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Date:2003-11-22 13:49
Mood: energetic
Music:weird music from across the hall

yay its actually a pretty eventful weekend in farmington believe it or not. im still in shock.

last night kim and i went to the basketball game which umf won, but we were barely paying attention. theres a game in like 10 minutes so we're prolly gonna go to that too. so it was about 1130 last night and kim and i were bored so we decided to walk to cumby's and on our way back a car full of guys decided to be pigs and howl and whistle at us. so i proceed to yell "ooowww owwww" in response. and then they proceed to freakin pull over and ask us the dumbest pickup line i have ever heard in my life "so...where you girls from?" WHERE ARE WE FROM??? what the fuck have you guys been smoking. i gave them the oddest look on the face of this planet and one of them pretended he was from massachusetts too which was obviously a lie. who would ever move from massachusetts to maine? oh...wait a minute..... anyways that was prolly the highlight of the night, being hit on by a carfull of high school boys. tonight theres a dance and u wanna know what the theme is? "beaver boys and girls gettin down on the farm" first of all it sounds like a 7th grade dance and second of all i dont have freakin farm clothes. and even if i did, i would never wear them. just because i would never go out in public lookin scrubbified and nasty. im gonna wear my cowboy hat though...thats kind of farm-like isnt it?

so i definitely got two old as hell rolls of film developed this weekend.... one from WWE smackdown (thanks jeff) that i went to 2 summers ago with jeff pat and lindsey. that was a fun time. more for the boys tho :) and also, pictures from my graduation party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hellooooooooo i totally freaked out. there are pictures of EVERYBODY and they all came out soooo good. sigh, memories of the old mb'ers
then the other roll had pictures from the semi last semester, oh, how i looked like a tool. and there were also a couple pics from the central prom. im about to burn them right now actually

alright we're off to the game

go BEAVERS. . . . .


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Date:2003-11-18 12:03
Mood: sleepy
Music:yennie talkin to me

hey there well i just totally slept in till noon. its alright though, i have nothing to do till 2. it just hit me last night that im gettin real homesick. ive had enough of farmington for a while now and just wanna go home and want things to go back to the way they were during the summer. . . one more week, lets hope it flies by.
okay so this thing was in those stupid newsletters all umf students get once a week.. i altered the last one a little...

Happiness is…

Hot cocoa after the first snowstorm.

Knowing you’re going to do well on a test… and you do.

Completing a project a day before it’s due.

Getting a call from your best friend.

Sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

Hot, gooey, freshly baked cookies.

Falling in love.

Having a job that doesn’t feel like work (all the time, at least).

The sound of surf hitting the sand.

Skipping stones in the ocean.

Your parents telling you they love you.

A pickup basketball game with your friends.


A puppy licking your face.

Confirming that the Tooth Fairy exists to a little kid.

Home movies.

Taking a road trip ‘just because’.

Standing up for what you believe in.

Getting a “great job” comment on a paper from your professor.

Putting a smile on someone else’s face.


Good dreams.

Ice cream.

Homemade food shipped to you in a care package.

Discovering one day that your brothers and sisters are actually friends of yours, instead

of simply sharing DNA with them.


Seeing the first flowers bloom in the spring.

Big hugs.

Listening to your grandparents tell you how they first met.

Knowing you’re almost done with your LAST SEMESTER EVER AT UMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay i thought that was cute :)

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Date:2003-11-17 17:43
Mood: annoyed

so this weekend was as bad as i thought it would be. it was nice to have time to myself and i just relaxed my ass off. it was nice. so now im waiting to go to dinner and pretty aggravated at the moment but we wont say why. i dont wanna cause any freakin drama. i took my psych test and it wasnt that bad. i think i did okay. i didnt go back to class though. i feel a lil guilty but its ridiculous how he continues class after we take an exam sooo this is me protesting. okay so im gonna TRY and go to dinner now. peace

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Date:2003-11-14 23:39
Mood: mellow
Music:Hilary Duff- So Yesterday

just to warn you, i will prolly be updating MANY times on this lonely and boring weekend. you think i would just shut up and stop complaning, but i cant. everyones gone :( kim's home yennies home amandas home jesse's workin all weekend andrew is in bangor. theres about 4 and a half people on this campus. literally. yeah feel sad for me. feel very sad for me. one would hope that this UNIVERSITY would have some kind of public transportation for students who have no cars, right? but nOOOOOOOO the closest place for that is an hour and a half away!! WHO DOES THAT

okay im done bitching because youre prolly sick of it

this is definitely a good weekend for me to have quality time to myself. im just surprised how dependent i am on my friends. like, i dont WANT time to myself. i want people around me allll the time. i mean there are moments when im like get the hell away from me, but i just hate being alone. hate it. i just love my friends and wanna be with them as much as i possibly can, especially since this is my last month with them.

do you ever feel like you lose hearing in one of your ears? well yeah i cant hear out of my right one at the present moment in time. . .

anyways SO my goals for tomorrow are:
get up early in time to go to breakfast
drag my lazy ass to the gym
study at least 3 psych chapters
maybe some laundry
if i get money in the mail

this might sound like easy tasks but look whos journal youre reading. yeah you got it... lazy slacker's journal.

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Date:2003-11-13 12:49
Mood: bored
Music:my lap top sounding like its gonna take off any minute now

i skipped class because i needed to study for linguistics. but am i studying for linguistics? nope. anyone know how i can put a picture on this thing? im so computer illiterate

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Date:2003-11-12 00:15
Subject:let it snow let it snow let it snow
Mood: hungry
Music:people singing can you feel the love tonight in the hallway

well im bored. its like midnight and everyone is asleep already wtf. everyone goes to bed so early. i mean we're in college, we dont have parents telling us to go to bed early, but yet everyone is passed out at 11. what am I supposed to do when everyone is sleeping?? of course i dont have homework to do, so im bored. so, i go online and update my journal :)

i had an entire day off today. professor poo is at a conference this week so we didnt have class today, which was sweet. and i also got sick this morning, like throw up sick, at like 6 this morning. out of nowhere. i never ranodmly get sick like that ever. only when i drink but obviously i didnt drink last night. it was weird and im still kinda freaked out. i basically stayed in bed almost all day. watched beauty and the beast with kimmer and amanda which was sweet

and it snowed tonite :) it stuck too! that made me happy

i think the semester should be done. like just right now. im sick of it. im sick of classes. im sick of the homework even though i barely get any. im just sick of being bored. sick of not having a car. just frustrated basically. yay for michelle being negative about everything.

so next semester... im excited... ulowell yay. i registered for classes last week. well it was really pre registration but basically registration. hopefully i'll be able to take the classes i want to. and LEAH might be in my nutrition class with me which i am SO pumped about!!!!!

so im thinking about doing crew. yes crew. every single person i have told has been like what the HELL is that? well if you dont know what it is, look it up online or somthing because you should know what it is. anyways yeah im excited, emailed one of the captains and she is kick ass so it looks like im gonna be a rower next semester. watch out now. im gonna be jacked HELL YEAH. and i dont even have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn like normal crew teams! practice is 5-7 PM so yeah im excited. because we ALL know how michelle loves to sleep till as late as possible :) i am also thinking of writing for the school paper. leah is in it and says i should do it, and it makes sense since im gonna be an english writing major. it would definitely look good on my resume. i need to keep busy too because this semester blows because im not involved in anything!!!!! but thats just because i hate farmington and i think its cool to boycott anything that has to do with it. yay for boring semesters and michelle being lazy

seeing couples together never used to bother me. i loved being single. i thought it was kick ass and i did love it. but now i just want to feel loved again. to feel like someone truly cares about me and believes in me. someone i can trust with my whole life, everything. someone who loves me for me, someone i can just be myself around. i miss that. there are so many couples at umf it seems like. so many. i swear they all do it on purpose to be like, " haha michelle we're happy and youre not, you dont have anybody". yeah im an idiot for thinking that but i just miss everything about having someone. i have definitely lost a good amount of friends because they now have bfs or gfs and are in love supposedly. but is it necessary to just forget about your old friends who you have known for so much longer? i know youre happy and believe me i have been there, but damn, what am i to you now... does anything we went through together matter to you? am i doing something wrong? i just dont get it. i just wish you people wouldn't forget about the friends who have been there for you even before the love of your life came along. it really does hurt to just be forgotten about. i guess it just goes to show how much people really care i guess.... all i know is that i will never do that, no matter who comes along. because my friends mean way too much to me just to be dropped like that.

okay i think im done ranting and raving now, and im about to attack the people across the hall from me because theyre being so damn loud. i need to go to the gym and destress. i wish it was open 24 hours. dammit all

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Date:2003-11-10 00:01
Mood: melancholy

I just want to feel safe in my own skin,
I just want to be happy again
I just want to feel deep in my own world
But I'm so lonely
I don't even want to be with myself anymore
On a different day,
if I was safe in my own skin,
then I wouldn't feel lost and
so frightened
But this is today and I'm lost in my own skin
And I'm so lonely
I don't even want to be with myself anymore
I just want to feel safe in my own skin,
I just want to be happy again.

Dido- Honestly Ok

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Date:2003-10-28 09:18
Subject:crystal blue. . .
Mood: hopeful
Music:suga suga how you get so flyyyy

well wow its 9 in the morning and im up! i cant even believe this. ive been the laziest ass lately and usually dont get up before 930 or 10. especially on days like today when i dont have class till 2

anyways, had an awesome weekend with kimmer :) i went to her house with her friday night and we got there kinda late so we just chilled with her and her friend danny whos a pretty funny kid... then saturday we went for a hike up part of a mountain and the view was absolutely gorgeous. it was so nice, i wanna try hiking more often... but oh yeah you need a CAR to get to places and we dont have one whadaya know.... then we went to kims aunts house and had a little bday party for her and her cousin because it was her bday yesterday!! :) and then later around 7ish kim's friend chris picked us up and we headed off to keene for the night... can we say holy pumpkins!!!!!! this past weekend was pumpkinfest at keene and they broke the world record for most pumpkins carved and lit at once... about 28,900 pumpkins. yeah thats a shitload. ive never seen so many pumpkins in my life! then we visited a couple of kimmers friends then headed back to nelsons apartment where chris was. it was so nice to be on a different college campus, i just love going to different schools i get so excited (yeah im a dork) but it was kick ass because theres actually shit going ON at that school! i mean, some random guy tried selling us raw meat... that never happens in farmington. lol. so yeah we got back to nelsons and just hung out and watched family guy which CERTAIN PEOPLE thought was the funniest show on the face of this planet yeah it was a fun night... cant stop thinking about a certain someone who hopefully i'll be able to see sometime soon...


im goin home this weekend to work...yay...cant wait to work with shitloads of people i DONT KNOW because the whole crew is in college.. but i need money BAD cuz every single place in farmington that is supposedly HIRING is fucking LYING! argggg

aiiight i gotta go get ready for the day. . . lata

<3 Me

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Date:2003-10-22 00:01
Subject:jingle bells
Mood: happy
Music:that christmas song...i dont know what its called

im officially in the mood for the holidays....bring on the christmas music

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Date:2003-10-21 20:30
Subject:holy cold
Mood: cold
Music:beyonce~the whole cd

well im really slackin on updating this...
anyways so how have i been...pretty good thanks; you are all going to be so proud of me, im going to be in farmington until thanksgiving, yes you heard me. thats in more than a month. i think im gonna break some kind of record. but im going home with kimster this weekend for her birthday. so even though i wont be at home, i'll be off campus so i wont completely lose my mind :) but lately i haven't been liking being so far from home. i just wish i was closer to everyone, or at least if i had a car i would be able to get home if i needed to. i just wish i could be there more often for certain people....specially one specific person who hasnt been very happy and i wish i could just be there for her, considering she is my best friend and all. i feel so helpless being here.

i was hoping to go to NYC with lilyness the weekend after thanksgiving, her cousin is planning on taking us shopping and clubbing so i decide to call my parents and my mom gets pissed off and makes me feel like such a horrible person and blah blah blah so i dont think im gonna be able to go because the last thing i want is to be on bad terms with my mom... so i dunno :-/ arg

so anyways columbus day weekend was amazing. hung out with everyone from the crew and it was just like the summer. i just have never felt that comfortable around a certain group of people in my life, they are honestly like my family. im not scared of being myself around them, i know they would never judge me and i know that they would support me in everything i do. it feels so good to know that i have people to go to when i am home. to just lie on the grass forever, count shooting stars, go skinny dipping, drive around aimlessley, do stupid shit in the parking lot. ive fallen in love with this group of friends as corny as that sounds and im so lucky ive found you guys 8) miss yall!!!! :0)

college update: got accepted to ulowell and still tryin to get shit together for emmanuel cuz the fuckers have so many requirements, so yeah we'll see what happens

real world is gonna be on soon so i gotta go!

<3 me :-)~

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Date:2003-10-02 19:22
Subject:i love the computer center
Mood: horny
Music:people typing

so yeah i dont have my laptop here because im an idiot and forgot it at home. so im in the computer center because im wicked cool. soooo what has happened lately....
red sox are majorly blowing ass and im pissed that i stayed up till 2:45 this morning to watch the whole game. and we also just lost the game today so its not lookin very good.
so anyways jenn and i were talking about my deprivation from my laptop and then she was like "wanna go home and get it?" and i freaked out and got so excited because that is one less weekend im gonna have to spend in farmtown and im pumped. so jenns driving and kimmer is coming too so it should be fun im pumped. i love takin my beavahs home with me :)
i cant believe we're already almost done our 5th week of school. seriously each week has flown by...just makes ya think. im still doing pretty well in my classes. the only one im worried about is my psych class just cuz its once a week and we have to read a lot. ive been doin kinda crappy on the quizzes so we'll see i guess...
alright well i gotta head back to the dorm so i can watch must see tv with kimster :) catch y'all lata

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Date:2003-09-28 16:58
Mood: mellow
Music:spice girls- 2 become 1 (dont even ASK. its just in my head)

I ended up going home this weekend and boy was it nice. It wasn't even like I saw a whole lot of my friends but it was just so nice to be away from Farmington for a weekend to just relax and have Alexis buy me dinner twice :)

I didn't do much... got home Friday at around 10 then drove up to Lex's and went to Uno's and practically made out with my steak tips and mashed potatoes because they were SO goddamn good. I hate Aramark. Then on Saturday i slept till like 10 and sat on my ass and.... sat on my ass watching TLC and MTV. It was nice. Then saturday nite Lex and I went to Friendly's (wooo yeah its open till midnight) and pissed of the people working there because it was like 11:15.

I paid 6 bucks for 3 mozzarella sticks.

Then i just dreaded having to come back to farmington. Dreaded having that depressed sick lonely feeling i get when im up here. Dreading the freaking chapter i have to read for child and adolescent development, and dreading having to force aramark laxative food down my throat. I wish i didn't hate it this much. I wish I could have happy thoughts (cherries) about this place but they just fail to come to me.

i realized last night that i need to start going to church again. i need to start believing again because my life without faith in anything has been shit. basically my whole life ive been religious and have had my own beliefs, morals and values. just recently... well prolly sometime last year, i just stopped believing. i rejected the idea that God is always there and that doing this and that makes me a better person and that God will like me better for it. i lost faith in myself in many aspects of my life and just didnt care about much anymore. this weekend ive realized that i need something to believe in or else my life will fall apart. i need to feel like im a good person and need to rebuild what my morals and values are. because lately i just havent been feeling good about myself. i feel like everything ive been doing isnt because i want to do it, its because i feel the need to do it. for reasons that are beyond me. maybe to please others, maybe because i feel like i HAVE to do it, maybe to just see what it would be like. i dont know. lately ive been feeling like i have nothing and ive come to the conclusion that i need to do something about it. and i will because its the only hope i have left

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Date:2003-09-22 22:47
Subject:wow ur prolly not gonna read this cuz its long....but its good
Mood: distressed
Music:dave matthews-if i had it all

i figured that i should update since a few SPECIFIC people won't stop bugging me about it! haha jk luv ya... anyways so yeah school has been pretty good so far. class-wise, school is awesome. i dropped one of my extremely crappy lit classes that i had no desire to take at all. who gives a crap about pilgrims anyways? i sure as hell DONT. no offense or anything. so now i have 13 credits which is perfect because i need a much higher gpa this semester and less credits means more time concentrating on the rest of my classes. so im doing pretty well so far... we'll see..
so yeah ive been having so much funnnn with the gang other than the fact that they like to GUILT TRIP me every two seconds because im "DITCHING" them! arggg. this is hard. i wish i could take everyone with me wherever i'm transferring. it would make things much easier to say the least. but unfortunately that cant happen. well i've been stressing my balls off and have narrowed my choices down to two schools: umass lowell or emmanuel college. both in mass. one in boston. the other in the wicked ghetto kick ass lowell. the other expensive as hell. the other not expensive as hell. like we're talking thousands and thousands of dollars less that i would have to leave school worrying about having to pay for the next 48329325350 years of my life... BUT i would DIE if i could live in boston... like the good kind of dying. like im in heaven kind of dying. BUT its expensive as all hell...even living there costs so much. SO, not worrying about being in debt is a big plus and umass is a really good school and is really cheap. even though its so close to home im still going to live on campus. dont wanna live at home anyway.
ANYWAYS so.... ive just been extremely anxious about everything lately... my parents... being HERE in farmington where its really boring in MANY aspects but i can usually find summin to do with my gals :) :) i just feel trapped being here. and this constant feeling that i just dont belong. ie. i took my parents to the fahhmington fair this weekend. quoth my mom, "i have never felt this out of place in my life...". we just LOOKED like we didnt belong at the horse pull and tractor pull and horce race etc... and that is the constant feeling ive been getting here lately... i dont know why. and just the constant bashes people here make about people who live in massachusetts piss me off because they are talking out of complete ignorance. i hate it. i know that TONS of people joke around to me about mass holes and such which is completely fine... i think its funny... but when people make serious insults about massholes because the only knowledge they have is that we are DICKHEADS, whose the dickhead now, huh?? ignorance pisses me off but i know many people can't help it, but nothing gives them the right to judge or jump to conclusions. HAVE AN OPEN MIND PEOPLE. look at me, i came to school in maine from mass excited and hoping that i would like it because its so beautiful here and its so different from home. but i learned from EXPERIENCE, that this is not the place for me. i have nothing against people who live in maine, theyre happy here and love it. so more power to them. but this is just not where i belong. and it sucks. because its probably one of the hardest decisions i've ever had to make in my life. i feel like im just ditching everyone. i know they will be fine without me obviously... i just have a little feeling of guilt. and i am scared out of my mind about what its gonna feel like when the same people arent going to be around when they usually are... and im scared most of all of losing touch with the people i thought would be my friends for the rest of my life. and i dont want that to happen and i wont let that happen because i love and care about you guys way too much to just forget about you. it might not seem like i care but believe me, i sure as hell do. i can't even put it into words.
BUT its only the end of september, so we've got a whole 2 and a half months to fill with memories and i cant wait :) i love you guys

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Date:2003-09-01 23:47
Subject:back in school
Mood: exhausted
Music:the fridge goin rrrrrrrrrrr

Hey kids...
WOW it has been a while since ive updated last.
WELL im back in school.. got in a lil b4 noontime today and boy does it feel good. i missed everyone a freakin lot and its so nice to see familiar faces and to just be here away from home and the nagging parents...sigh... yeah i am kind of surprised at how happy i am to be back. well of course we all know that i dont exactly like farmtown but i sure as hell missed my beavahs more than anything :)
so yeah when i got here EVERYONE was in the lobby like shawna jesse andrew jenna denise and so many other people and we basically had a really LOUD humpfest it was too funny...
classes start tomorrow goddammit
i might go job hunting tomorrow since i dont have class until 2 wooooo ... guess i'll just have to work downtown and walk my lazy ass wherever im workin since i dont have my car ...sniffle... hopefully the granary is hiring
im really exhausted... i think its an early nite for me...yeah im goin to sleep. nite

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Date:2003-08-18 10:00
Subject:i LOOOOOVE lawrence
Mood: groggy
Music:that hilary duff song will NOT get out of my head

sup homies
so how you been? i've been great ya know, got sick thursday, got my car stolen yesterday morning, went to the beach yesterday... yeah just a pretty normal weekend to say the least... i mean it could have been worse. they could have ripped out my radio and stolen my cd's... oooh wait i had a brain lapse for a minute because THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuckin shitheads... who the hell would take a look at my car and be like damnnnn that shit is nasty (the good nasty)... jesus its a freakin clunk-mobile (lol erin) and im only 4 years older than it and i have stuffed MONKEYS in the backseat.. i mean really. but it was SO nice of them to leave me my licence, my school id and other IMPORTANT cards like that in my car... what idiots... AND it just so happens that these dickheads (sorry about my name calling but these people need lives) found my britney spears cd that i thought i lost forever!!! (HAHA steph) and jeff's foo fighters cd that i never knew i had.... so now, i dont have a car OR a cell phone... what is this? what are you people trying to do to me? i guess im gonna have to stay home and do pain-in-the-ass college transfer crap... oh yeah im excited
i would say that im gonna go eat a popsicle now, but we dont have any
im gonna have to go buy some
i dont have a car

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Date:2003-08-16 16:06
Mood: sick
Music:road rules

well hello there.... how has my life been the past couple days?
ive been sick since thursday and have to be anti-social till tuesday :( i dont know what the hell im gonna do
i got tested for mono and strep throat.. lets hope i have NEITHER because i need to work... im going to get approximately 15 bucks on my check next week >:-0 thats what happens when you randomly get sick
so all ive been eating are popsicles and popsicles and more popsicles for my freaking throat
ive lost about 5 pounds...ew
i just wanna feel better... im starting to but i think its the drugs
im gonna go eat a popsicle now

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Date:2003-08-12 11:03
Mood: blank
Music:Sarah McLachlan-Lost

Well its Tuesday morning and it's Alexis's birthday wooooo..... too bad she's working right now lol :) :)
I just wish I knew why I trust people so much... no matter what someone might tell me about a person, I refuse to believe them because I always have thought that people deserve chances. Is there something wrong with thinking this? There is always something in the back of my head telling me that there is a good side to this person, that they're not the horrible person everyone is warning me about. So what do I do? Or better off... what don't I do? I don't listen... I don't believe. I ignore people that I have known for how many years to give this one person I thought I got along with... a chance. Yeah, we got along. It was cool. I really thought I was making a good friend. But was that all fake? I thought I was getting to know the "good" side of this person until I realized how much he hurt my best friend and how much he didn't care about hurting her. Until I realized how much she might not even care about what he says, he still does not give up. And also, how he completely insulted and hurt me as well. I realized that this person is thriving off of immaturity and won't give up for anyone. It's too late now, we've already almost had our friendship broken up over this guy who I thought was my friend. This guy who supposedly wanted to become good friends with me, but who in turn, just wants to throw it in her face that he got his way. What is wrong with my intuition? >>>>everything<<<< Why is it when I trust someone, I get completely fucked over? Case in point: almost a year ago, I gave everything to someone who I considered my best friend. She was my first roomate, the person I spent 98% of my time with. The person who I opened up to and told everything to. I trusted her. When she was going through that horrible time at school, I was there for her every possible second. I did everything I could to try and understand how she was feeling, and to try to put myself in her shoes, as if this horrible thing had happened to me. I was scared that this had happened to her and was scared for her; scared for her health, her well-being, her safety, scared about everything. She was my best friend and I felt like nothing I could do could heal her from the emotional pain she was experiencing. Nothing..... Well about two weeks later come to find out, everything that she said had happened to her, was not true. Everything she had told me...everything...was a lie. Everything she had told our friends was a lie. Everything she told the University, everything that made the school panic, was a lie. Is there something about me that screams "LIE TO ME, FUCK ME OVER"? I have been wondering for a while now, that if she had had a different roomate, would she have said the same lies and made up the same stories? Would she have come home that night in tears claiming that this had happened.... when it really hadn't? Did she purposely take advantage of the fact that I trusted her, believed her, and was a good friend? I just never knew how being a good friend to somebody was an open invitation to just completely take advantage of the effort I put in to be a good trusting person. I just don't know. Now that all this has happened, I unfortunately still have that trusting instinct in me, that hope that there is some good in everybody. Stupid me. What the hell was I thinking? TRUST somebody? Heh who does that these days?
I just don't know about people anymore...... I just dont know

Date:2003-08-10 15:36
Mood: hot

output ROCKS

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Date:2003-08-07 13:48
Mood: contemplative
Music:brian playin his guitah

has anyone realized how much of a lyrical genius dave matthews is? i could sit on my ass for hours and just read the lyrics to his songs. i would die for talent like that...actually i would die for any talent to be bestowed upon me but im not lucky like that... so heres a song that has no personal meaning in my life, i just really like the lyrics:

I walk into this room
Oh, all eyes on me now
But I do not know the people inside
They look straight through me, these eyes
Seeking more wisdom than I have to give away
Realize, realize what you are...

What you’ve become,
Just as I have
Are you and I so unalike?
Huddled here, you,
Just as I am
Afraid if we dance we might die
Mock the world
Live safe, say why
Don’t you know if you live life
Then you become what you are

The seasons sparing
We’re all drifting away
Away from you
I pray for you now

Hoping to God on high
Is like clinging to straws
While drowning, oh
Realize, realize what you are...

What you’ve become
Just as I have
Are you and I so unalike?
Huddled here, you,
Just as I am
Afraid if we dance we might die
Mock the world
Live safe, say why
Don’t you know
When you live life
Then you become what you are

What you are
Is the beast in a lover’s arms
What you are
Is the devil in the sweet, sweet kiss
What you are
Is missing a piece
What you are
Is a puzzle to me

What you’ve become
Just as I have
Are you and I so unalike?
I don’t hear you
Just as I am
Afraid if we dance we might die
What the world gives to you
Don’t you know
When you give life
Then you become what you are?

Don’t trust me
Trust you...
Up to you...
Trust you...

Dave Matthews-What You Are

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Date:2003-08-06 12:20
Mood: happy
Music:Dave Matthews-Angel

hmm so what has happened in the past couple days....
two nights ago me and lily drove into boston and she showed me where she goes to school and such... then we went to bostonbowl and i got 2 free pairs of SOCKS woo!!!!! and then i got my ass whooped in BIG ball bowling.... i swear im usually good at it..... but i DID beat her by one point on the last string :-)~ wooo.... then we went back into boston and she took me into chinatown and i was soooo proud of my amazing parallel parking job haha then we went to a resturant and ATE the best chinese food i have EVER had!!! num num good stuff.... good times :) :)
then i worked last night 5-930 not too bad.....after that i hung out with jay and mike at jays place and once again i got my ass whooped in an INTENSE game of air hockey... oh it was intense
alright well i gotta get ready to go out to lunch w/ROSE :) :)

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