security bureau, continue to increase the strength of the king in pursuit.At large suspects appear wearing police uniformsLou shop in inquires the king in a police station police brother wang mou accidentally found the first information, in the national population system that has two "wang mou first", and the two "wang mou first" the gender, age, and id number exactly!

    The police after investigation found that two "wang mou first", a in jiangsu xuzhou GuLouOu armed forces, a work in anhui province bozhou city and county essien. Police in handling cases that verified in xuzhou GuLouOu armed forces department work "Nike Shox Navina Shoes wang mou first", it is the king of the fugitive online in a big brother. So, in anhui province bozhou city and county of Michael essien work "wang mou first" and who would it be?

    Yesterday morning, the approval of the public security bureau of dengfeng city, Lou shop WangJunMin led police to police station instructor in anhui province bozhou city and essien county into the matter. Michael essien to the county, WangJunMin immediately after local police for help in the "wang mou first" the information. Michael essien in the county police shut with police, police soon find out "wang mou to" live in the county of Michael essien bayi-zhongshan rd a residential areas. Police then hurried to the residential areas, this village resident said, "wang mou first" is a guard in the county jail, Michael essien to work.

    This makes it surprised, thought police handling the mistake. Police in the county jail was immediately to Michael essien to verify. In the county jail, police in handling cases of Michael essien soonNike shox found wearing police uniforms of "wang mou first". By online, dressed in police uniforms than the "wang mou first", it was on the loose 10 years in a king!

    Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
    10:15 am

    September 27, afternoon, Shanghai subway line 10 train behind accident happened, rescue workers, and more than 500 passengers and then present from train marched to stay in the stations, more than 60 ambulance to transport the wounded. Has the accident, Puma espera sandal said before the invaluable number 16, stay for long time, passenger train impact no ready for that. In the accident, a twin pregnancy and 28 weeks of the pregnant women was thrown seat 3 meters far, through the check the safety of the mother.

    The crash was the body tilt

    After the accident, about 15, journalists about the wrecked train number 16 interviews. The car compartment of the connection between deformation, of connection board fall off. Due to the body after tilt, the reporter was hit in the car to walk after period of time I feel nausea and dizziness. In the end, two pieces of cockpit windshield all chipped, there are many cars blood and pieces of glass.

    16 or so, the 16 thpuma future cat the train of the old Simon platform. According to information, after the trains were car slow after impact is not serious, its own power system can still run, it is on its own power sail back to the platform.People like dominoes to fall on the groundShanghai subway tracing cauda after the accident, the many passengers with micro bo reduction of the most serious China subway accident.4 when 45 points, net friend "AnMoRan lucky" published the bo said: "the Shanghai metro line 10 car tracing cauda! Now in yu garden road station and old Simon stood between." And the points, "AnMoRan lucky" say: "sitting, standing all fell down, and there were parking state, a smoking in front."The bo net friend "caroleyu" says: very violent bump in the subway, after a cry.

    Net friend "ChuXiaoBo" say: a loud noise, people like domino like poured a land DongFangWang reporter in old ximen station to see a female passenger legs wrapped in gauze, filar silk printing out from inside the blood. She sat around a woman told reporters: "thanks to the side this little girl, at that time I fell on the ground, she pulled me; when I helped out from the tunnel go up." Let the woman is guilty, when she did not pay attention to the female passenger leg bleeding, "if I know she was injured, how wear can't want help her."


    More than 500 passengers topuma speed cat retreat from the site


    After the accident, rescue workers arrived at the scene soon rescue them.

    At about 15, reporter with fire fighters, from old ximen station platform trotted about 10 minutes arrived at the scene of the accident. The fire officers and soldierspuma bmw carried some, some armed with a stretcher weight broken open tool, in the distance running nearly immediately after the rescue. Get on the bus At this time, the 16 th train car accident has been uncovered, for cab due to higher, the engineering personnel in the body of the open window and the ground laid between a temporary corridor, for aid workers into the evacuation and passengers.

    In the car, a ZhangXing injured because seriously, lying on the ground and wait for the rescue. Mr. Zhang said, after the incident passengers telling each other, hold, lying on the ground not climb up passengers have been someone to look after, until rescuers arrived.

    In orbit, can walk by twos and threes the independent passengers along the track to the platform. Because on the train passengers into only from far away from the accident site of old ximen stationpuma ferrari evacuation, many old people go to the platform, he was panting in platform to rest on the seat a long time to leave. The car injured are more, many fire fighters arrived from the scene and loading the platform for several times, wearing thick fire clothing they have is sweating.

    At about 16, Shanghai metro's official website, said two columns accident report within the train more than 500 passengers already complete evacuation of the station.Dangerous passengers mutualaid escape afterAccording to the parties about Mr. Chen, 14 passengers when about 25 points, he the right line 10 train station to the old yu yuan garden from Simon stood out, but just half of march, the train stop in the track interval, "the radio said temporary parking, for the train was nearly 10 times, the car stopped about half an hour."

    10:15 am
    all kinds

    The subway micro bo two to apologize for his lateness

    27 days afternoon, Shanghai subway official micro bo released a apology information. Article 1 for content "today is Shanghai metro operation of the most dark day. Whatever the reason and responsibility for the public how, passengers and damage the loss especially feeling guilty... more than actual damage apologize also show pale, but still need to apologize deeply." Information release soon, this tiny bo namely article is deleted.

    When 20 20 points, Shanghai subway official micro bo again apologize published statement said: "whatever the reason and responsibility for the public how, passengers andnike shox deliver shoesdamage the losses are guilty. Especially to rescue the wounded; resumed as soon as possible operation; accept and cooperate with the relevant departments of the investigation into the accident and chase responsibility; resolutely corrective lines; more than actual damage apologize also show pale, but still need to apologize deeply."

    62 ambulance transport the wounded

    According to Shanghai bureau chief XuJianGuang introduction, by 27 19, no. 10 line behind accident, a total of 271 people to go to a hospital to check, including 30 people in the emergency department the observatory staying. XuJianGuang said, after the incident, 120 command center quickly ordered 62 ambulance present, notice in the 7 home near the hospital quickly open a green channel, to ensure that the first time treatment of the wounded. The ambulance will be theNike Shox NZ shoes wounded to the nearest nine courtyard, the dawn, the long march, ruijin hospital center, huangpu district, such as central hospital 7 home luwan district hospital for treatment.

    At 27, when 45 points, 17 of Shanghai people's hospital of 9 and the wounded were treated by the youngest 1 years old, the biggest 83 years old. The wounded to trauma patients in the majority, a few fractures and neurological damage, but the wounded vital signs smooth, not life-threatening. Eight have income orthopedics, neurosurgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery department continue to treat, two patients into intensive care, 1 called the twin pregnancy 28 weeks pregnant women. The wounded called a Japan.

    According to the ruijin hospital, vice President of the YuanKeJian introduces, at 19, the hospital about were treated wounded 56 people, more accidents is a fracture and soft tissue contusion, includingAdidas Barricade V Shoes a Canadian women and a Japanese book men. The Canadian women is following his husband together, the husband of the Shanghai tourism was not hurt; Visitors without serious injury, a Japanese national.

    DongFangWang reporter WangMingZe September 27, report: 14 51 points today when, Shanghai metro line no. 10 in two cars piled up accidents. And about 15 points, DongFangWang reporters arrived at the scene, public security, fire control, first aid, the metro founder organization workers into the stops in the tunnel interval on the train the wounded; Some minor injuries passengers helped each other to go to the station, to staff place registration information, and accept medical personnel treatment.

    Public security, fire controlNike Shox Navina Shoes, emergency general mobilizationThat afternoon, at about 15 DongFangWang reporter in the subway line 10 old ximen station, dozens of vehicles outside to see public security, fire and ambulance stop in surrounding east fuxing road, Tibet south road, the road, the police at the scene, and relieves traffic to guide the rescue personnel to will stretcher wounded to the ambulance.

    And about 10 points, DongFangWang journalists into the old ximen station, one eye looking sky blue, navy, orange, pure white, dressed in the uniform of the of all kinds rescuers are urgent to enter orbit interval, running rushed to the train, rescue injured passengers; Some minor injuries passengers helped each other to go to the station, to staff place registration information, and accept medical personnel treatment.

    And about 15 points, be in all the wounded tracing cauda train rescued, public security, fire control, the metro technical personnel in two car tracing cauda place on the scene of the accident. DongFangWang reporter in the compartment to notice, trainNike shox, automobile body sloping slightly after fracturing, the car behind the glass joint deformation, summon up even fall off.

    Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
    10:07 am
    more direct

    The strategic policy appear so sharp turn and is need to the whole party and army made a, the reason of course is mainly that the Soviet union attitude. 23 days afternoon, the central committee of the CPC held in yenan enlarged meeting of MAO zedong, analyzed on the analysis of the post-war peace stage in two situations (can capture or nike shox deliver shoesunable to capture the big cities), the paper points out that the Soviet union without help, "we can only get in big cities enter peace stage". As for why the Soviet communist party can't help, from the Angle of MAO zedong's international political explained, beauty Sue need to implement international peace, "Sue such as help me, beauty will help Chiang, war that broke out".

    Obviously, MAO zedong has seen the power of the Soviet union, China is not within the scope of the Soviet union, and concluded that the area into China will probably be limited in the three provinces in northeast China. So, the Chinese communist party in all the military action inside shanhaiguan pass won't get the help of the Soviet union, only a way out: "across the country to go in the way of France, is the bourgeoisie and proletariat leadership in government". In China, the coalition government of form

    Stalin's policy toward China fundamental goal is to make sure the Soviet union in the northeast (and Mongolia monopolistic status, this means that, whether aid, how to aid of the Nike Shox NZ shoes communist party of China's communist party, all depends on whether the situation of the Soviet union in the far east to realize the strategic goal of advantage.

    Sure enough, when the development of the situation in the northeast feel threatened, the Soviet union when Moscow's attitude and to the 180-degree turn. About the Soviet union's policy toward China goal, deputy foreign minister SuoFuSi los yankees Chiang ching-kuo had to Stalin's visit to Sue before a comprehensive report this paper: first, the Chinese government must admit the Mongolian People's Republic independent; Second, China must ensure the safety and security of changchun railway along in the current mess, should offer the Soviet union "railway convoy keep two to three years"; Third, "no foreigners and foreign capital into manchuria"............. Fourth, we must in the Adidas Barricade V ShoesSoviet union "actively participate in manchuria under the condition of economic activity" and in the northeast of China to realize economic cooperation...... But just in these problems in early 1946, is presented in a dangerous situation for the Soviet union. Chiang kai-shek in the United States, under the support of tough attitude addressing.

    Not only the negotiations between the government, China folk; 2) the anti-soviet emotions also suddenly rising up. In the range of the Yalta conference, a year after the February 11,, American and British Susan countries also release the secret of the problem about the far east agreement. In order to further persecuted the Soviet withdrawal, American and British in newspapers to publicly accuse Moscow againstNike Shox Navina Shoes the range of the Yalta agreement. In China the cause strong reaction, at that time a public outcry, the general public, students flooded out into the streets, posted signs, demonstrations, protests against the Soviet union, a speech in northeast China, xinjiang and the behavior of the Inner Mongolia, request from the northeast. Soviet immediately Faced with that situation, Moscow had to play again of this card.

    A historical data, and at the time that the central committee of the communist party has to understand the situation changes, and consider the new policy. On March 3 zhou enlai as army of the communist party of China and represent the mediation, Marshall, zhang zhizhon g (the KMT representatives) come to taiyuan inspection. That night, the week called local top general meeting, communicate the "the party to the current situation of the estimation and strategic intent". Weeks "very low voice, put his hand into the head down carry waved: the central government decided now talk about no more and to hammer!" That, however, take action from a period of time. Moscow obviously has a little can't waitNike shox and see no further action of the communist party of China's, and put forward the Suggestions more direct. March 12,, DongBeiJu cable, the central Soviet notice will be evacuated in 13, shenyang, hope Chinese communist troops "rapid scored shenyang," and "all the reds retreat place can play"............. This time MAO zedong have not changed "out the road, occupation LiangXiang", trust in the Soviet union, outside receive establishing base areas, the talks to solve the basic principle of northeast problems. This kind of sedate attitude and after Moscow's position to change around probably not relations.

    9:58 am
    the communist

    In June 1945, 11 to 12 issue of "Bolshevik" magazine published a commentator said: post-war China must have a "war by all democratic parties, groups, and organizations of the national Puma espera sandaldemocratic front reinforced by; only then" China to be a strong, independent and democratic power ". 4 ~ 5 months, Stalin twice and the ambassador hurley conversation, says Chiang kai-shek is "selfless", is "the patriot", but should be in the political concessions, in order to China JunLing unity. Stalin also said, can't think that the Chinese communist party is really the communists, the Soviet union has never and never will help the Chinese communist party.

    And like the United States, Moscow also wants to see a rule in Chiang kai-shek democracy under the unified China and. Obviously, Stalin think in China should appear on bourgeois parties as the core of the coalition government. But the communist party of China and the different claims. MAO zedong in "on coalition government" of the communist party of China put forward in the general program is to establish a "new democratic state system", that is, the leadership of the communist party, the kuomintang's coalition government overthrow puma future catone-party authoritarian. Moscow quite understand. However, the Chinese communist party at that time do not seem to know that Stalin. MAO zedong in seven of the communist party of China's in a final report points out, "the international proletariat long not to aid us," because "no international aid," will "learn to self-reliance". However, from the Angle of ideology, the Chinese communist party believe that "the international proletariat must come to the aid of". So, although be in early June is heard the sino-soviet treaty, but the content of the CPC do not believe that Moscow would "admit that Chiang kai-shek is the only leader".

    Moscow made "no revolution" of the ban.Yanan, Soviet troops it for the northeast is the sudden news, more make MAO zedong surprise suddenly announced that Japan's unconditional surrender, this seems to communist party provides a and the Chiang family dynasty for a great opportunity for the world. MAO zedong once thought that, through the force of the communist party of China's claimpuma speed cat immediately realize fight may be the best choice.

    On August 9, 1945 the Soviet union soldier points three road into the northeast, the central committee of the CCP realized immediately that can lead to the surrender of Japan, the second day, instructions and the central enterprise: the c.o. "in the history of mutations, shall be immediately mobilize all forces to decorate, the enemy, the false in a wide range of attack and expand the liberated areas, strengthen our military, and must be ready to surrender in Japan, we can quickly occupied all I can, and surrounded by the size of the city, the traffic arteries and on a formal occupation forces and arteries and city with guerrillas of the militia town." The central also points out that: "not afraid of civil war, and in the victory to the civil war to stop the civil war and destroy the civil war."

    Obviously, the communist party of China's strategy is to use the Soviet troops and Japanpuma bmw surrendered power vacuum in the cause of the masses of the original, control the puppet government territory, ready to take half of the Chinese people.Be the rear area of the situation, the Chiang kai-shek face mutations see in the eye, nasty in the heart. As a delaying tactic, in the Soviet union signed the treaty on August 14, namely that day, he DianYao MAO zedong to chongqing, discuss the "international and domestic various important problem". Zhou enlai spotted jiang "please hair to chongqing all is wrong". 20, again, the CCP to Chiang urged not to continue to grasp, still deployment. MAO zedong on one hand and JinChaJi forces command JinSui with Soviet "take zhangjiakou, wall, baoding, shijiazhuang, cangzhou, tangshan, shanhaiguan, jinzhou, chaoyang, chengde, sell source, datong", on the one hand, who are going to Shanghai for the armed uprising report said: your reply "policy is absolutely correct, look resolutely thoroughly implement the policy, and send our powerful forces into the city aid. Other cities such as have uprising, as this deal with conditions."

    The communist party is deployed to take the east China, north China, northwest, where most of the northeast, the key moment of the regime, October 20 or 21, the central committee of the communist party, Moscow to telegrams, that China cannot, or the Chinese nation is civil war in the destruction of a dangerous, MAO zedong should hold the talks topuma ferrari chongqing. The Stalin's opinion, communist party refuses to peace talks to armed and seize power policy, will lead to the far east tensions. Neither believe that the communist party of China's Stalin's military strength, also don't know the communist party of China's ultimate goal, but he knows a little: no matter the outcome, China's civil war would destroy the has signed for Moscow and proud of treaties and Sue the Soviet union to establish the range of the Yalta system, thus to the Soviet union in the security and interest of the far east bring unimaginable consequences. Therefore, the Chinese communist party must like Western Europe as the communist party, in the leadership of the Chiang kai-shek "coalition government" framework for peace and stability.

    Monday, September 26th, 2011
    10:08 am
    morning paper

    S more price the significance of analysis is not only the price, more in itself under the livelihood of the people feel the price. This topic is able to cause such strong concern, rooted in people, especially the inhabitants of some of the big cities of the life stress sensitivity

    Recently, the price of the topic in China and the United States compared attention cause social. SomePuma espera sandal media will Beijing with New York's prices, whereby the found that both have their discretion. For example, some foreign ordinary consumer goods in Beijing, the price is expensive, than New York people as part of the "luxury" commodity prices is more outlandish; But in a city public transportation, and artificial, intellectual property rights involving the products and services, New York is obviously much more expensive than Beijing.Professional experience the pricesAt first glance, the people in Beijing or New York life, each have each, each have each deficiency. But, compare prices, and its meaning is not only analyzes prices, more in itself under the livelihood of the people feel the price. If put aside income factors to compare two simple commodity prices, may not be able to see the essence of the problem.

    To restaurants, for example. Netizens said in Beijing, eat once favored to spend 30 yuan, in New York, spend about $5-seems to be both counterparts. But if then compare income, the conclusion will be the same. According to statistics, in 2010 the United States per capita income is about 50000 dollars, about RMB 320000 yuan; puma future cat And the Beijing 2010 annual per capita income of urban residents for 29073 yuan, both are nearly 10 times. Income disparity so big, the price is so close, life is what is low cost high is obvious.

    Someone said, the contrast is not necessarily science, such as the selection of the sample, order quantity are not the same, and so on. The statement is not without reason, at present is also hard to fully and accurately to the price comparison. But should see this topic, the cause of concern, so strongly rooted in people, especially the inhabitants of some of the big cities of the life stress sensitivity. Ordinary people focus on the price comparison is not accurate judgment, the difference of of all kinds of prices, nor in the life quality to emulate, and foreign is to find out a express their real life issues of pressure.

    See first income. According to information, the developed country laborer compensation of national income in the proportion of the general in 55% above, this means that the national wealth ipuma speed catn the first time distribution stage that most workers for all; And our country laborer of reward than since the 1990 s has been declining, there is less than 40%. Laborer is difficult to share more wealth, direct embodiment of slow growth, it for wages in the face of high prices for consumers, more and more lack of bottom spirit.Income growth slow, but did not reduce burden, the house is. A friend told the author, in 2002, to find a monthly salary of 4000 yuan am satisfied with the saving a few years, because at that time think money, buy a house sure no problem; But now, looking for a monthly salary of yuan, don't expect in 40 years ago to buy a new home. If plus "short legs" social security and the high education, medical treatment, a people don't work hard, it is hard to maintain the normal operation of the family. In the long run, what about the quality of life?

    The price is the comparison of the figure, contrast is a reflection of the people's livelihood. Perhaps, only when people's income can maintain reasonable growth, puma bmw relative ease burden, quality of life more satisfied, price comparison will become a a lighter subject

    China can't afford expensive than

    The two countries prices has been a hot topic contrast. Yesterday, the People's Daily published "the Beijing prices really than New York high?" penny, for example said Beijing luxury did more than New York, much higher than New York public transportation is 10 times as much as Beijing, Chinese tourists is hard to fully feel the price level, this paper quickly cause net friend of hot debate. To this, the Yangtze river business school professor of Beijing ZhouChunSheng morning paper reporter says the two countries are the price level very hard through contrast that actually, even contrast should also in food, clothing, shelter and puma ferraritransportation with quality goods comprehensive comparison between.

    "China, eat a KFC 30 yuan, eating out at least 100 yuan, buy a Levi 's400 yuan, buy a car at least 30000 yuan (xiali); the United States, eat a KFC $4, eating out $40, buy a Levi' s20 back dollars, buy a car up to $30000 (BMW)", this is a recent article about the price of the crazy forwarding contrast micro bo. To this, the People's Daily in the article, .

    10:08 am
    silver said in Beijing

    The double ninth festival is coming, in old people meet their festival, many "north bleaching old man" who regarded himself in foreign land became "the corner that is forgotten". Recently, the reporter deep several community found, "north bleaching old man" of life are facing social security deficiencies, mental nike shox deliver shoes depression, and interpersonal relationship multiple problem and barriers.Problem a social securityLack of social security of the old man home for illness

    "I never go to Beijing... with you. Later, you yourself...... be yourself." In may this year, because of a day in Beijing can't enjoy medical insurance, have to go back to heal the splendor of henan hometown, aunt to just from Beijing to daughter into the last words.10 years for care, born grandchild, the old man out of rural small home with her daughter to the provincial capital, and with a daughter after drifted toward the Beijing. "North bleaching old man" aunt and worry about most is ill, a cold will spend hundreds of, if in their hometown, not only, still can spend less new farming and submit an expense account.

    Just after the New Year this year, the old man always low fever, fatigue, first thought a cold, can eat the medicine did not see good. To the hospital a check, white, red blood cells, Nike Shox NZ shoes platelets, and so on many blood indices abnormal. Line up, serologic tests, go to a hospital, each, the old man always spend the money due child. Finally, in LaoGuRen the request, the old man finally drifted away from the town of eight years.After a month, the old man because of leukemia in henan hometown died, also always say their "north bleaching old man" life. "Mother is worried about money spending here, if have health insurance, the old man not make the home, perhaps is to keep my mother's life. Yesterday, the old man daughter said with tears.

    According to investigation, no medical care, afraid of illness is many "north bleaching old man" of the cupboard. Live in ChunShu xicheng district in the garden of a recently for aunt diabetes, hypertension back to the hebei home, "I go back to boil medicine is convenient, see a doctor to also cheap."

    Investigation shows, more than 90% of the old man on the security issue, the park can't avoid tickets, by bus rides, endowment coupons can't bring less than, although the amount is not big, but can let "north bleaching old man" was theAdidas Barricade V Shoes psychological gap.Problem two mental deficiencyMultiple problems to the old man mental depressionFar from home, sojourn in children the home "north bleaching old man" were also face a family matters, lack of friends, emotional loneliness multiple problems caused by psychological barriers.

    "All in the family, is some small contradictions, but in my heart, and the backlog couldn't find the right people talk." Recently, live in city of shougang relational area "north bleaching old man" Mr. M. turning love hotline, and her troubles to stream to love the volunteers.Love is the founder of the hotline, said recently, many xukun foreign old man calls, and some think that their children for the children taken big, feel trashy, don't know where the center of gravity of the future; The old man is more afraid of loneliness, children go to work, go to school, and grandchildren in Beijing but the old man drift can't find their own circle.

    The family will sometimes bring old man great injustice, but the old man can't express, "not for his children to add conflict." "All that is not his own home, also could not speak a LiBiao. Can endure Nike Shox Navina Shoesto endure." "North bleaching old man" grandma zhang said.Cost of living high was forced to workNow lives changping district of old silver and his wife connects center 10 years ago, with the rent to Beijing with son continue to rise, in order to reduce the economic burden of son, the old silver fecundity in a construction site part-time job. "You see this piece, is my workmates and cover together." The old silver pointed to a new subway exit connects center said."Now in old age, before the building also do live strange," the old silver say money is not much when young, "now the children here, do JianZhuDui is also in order to earn some money contribute to the family, the main task or take care of grandchildren." The old silver said in Beijing, 10 years, oneself also love this city, "this area buildings, I sweat a lot., the smaller the house also find. Some "north bleaching old man" grandchildren in school because of the housing shortage and economic difficulties had to returnNike shox to the home, also have some "north bleaching old man" trying to find some stores near dwellings, do some cleaning, housekeeping, etc, so as to support their family odd jobs.

    Saturday, September 24th, 2011
    10:07 am
    massive war in the

    In recent years, the journalists killed in a case, every time is a public outcry, all claims. The influence of larger basically has the following some:

    【 SMW reporters were cut finger 】 on May 18, 2005 at noon, guangdong occur together the malignant cases damage reporters--" southern metropolis daily reporter in zhongshan reporternike shox deliver shoes station WenChong, breaking the residence of the right hand cut off two fingers. Media speculation is the first against interest groups in the temperature of revenge, actually, this is the girlfriend of temperature for hire people.

    【 LAN die the death of the 】 on January 9, 2007, the China trade news shanxi a recent not-for entered office LAN's people in that datong coal mine a muddy source county was killed, a began to many people believe that "reporter" LAN for anyone engaged in the supervision of public opinion. But in fact, he is not to do the real interviews, but for the newspaper to cause conflict of earned income died.

    【 deputy editor the attacks' 】 21 November, 2009, the hebei youth daily standing deputy chief editor LeQian that night in shijiazhuang downstairs was attacked at home, Nike Shox NZ shoesallegedly beaten into severely wounded. Within days, the media reported a lot. And LeQian complain of supervision of public opinion against may be because of the related party. But then not see below, the case seemed to has not detected.【 FangXuanChang was playing 】 on June 24, 2010, the financial magazine editor FangXuanChang that night on his way home, according to FangXuanChang attack in own words, two strange men hold reinforced its head wounds, a deep wound to the skull. The FangXuanChang treatment not life-threatening. Beijing police on 21 September, preliminary examination showed that announced FangXuanChang is fighting for academic by huazhong university medical school, director of urology psycho incites other revenge.Because of the serious injury by duty behavior very little

    SMW reporters were cut is Adidas Barricade V Shoesentirely due to personal things, rather than a journalist have nothing to do. LAN was killed, he is undoubtedly a tragedy not-for victim of earned income system, is not a reporter was killed. But joy QianNv and has failed to break the case, we can't tell that her the attacks' is due to the supervision of public opinion against related party. The only sure because duty behavior and the only FangXuanChang was playing victim's.Last may to August, the media to expose the reporter DuoCi by death threats, harassment, the beating of news. WangKeQin is tracking, economic observer reporters spanning provinces wanted by Chinese times journalists are, punching...... Obviously, this series of journalists suffer and its duty behavior is not divided, but, these reporters did not suffer from serious injury.

    In fact, so far, the DuoNian ten between public reporting the news for duty behavior in the kidnapping, injury, death of a single event assassination or not. At leastNike Shox Navina Shoes so far can say: Chinese reporters personal safety situation is quite good.Reporter not high-risk professional three reference frame.This career is that journalists have high-risk profession according to a certain frame of reference, and famous media research experts exhibition professor jiang chose three reference frame: one is the miners, cleaner, and even with the traffic police and other dangerous profession is; 2 it is and Russia, Mexico, Colombia, the Philippines and other journalists grave national "compared; Based on the domestic famous investigative reporter of more than 10 years WangKeQin reporter career as an example.

    Compare with other professions, many journalists also suffered and dangers and beating up though, but a comparison is not hard to see that was mild and lucky. Also, the media and journalistsNike shox were social forces to make the news is basically YouWenBiLu, for other professional group reports of casualties but must be incomplete.

    And other transition countries, in comparison with the person of the Chinese journalists safeguard. Without massive war in the European countries Russia, Latin America, Mexico and Colombia and Asian countries such as the Philippines, reporter, dangerous is professional media practitioners kidnapped, serious injury, assassination is almost a daily occurrence. From 1997 to 2005, Latin America were 106 media people were killed, including chart-topping Colombia for 60 people. Since 2000, Mexico has 60 media people were killed, with an average annual 6 persons; Mexico has become the reporters to replace Colombia "grave".

    10:06 am
    President Clinton in t

    The American institute in Taiwan President thin the auspicious light recently that the future F-16 A/B aircraft after upgrading will reach the world first-class, aircraft level. He and points out, most of the upgrade work in Taiwan, is expected to increase Taiwan employment.According to Taiwan "the China times reported," the U.S. and Taiwanese defense industry conference "inPuma espera sandal Virginia, the auspicious light thin after closing held a press conference. He said the case is a very significant, upgrade the work, the equipment including all kinds of weapons update and radar. He said, wait until the plane properly installed the whole equipped with, "really let the plane to be a top aircraft".

    The auspicious light thin and pointed out that, upgrade case "main work is completed in Taiwan", so in Taiwan, it is important to create job opportunities. This is very, very large assembly project. "this will make Taiwan many people who have jobs, for example some high-tech departments".Thin, said the upgrade, total amount of case over us $5.85 billion, togethewith the last January U.S. military sales to Taiwan of RMB 6.4 billion, and amounted to more than $12 billion. He did not see the parties, but from the statistics, it is knownpuma future cat that the Obama government job three years, military sales to Taiwan total bush eight years 80% of the term.

    The auspicious light thin and says F-16 A/B upgrades and F-16 C/D military sell is two things, so the United States approved A/B upgrade case, and has not ruled out future sell F-16 C/D jets to Taiwan.

    The United States sell weapons to Taiwan apparent violation of the "817 bulletin"August 17, 1982, after the diplomatic relations signed the third communique. The communique is to completely solve the problem of Taiwan arms sales made. In the communique, the us government have made it through the three commitment: 1, arms sales to Taiwan in the performance and quantity will not more than the established diplomatic relations in recent years the level of supply; 2, ready to gradually reduce its sale of arms to Taiwan; 3, over a period of time, lead to the final solution.

    Obviously, the United States sell weapons to Taiwan apparent violation of the "817 bulletin" to these threepuma speed cat commitment. After the establishment of diplomatic relations in the first ten years of U.S. military sales to Taiwan, the total amount of but is more than $20, and now a sale reached $6 billion, and the United States sell to Taiwan, is more insidious wu.

    But in the United States, the "817 bulletin" legal status as "Taiwan relations act"

    As early as in 1979 in April of diplomatic relations, the United States is the so-called Taiwan relations act. The American law stipulated the remove after formal diplomatic relations u.s.-taiwan relationship, among them article 3 clear mention "the United States will make Taiwan can obtain sufficient to bring the number of maintain enough defence capability and technical services; puma bmw defense supplies" "The President and congress will be based on their needs judgment Taiwan's defense, comply with the legal procedures, to the defense decided to provide goods and services and the number of species."

    Therefore, this bill into the U.S. military sales to Taiwan's "legitimacy foundation". The sign "817 bulletin", its original idea is to eliminate this foundation. However, the "817 bulletin" after all did not make clear a regulation the United States sell to Taiwan wu exactly when to terminate, this will give the American people play with the chance of pattern. Former US President Ronald Reagan signed with China in the "817 bulletin", in order to reduce the communique military sales to Taiwan has limited, while the effect of quality set limit to Taiwan made "six guarantee", which contains: don't set a military sales to Taiwan to end the time limit, don't change the Taiwan relations act, and not in advance of the communist party of China's consultation with military sales to Taiwan.

    And in the 90 s, with international relations and the great changes of the situation, "817 bulletin" was almost completely American left, the strength of the U.S. military sales to Taiwan quickly rising. In 1994, President Clinton in the United States but also signed the 1994 1995 financial year the department authorized by the state councilpuma ferrari act, among them article 531 specific provision: the Taiwan relations act article 3 priority in the United States government policy statements, including communique, regulations and instructions, and on the basis of the formation of the policy.

    Friday, September 23rd, 2011
    10:02 am

    After two days of intense discussions, the United States federal reserve 21,, will take a announced "sell short buy long" "reverse operation" (OT) extend the deadline, Treasury bonds are designed to stimulate economic recovery. At the same time, the fed throughnike shox deliver shoes the move also avoided forward again, the controversial quantitative loose (QE) policy. But for this economic stimulus measures, the global capital market does not buy it, tumbled in succession.

    Events beauty "turn the operation" push

    And the past two round of QE policy, the fed to take different "reverse operation" directly to the market in providing new capital, by adjusting the national debt to reduce interest rates, the combination of stimulating the economy, the purpose is also called "qualitative loose".

    Nevertheless, most investors think the fed's new policy can't really solve the United States economy at present the many problems that confront the.

    According to the federal reserve's open market committee issued a statement on the day, willNike Shox NZ shoes sell the "short" buy "long" way to adjust the structure of the United States Treasury plan, in June, at present before sell holdings of remaining term in three years the following $400 billion short-term national debt, and at the same time to buy the same amount of time limit for six years to 30 years of long-term national debt, so as to extend the average time period of the national debt, and finally reach the purpose of long-term interest rates down. Historically, "reverse operation" is not the first appeared in the 1960 s, the federal reserve has taken a similar measures.

    And the past two round of quantitative easing, the fed's new measures to different to the market with new money no, that won't make it has huge balance sheet continue to expand, so also be some in the industry called "qualitative loose".

    To this, Goldman sachs says in a report on the day, the fed's "reverse operation" is more radical than expected. Adidas Barricade V Shoes$400 billion to buy long-term national debt greater than the size of the economists generally expected. Analysts believe that the fed has to, the acceleration of the U.S. economy slowing momentum produced more alert, even if faced with pressure from all parties, also want to try to take measures to stimulate the economy.

    S Wall Street pessimism not down rise

    A quite some surprise, for the federal reserve this unconventional measures, Wall Street is not buy it. Three New York stock market index in the 21, news not only didn't get any boost, but in the end dish within one hour down most represent, accelerate the trend of the market standard &poor's 500 index of the ultimate decline close to 3%.

    At the same time, investors are fleeing risk higher commodity markets, turned to the safer the dollar and us Nike Shox Navina Shoestreasuries, cause against other major currencies dollar exchange rate to rise, the international oil prices to fall, where closed dropped more than 1%. Even more compelling is that, by buying and the fed statement hedge double push, yields on the 10-year Treasury yield fell to 1.858% of its history.

    Not only that, the federal reserve for the judgment of the economic outlook that the market pessimism not down rise.

    The fed said in a statement, the United States still remain slow economic growth trend, the overall employment market remains weak, the unemployment rate remains high, than Nike shoxresidential construction investment, real estate market downturn continues to shake. In talking about economic prospects, the fed an unprecedented used the "economy is facing significant downside risks" to the severity of the phrase, many investors get upset.

    10:01 am
    guns (prepare

    The United States government regardless of the Chinese side has repeatedly solemn representations, sales to Taiwan announced A number of advanced weapons and equipment, which is A Puma espera sandal "modified" its existing F-16 A/B fighters, sales to Taiwan, military aircraft, spare parts and provide relevant training project, A total of $5.852 billion the Chinese side strongly condemned the military sales to Taiwan

    Source: subordinate columns:

    The Chinese government and people have expressed outrage. Chinese vice foreign minister ZhangZhiJun already have been ordered to summoned the ambassador to the United States LuoGuHui, strongly protest. Chinese ambassador in the United States zhang yesui have also held separate talks in Washington also strongly protest to the United States.

    Foreign ministry spokesman jerry 21, the team is the us government announced the military sales to Taiwan this plan China serious position. MaChaoXu said, anyone could shake of the Chinese government and people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and against foreign intervention self-determination. We urged the United States fully recognize arms sales to Taiwan, the height puma future catof the problem sensitivity and harmful effects, to respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and abide by the three sino-us joint communiques and the international relations basic standard, take effective measures immediately correct mistakes, revoke the sale plan, wu stop military sales to Taiwan, stop the u.s.-taiwan military ties to prevent further harm sino-us relations and stable development of cross-strait relations and peaceful development momentum.

    In 22, the foreign affairs press meeting held, a reporter asked: whether China will take more severe counter measures to express the beauty of dissatisfaction with the arms sales to Taiwan?

    To this, the spokesman HongLei expressed the Chinese serious position. HongLei said: "no matter who, as long as to be engaged or participate in engaged in damage China's national puma speed catsovereignty and territorial integrity activities, must be stricken China people's opposition."

    In recent years, U.S. military sales to Taiwan

    Hawk helicopter

    January 29, 2010 the U.S. announced the military sales to Taiwan, including 60 black hawk helicopter went down, patriot missile system, three totaled $6.392 billion.

    -vice hawk helicopter is the widespread use of a U.S. attack helicopters. Main executive to forefront shock troops carrying the ground object and the attack of the task, puma bmwand sometimes also used to rescue the wounded from the war.Apachean attack helicopter

    On October 3, 2008 the United States to sell Taiwan early airborne warning aircraft upgrade, apachean E2 attack helicopter, six advanced weapons systems.

    -vice apachean attack helicopter U.S. army is the most complex armed helicopter, its carrying weapons including 30 mm machine guns (prepare the hair of 1200), and to be carrying 16 pieces "hellfire missiles", every hang point can hang a 19 tube rocket nest, at most, can hang 4 launch nest.

    F-16 fighter planes

    July 17, 2006 beauty decided to puma ferrarisell Taiwan as high as 0.1 trillion nt $66 frame F-16 C/D jets.

    On 21 September 2011 plan for A "modified" its existing F-16 A/B type fighter planes.

    Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
    10:18 am

    The state council premier wen jiabao 21, the state council has held the standing meeting to discuss and Puma espera sandalthrough the "safety production" 1025 "planning", the deployment of a full, advanced waste recycling system, to goods of the People's Republic of provisional regulations to make amendments.

    The meeting was made clear "1025" period of production safety six main tasks:

    (a) perfect enterprise security system. Will the coal mines and the coal mine, transportation, dangerous chemicals, building construction, occupational health and safety production as the key industries, comprehensive and eliminate hidden dangers, regularly implement and improve the safe production system, strict safety production standard, improve enterprise security level and accident prevention capacity.

    (2) perfect the government safety supervision and the social supervision system. Strengthening the supervisionpuma future cat of monitoring team and informationization of innovation ability construction, supervision monitoring the way, strengthen the social supervision of public opinion.

    (3) improve safety science and technology support system. To strengthen the research of production safety science and technology, training specialized talented person, the popularization and application of advanced technology and equipment for security, improve ability.

    (4) the perfect legal laws and regulations, policies and standards system. To speed up the revised the production safety law, perfect technology standards, and promote enterprise's safety production standardization construction.

    (5) perfect the emergency rescue system. Sound, early warning and emergency disposal puma speed catjoint mechanism, strengthen the emergency rescue team construction, strengthen the emergency training exercises, improve the accident rescue and the emergency response ability.

    (6) perfect the propaganda education training system. Strengthen the high-risk industries and small and medium-sized enterprise a line operator safety training, improve the quality and safety from personnel of social public self-rescue mutualaid ability, improve the safety consciousness, constructs the security development social environment. Meeting demand all regions and all relevant departments to strengthen the leadership, strengthen the evaluation, increase policy support and commitment, and to carry out the key projects, ensure planning carried out smoothly.

    To establish the waste goods recovery system, and points out that made the deployment, discarding goods recovery system is not perfect, and affect not only waste use of, and is caused extremely easily environment pollution, establish a complete, advanced recovery, transportation and disposal, recycling system by using waste products it becomes urgent. To improve a recycling network. Construction and renovationpuma bmw standardization residents used goods recovery net, connecting the production enterprise recovery bulk waste goods and odd bits channel, especially must strengthen discarded automobiles, waste electrical electronic products and waste tyre and waste energy-saving lamps and so on the recycling of waste products. Secondly, to strengthen the science and technology support. Strengthen the recovery of waste products, sort and processing technology research, improve the level of equipment. Carry out international cooperation and

    communication, management experience for reference, the introduction of advanced technology. Third, we need nurturing large-scale enterprise, promote recycling waste products used goods recovery, sort and intensive processing, scale development. The fourth is to strengthen the recovery enterprise site, recovery processing management behavior and the market order, in accordance with the regulation on illegal crime. Strengthen the recovery of waste products of each section of pollution control, stop the secondary pollution. Five to clear the government departments and production, circulation enterprises and users, responsibility, revising perfect the relevant systempuma ferrari standard, to speed up the waste products will be recycled into legal system orbit. Six to widespread publicity education, advocate healthy environmental protection, recycling of modes of production and life. The meeting decided to set up a lead by the ministry of commerce and other relevant departments of the participation BuJi coordination mechanism, and waste recycling system construction goods guidance.

    10:18 am
    Nations convention

    Our foreign correspondent reported: comprehensive in Vietnam in the south China sea of India's oil and gas development projects, have recently been many Chinese and foreign media reports. The project involves the block is involved in China's sovereignty, all the information that the sea is very general. Our reporter on the were nike shox deliver shoesinvestigated, and authorities to understand, from two blocks the China part into the sea areas under the jurisdiction of China's sovereignty, constitute a violation of.

    The seal oil and gas projects in China in nansha islands waters west side

    According to Indian PTI communications companies, such as the media reports said, for oil and gas exploration and development of oil and gas is India's state-owned companies. This as early as 2006 the company with the Vietnamese government is the so-called "127," "128," two blocks of mining problems to reach an agreement, the basic allegedly investment amount of $225 million.

    Our reporter checked Vietnam news agency in 2006 report says, Vietnam oil and gas corporation (now the Vietnamese stateNike Shox NZ shoesoil and gas group) and India's oil and gas company in the same year May 24, the document was signed in Hanoi about the "127," "no. 128" oil and gas block of the contract. The report did not reveal the name and details of the contract. The agency says, "no. 127" oil and gas block area of 9246 square kilometers (square miles), "128," the block area of 7058 square kilometers (square miles) of oil and gas. The two pieces of oil and gas block is located in Vietnam smooth pan cut city sea provinces of edom. Our reporter, check it on the website of Australian BHP billiton subordinate to the oil company (BHP Petroleum) block distribution maps show that the two blocks of position, is substantially in China sea islands in the west.

    Our reporter, pay attention to participate in Vietnam in the south China sea, Indian oil and gas development news first is the Indian press trip to Vietnam in the IndianAdidas Barricade V Shoes foreign minister before the report came out, and then some western media "follow up hype".

    September 15,, the first time the Hindustan Times quoted India's foreign ministry, the message said, the Indian side already "flatly refused to" the Chinese government to "India in the south China sea dispute mining enterprise sea oil and gas resources protest" and said the Chinese protest "no legal basis". The Indian side, the Chinese say that without legal basis, because the two block belongs to Vietnam.

    India's media reported the matter, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman in reporters about several times the problem, and the nansha islands and reiterated China ocean near has indisputable sovereignty in the south China sea, China claims have sufficient historical and legal basis.

    China's foreign ministry spokesman stressed that the Chinese government to allow, without any country or company inNike Shox Navina Shoes China sea areas under the jurisdiction of the oil and gas exploration activities engaged in, violated China's sovereignty and rights and interests, is illegal and invalid.

    16,, Vietnam's foreign ministry spokesman LiangQingYi in answer about Chinese against India and Vietnam cooperative development of south China sea oil and gas questions said: "Vietnam and foreign partners in oil and gas fields of cooperation project is located in Vietnam continental shelf and exclusive economic zone, including no. 127, 128, oil and gas block cooperation project, completely belongs to Vietnam's sovereignty and adjudication, accord with the United Nations convention on the international practice, Nike shoxalso accord with and Vietnam have joined in bilateral, multilateral agreement. Any opposition to the Vietnam and foreign partners in Vietnam continental shelf and exclusive economic zone for cooperation is illegal and invalid." A Vietnamese foreign ministry spokesman this statement although want to emphasize on the two blocks of sovereignty, but confirmed that Vietnam and India's oil and gas development cooperation.

    Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
    10:20 am
    teaching methods

    Southwest jiaotong university railway engineering professor YiSiRong: train and rail are grounding system, two grounding system and relevant tracks. Grounding is bad, lightning may cause a short-circuit. In normal driving, train and rail form a closed loop between, so trains will power to drive.How to strengthen the grounding and rail train grounding, let them become an organic whole, it is the recent research a topic.At present, move the car and signal systems use traction two different power supply. Traction power source system for bare catenary, and signal the system's power for 10 kv, use insulated cables, even if overhead, highly than overhead contact to the height of low, very low chance of get hit by lightning. At the same time, train also should have the battery power, don't understand such as backup in the accident D3115 time signal system does not work.

    TieKeYuan experts: China's move the car claims to be round-the-clock. Since it is the all-weather, that isPuma espera sandal in addition to the earthquake and tsunami outside, like lightning, wind and rain on weather situation should be in prevention range. Lightning lead to move the car power system malfunction, can say that the probability is very, very small. If the existing lightning factors, by contrast, the human factor.

    Tongji university railway and urban rail transportation research institute SunZhang: scourge is professor of external cause, by technology or management deficiencies, error and creates a serious accident, should someone for responsibility in.

    Experts say, the railway departments should make full use of local meteorological offices puma future catalong the information

    Tongji university railway and urban rail transportation research institute SunZhang: professor car passed dynamic area is the thunderstorm, storm very frequent, in view of the electricity, we should carry out the lightning protection of experiment, accumulate large amounts of data, in what kind of data to adopt what kind of measures.

    At the same time, we the railway departments of the warning should make full use of local observatory, along the information as we must master scheduling command one of content of. If you do plan ahead, must grasp local observatory, this should be our information to improvepuma speed cat the content.

    Japanese Shinkansen have experience, it GaoTieYou seismographs along every two kilometers, there is a, this is connected to the Internet, and the national seismological bureau is information can be exchanged, very short time can know where the earthquake source, and magnitude is how much, and then give the command scheduling.

    Analysis: 1, if the signal transmission system, the content of the normal that is normal also, duty may be in the car driver. Even if D3115 ahead by lightning, loss of motivation, the rear train must also can get ahead of the signal, interval occupied following train is enough time to respond

    an American professor investigation after China exclamation: Chinese people live too tired, their life is only two phrases: success and hard work. I'm very strange, they are not feeling happy even, but want to the pursuit of happiness. puma bmwOrdinary Chinese people, not really happy and less frequent sex. Another: the primary school to college, busy all kinds of test; After the graduation busy marriage; After getting married, busy children raising children; After retirement, give the child see children... So alive just.

    China's education, once again to involve originally involved itself, according to the traditional view industry know is should be actively, avoid bad publicity advanced. However, I was real was a truer, good people like is good, bad, bad is never because what concerns and avoid disadvantages about what to be afraid influence. The paper discusses the problems for education is that, although a lot of people to keep from my honor to do some false teaching methods, such as the research of the theory of drilling books, buckle practice. Low-level word game play, while the United States it yue: "the thinking method of" remembering, change again another noun and return to whitewash over the tasteless teaching theory, year after year with some old thought and theory of personal vanity mix take. Behind this, and the most sad is reform changed in China education or N, in the beach in the stagnant water standing still go. If, this kind ofpuma ferrari thinking mode, continue to be continued, then the Chinese education offspring in no doubt called "G

    10:20 am
    irresistible lightning

    Talking about education, nowadays more popular term has "ZeJiaoFei", "class", only talk about remedial class! China's children are doing what? Impression, China's child more and more busy, before I went to school, also can experience the fun of the work-study programme, to some of the after-class labor. However, nowadays child fun??? What??? Remedial class is the trend of The Times, the more sadly, many remedial class often become some scheme design of bad teacher "touchstone", the so-called remedial class, deduce into the classroom teaching of knowledge in advance, and not in? Do it! After the start of normal, explained in this class have to explain. No longer content No remedial class, many children is often the spare life of paper assignments was troubling. Can say, education process nike shox deliver shoes is actually learning the problem, the process of learning the exam, what things seem to be can through the documented, from the practice of action to solve the exam. That is, the popular trend of current education is serious, from the after school students labor ability training, from the natural and social observation and thinking ability, and the whole chained to the examination mechanism.

    Education to train what? With the Chinese education as an example, in many cases, the language education indulged in narrow text analysis, the tendency of dissent, from a lot of reading, also to attempt to cultivate good student's thought ability. A normal person, need a free, broad thinking space, however, on one hand we in sarcasm to the text SuanFu bore b f hard at the same time, the but again misleading his students involved in the analysis of the text one-sided, out-of-context won the activities of the high score. Can take an examination of the talent of high, however, could create ideological superb, rich academic spirit strong works how many are there? As a publicity have, can have can highly condensed the natural, social and human spirit works fine exist? And how many of the so-called scholars, professors again for title paper tried to mind, the copy of the academic circles counterfeit and phenomenon, is not just a Nike Shox NZ shoesquestion of character, the more major, it reflects the Chinese education not cultivate good good writing and thought ability.

    There are several national education than China's education more heavy? The constitution, in several countries will not pay attention to student's physical health? There are several national education need the exercise time mandatory provisions students? Again a few countries students busy deal with all kinds of emerge in endlessly, busy dealing with remedial class of all kinds of test names from a good place? There are several countries, they are just like the students are confined to a few simple set of materials, and a frog in well over the top, in the training of elite countries, many excellent scientific, cultural works have been out in the countless students' view, the so-called elite understanding is also high score. The exam However, in order to the gaudy high score, how much hard work? Is it worth it?

    In a thought very narrow circles, in a not only cultivate educators JiaoShuJiang circle, can produce Adidas Barricade V Shoes excellent talents? Tired, and harvest talk, in the end just to test the education do PeiJia, so the education mode, certainly will let students sacrifice time wasted youth,, just for a few infatuated with the achievements of the exam vanity won some characters performance, the role of the actual god horse? Learn the knowledge, N the end of their own'm dead-beat, it is only in a busy, you said that the Chinese education by such, not sad?

    The bore is clear that QunRu debate had sneered at the so-called "jiangdong hero" : "speaking like the FuRu also, the!!!!!" As time passes by, or can't jump out of education and construct good words, words cage of context, fascinated withNike Shox Navina Shoes fixed the answer the test, the education, not so tragedy?

    Power experts: besides the irresistible lightning equipment failure, and lead to three possible: first, from a design standpoint, it may be that the density of the system to avoid enough; In the second place, from construction point, may be to avoid the facilities of Nike shoxsubstationgrounding grip is not reasonable, ray, and lead to less than down; Third, from product quality point, to avoid the leads of the device may be defective.

    Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
    10:21 am
    reporter to interview

    Male rent access standard is working

    At present, including access standard, and Beijing is working on detailed regulations in rent. Currently, Beijing and rent coverage included not only meet the low-cost, the appropriate room, such as price fixing the room in the housing difficulties of low-income families, fresh out of college, new employment worker, and somPuma espera sandal e Beijing has the stable operating other provinces and cities, but also by Beijing to family industry garden area etc construction and renting a house, resolution of the housing is difficult.

    Door model, according to the Beijing municipal construction, and guide released rent door model can be divided into 4 kinds of. Single cover model for the 30 square meters or so, small model for 40 square meters or so, putting in for 50 square meters or so, big model for 60 square meters below.

    Capital support, Beijing in June this year founded the affordable housing construction investment center, the municipal finance one-time capital injection of 10 billion yuan. The financial future each year from the land transfer net earnings outpuma future cat of 10%, from the housing accumulation fund appreciation income out of part to increased support of public rental. (our reporter horsepower)

    The state council through the spirit health law to prevent forced draft were citizens

    The draft to the diagnosis of mental disorders and hospitalization, prevention and rehabilitation, relief and serious patients with mental disorders such as the management of the regulation, and will not intentionally patients with mental disorders as patients with mental disorders into medical institutions and medical institutions not to mental health will be issued according to a diagnosis of patients with mental disorders, judicial expert opinions issued by the false identification behavior, sets strict legal responsibility. 【 detailed 】

    Resident id card law will amend the protection of citizens' information to enhance securitypuma speed cat performance

    19 days of held standing committee of state council think, to improve the identity CARDS of anti-fake properties, strengthen the management of society, and further population information base strictly to citizens personal information about unit of confidentiality obligations and responsibilities, it is necessary to the law of the People's Republic resident id card law changes.Taxpayer feel"China's tax burden pain index" lead dispute

    The People's Daily said the macro tax burden in less than developed countries, Forbes said the index contains taxpayer actual feeling

    Report from our correspondent (reporter ZhangYi li lei) Forbes 2009 years have launched "tax burden list, the pain index" list shows, the mainland of China's "tax pain in the world index" the second. The report is true and reasonable, whether to how to look at our current tax levels, cause the net friend of hot debate, andpuma bmw was part of the experts questioned.

    The Chinese tax investigation: our taxes high?

    Yesterday, the People's Daily KanWen says, "Forbes" "tax pain index" scientific is poorer, and can't reflect the real situation. Reason is that this calculation method DuoZhong defects exist, including name tax rate is not equal to the actual tax rate, the highest marginal tax rate applicable scope is very small, etc. The People's Daily and quoting the China statistical yearbook 2010, "about 2009 central and local budget and in 2010 the central and local budgets of the draft report", the ministry of finance website, the IMF website, OECD websites, etc, and the DuoFang data by the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of finance &trade tax's director of research, Mr. Zhang bin has been puma ferrari interviewed experts, and points out that the international standard "macro tax burden" measure, the tax burden in our country is not high.

    In the afternoon, editor-in-chief of Forbes ZhouJianGong and to this article headed response. Yesterday in accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, ZhouJianGong stressed. "the purpose of this list, is to around the world between the tax burden to find out a comparison of the scale, so each sample countries alike to select the governments of the highest tax rates of taxes and traffic.

    10:21 am
    education reform and

    It's the truth, but need to see, Forbes ranking selection standards is continuous and nike shox deliver shoes  

    consistent. Now that is applicable to all the unity of the state, so China's "index pain" high degree is not ridiculous. In addition, Forbes ranking relative commercialized, therefore reflect market and the needs of audience, but also had moments place. Rational government officials in the face of this list to ask yourself whether, when domestic people consider so, the Compared with the French were at peace in our country and the relevant scholars, official disproved more opinions. Experts think, Forbes choose highest marginal tax rate to calculate the tax burden and painful, the nominal tax rates and the actual tax rate not consistent, top rate applicable rates are low, so the calculation of Forbes less scrupulous.


    The essence of the tax burden, it is the government provide the public service "the price". The tax burden reflects the pain index "public service" price. Just compare the tax burden level Nike Shox NZ shoesbetween countries, regardless of the supply of public service, meaning is not big. Such as big government in the north of Europe in the global gave a name, but northern European public services and government incorruptible degree is also a. High taxes, plus a public opinion gao fuli support, so this was somebody else a rational choice. And the many people believe that Forbes ranking, the tax burden is that can feel the public service is not enough.

    In the macro tax burden is small (tax revenue as a proportion of GDP), for example, the 2009 is 17.46%, the numerical value and the developed countries of the related numerical quite close. To ask is, Adidas Barricade V Shoes public health, education, social security service, which can catch up with the developed countries average level? Forbes "tax pain index finds there is much defect, but only accused the defects of no help. Need to see, on the one hand, the government itself is the administrative cost


    At the same time, our administrative costs more. With the international monetary fund in 2006 countries financial data for example. Our administrative cost is about 18% of the total, compared to the United States, Japan, Poland are 13%, Ukraine is 8%.

    In addition, our country's economic construction spending quite high, and the numerical achieve some developed countries of three to four times the giant. Cost is a concern. Tax In August, 2008, the national audit office reports show that in 2006, Nike Shox Navina Shoes 18 provinces (municipalities) tax department personnel expenses average reached 58300 yuan, more than the national civil servants in per capita income more than two times. In addition to the part of the revenue, selective examination to exceed the office area accounts for nearly sixty percent, car purchase also have a large irregularities.

    Are people to tax burden is ownership, painful people's perception of the daily life. Personal income tax deduction in the debate DuoNian under government concessions in the dynamics and the insufficiency. And in recent years "line mail tax" the execution of duties such as also let some popular discontent. So some ordinary people think the government tax increases behavior more than a tax cut. And the public service for, education and medical service level is not enough to meet the demands of the people, the relevant investment still lags behind that of many development level of a country. 1993 "issued by the China education reform and development compendium" has clearly put, the twentieth century, financial education funds of GDP than important reached 4%. Nike shox So far, financial income rising in the background, the goal is still not realize. Medical treatment charge still remain high.

    Monday, September 19th, 2011
    10:18 am
    the boss, the small

    The workshop of the bins mildewy, the discoloration of liver

    Flies buzzing, climb in the liver, ground and wall

    "Dirty" the boss had liver processing refined into cooking oil sales

    Never smell so smelly thing-to rot, piled up together, parked the flies liver. Incredibly someone put this disgusting things very refined oil, then from processing peace to kunmingPuma espera sandal, outside again, are sold to a small restaurant processing and small restaurant. The night before last, kunming police said on destroyed that production sales hogwash oil black factory, captured five suspects. According to suspect explaination, two months, black factory of refining more than 50 tons of "edible oils" flow to the kunming.

    Adjust check

    Private housing stench police force back

    According to the plan, AnNingShi public security bureau LangGuZhuang police station ask you to its police promptly to carry out "play four black ChuSiHai" MoPai work. September 16,, in the morning MoPai community police found a suspicious site: around wooden houses, and pile up from reported a strong in the room. Police did not DaCaoJingShe, but the report to the police station. That night, LangGuZhuang police station at 8 and the police all the police were more than 30 puma future cat people, while the night to hide in the mountains quietly dwellings.

    Lights were blazing in chimney, in houses at the thick smoke. Rushed into the private housing, the police and the police let big stomach. Some civilian police immediately vomit, was the stench "forced" out of the room. The police immediately in the production or sale of edible oils black factory control, on the spot five suspects arrested and seized several machines, all kinds of machine production of suspicious "liquid" of more than 30 bucket and a large number of liver.

    Now a

    Ground is internal organs rot

    Yesterday afternoon, kunming p direction, kunming police informed the media found success and destroy super-large hogwashpuma speed cat oil production and use of criminal gangs. In the afternoon, the media gathered reporters in peace on the outskirts of the black factory.

    After the steel and into a forest, a winding dirt road leads to the mountains. In the mountains, two building houses not far apart. And the black hogwash oil production factory is surrounded by mountains, standing in front of the house, and can take in everything in a glance around. Black factory is one place brick structure, ShiMianWa when top dwellings, covers an area of more than 500 square meters, have the oil producing "workshop", have lived the cabin of the workers.

    Just go to the bottom of drilling, the stink of the nose. Pushed open the gates, into the left side of the production workshop ", "big stink catatonic state. The workshop like pig sty pattern, pile up the big drum, there are three mouth DaZao oil refining, the ground piled up have a bunch of animal innards mipuma bmwldewy, become angry. The workshop, flies buzzing, climb in the liver, the ground, wall, everywhere. A small pool, murky waters of white oil floating on black mouldy object.

    The gates right installed a squeezing machine, is next to piles of dark brown has pressed flat of diesel. Several bedrooms were the boss, the small and the landlord respectively in the place where the family, but the curtain is still does not block the stink and floating in the flies everywhere disorderly fly.Factory production silent night during the day

    According to information, the boss of the factory is a black man, surnamed Chen, henan, more than 50 years of age. People Rent houses a year to $5000 a year, the rent. Police told reporters, and work his way up, formal and partner together account offered onlypuma ferrari black factory for more than two mo
    10:18 am

    HaoJingLei at auction for 200000 yuan price bought three of calligraphy and painting, the experts identified is not an original, probably prints, so will auction company sued to the court. The concern of the case have the result, yesterday, HaoJingLei said, appraisal result has out, auction company active and its consultation reconciliation.

    Although the case, but high end simulation prints into collects the market, already was the fact thatnike shox deliver shoes does not dispute, analysts have expressed concerns. No rational atmosphere and bound legal sanctions not strictly, make the proof fraudsters.

    200000 items referred to "printed matter"Last may, fine spring auction, the HaoJingLei taken three of calligraphy and painting, are "1969 WangWenZhi running the items of hand-rolling a", "the items FangShiShu made the sea and the 1994 figure a" and "2020 GuWenYuan, CaiYuan the items such as the landscape of cooperation," an album of a book HaoJingLei pay total payment and commission totalling 204960 yuan. Among them the auction in % 26 quot; indicated, the items of 1994 is the "authentic" undoubtedly.

    But HaoJingLei after delivery of the three pieces of works that have problems, will be sent to the ministry of culture of calligraphy and painting three cultural market development center Nike Shox NZ shoesart evaluation commission, please experts for identification. Three of the experts from the Forbidden City and a: rongbaozhai conclusion is: "WangWenZhi running hand hand scroll" and "FangShiShu made the sea and the figure" is not an original, and "GuWenYuan, CaiYuan cooperation and the picture album" results to be fixed.

    HaoJingLei please printing industry of experts after careful study, items that is not traditional of calligraphy and painting, but ink-jet printing prints, is in the ink-jet printing prints little ink again on GouMiao, pretend to be masters of calligraphy and painting, belong to the modern high tech high simulation print.

    In the process of consultation with fine, fine heart is not recognized by the company HaoAdidas Barricade V ShoesJingLei view. HaoJingLei so will fine heart company sued to the court, the east demand compensation for losses.

    Experts tell the court doesn't apply

    In the trial, fine heart company don't agree with HaoJingLei please experts certificate issued by appraisal Suggestions, but please which printing company appraisal, think of calligraphy and painting is not print. Three The company also meets the merger, as the basis, said "no" is the auctioning industry fidelity rules. HaoJingLei preview has seen in when works, and signed for approval, "even if items are defective, auction company does not assume responsibility" rules.

    However, both sides HaoJingLei in court, but the judge also show calligraphy and painting could not identify calligraphy and painting of the true and false. Although in collection area, there are a lot of experts for the collection of the true and false, but has a voice does not apply to the judicial authentication. In the existing judicial authentication, calligraphy and painting true and false this cultural relics and no authoritative appraisal organization.

    Finally, the judge found the way to crack. Although the calligraphy and painting is an original never identified, but can Nike Shox Navina Shoesthrough the documents, to identify the identification of calligraphy and painting material. By both parties in the case, the court appraisal institution entrusted to three works for printed matter whether, or work, or for printing hand-painted with hand-painted mixed works appraisal.

    Appraisal result eventually not releasedThe last time trial has in the past from more than half a year, the appraisal report issued by appraisal institution. But in the second session, HaoJingLei suddenly a court to withdraw, reconciliation between the two parties. For appraisal reports the results of the court, have not revealed.The fine, fine heart of the company confirmed that official, "we very much and Mr Hao to items agreed." Nike shox In addition, the fine heart, the company did not reveal more case and the relevant information.

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