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ugh [08 Dec 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | im lost without you-->blink 182 ]

im wiked madd...the hat i wanted from olympia eric went out and bought...mine is so much cuter but i cant get it now cuz everyones gunna say that i copied him when in all actuality i wanted that had since the summer of '81....omg im gunna like throw something....
practice was iight today..i went over nikkis house after school and had chicken and french fries then pulled her around her living room floor by her was interesting watching her try and dance like the girls in the missy elliot video lol good times..
this weekend was pretty sick..i went "sledding" wit eric becki nikki cria and mel at beckis we played asshole..(card game) mm yeah then boys showed up...wiked cute ones tho they were like 20....oh well i didnt want any of them anyways...i have my own <3 rich <3 my aunt sed that him and his friend steve can sleep over friday after the dance that im not going me and nikkis plans are soo confusing..i dont undersand them...

<3 princess

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its friday... [05 Dec 2003|05:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | brand new(again) i miss u jamie! ]

i am so psyched that its friday...this week has gone by soo slow....ugh .. i went to the mall wit sammie was i almost broke a lava lamp..i kinda knocked it gave me like a heart attack lol sam did was not funn...after that we went to the boys baskebtall scrimmage....cheeco was there...haha then sammie drove me home and now im was soo long like algebra although its always an hour and a half long felt like 9 hours today...cuz all the stuff shes teaching and nikki already kno..we learned it freshman year in algebra yeah my jamie is leaving me....well kinda shes going to davids house who is my best friend and he lives wiked close to me...i think i wanna walk it culd be funn we are all suposed to hang out together anyways...i hope i get to talk to her..shes a funn kid haha i talked to her and david on 3 way last night as i had rich on the another phone line lol .....well im bouncin for pratice from 7-845...gunna suck..i wanna go to cheecos game but i cant cuz its at 9....:(

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home alone... [04 Dec 2003|09:01pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | david is playing the guitar on the phone ]

mm yeah im home alone...everyone went to meggies game...i sorrie that i culdnt go meg...madd amounts of homework...and make up work from throat is like hurts so bad...:( lol i left the same comment on jamie's journal twice...didnt mean to but i did haha my bad....nikki came ova tonight...we did all our french homework and algebra ok well not french....but yeah...practice tomorrow is from 7-845....kills my friday talking to jamie rich and david on the phone mm ya its

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> [03 Dec 2003|10:09am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | brand new...(reminds me of jamie she gives me good luck) ]

yeah i stayed home from school today...pretty awesome..not really since i cant swallow my throat hurts xtremely bad...i went to meggies game last night...they kicked ass like usual. i didnt get home till like 10:15...and <33rich called me hehe i got to talk to him for like 5 minutes...which is always better than not talking to him at brother was telling me to stay home from school today..i mean i was gunna go cuz i had perfect attendence...buttt i dont anymore....i have a doctors appointment at 11:15...joe sed that they might take my blood cuz they did it to him yesterday and he passed out..i dont wanna pass out..that scares me...ill put another penny in my shoe and say its from jamie so i dont faint or im gunna use that penny thing forever now...ur gunna see a penny taped to my prom shoes when i go haha thatd be ill...well im gunna bounce and go get changed to go to the el doctors....

<3 princess

-->jamie i had a really bad day yesterday soo my top ten wont be top ten they will be bottom ten lol

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jamie is so fucken awesome [01 Dec 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | sure shot--->Yellowcard ]

i had basketball try outs today....ugh...but i did good lol it was all because jamie chase told me to put a pennie for good luck in my shoe and say it was from her...well i did and i hit a nasty layup when we were doin 1v1's it was like a hook shot lol thank you jamie! your my good luck charm haha ....other than that my day was pretty much nikki wasnt in school so i was a little my throat hurts xtremely bad...i wish i culd feel better.....i think becki gave me a bunch of her clothes..and her AE not sure yet but i really really hope so cuz there are some hott shirts in there...well imma go eat icecream with the hopes of making my throat feel better...
<3 princess

::9 13::
ive lived through the days
ive lived through the nights
ive had my loves ive had my fights
you gota have my <3heart<3

--->my top ten<---
(jamies list everyday lol)
1. i did good in school
2. i got shoes
3. i got shirts
4. i did good in bball
5. jamie got me a code for the journal thing ive wanted forever lol
6. i hung out wit cheeco
7. glenn likes me aww!!
8. i got french fries
9. im in a gooood mood
10. jamie leaves the bestest comments ever

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so bored [30 Nov 2003|03:52pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | ever so sweet---the early november ]

i am so sick right now..i slept ova nikkis house on friday after we went to the bowling alley haha good times...some kid has a fasination with my ass...but yeah we woke up saturday and we were both wiked wiked sick...its better today for me at least...shes not any better tho..i feel bad...i hope she gets better for i got basketball tryouts prolly woulda helped if i ran at all after soccer season...tho i didnt...well im going to get basketball shoes...

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happy thanksgiving [27 Nov 2003|11:39am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | meant to live by switch foot ]

love this holiday....i actually get to eat as much as i want and not get called fat...last night was funn..hung out wit jared..was suposed to go hang out at johns house wit a bunch of people and steph but that didnt happen...hmm i wonder why..tomorrow i want to go to the mall wit jared and danie..the original plans were to just go wit danie but then jared sed that he wuld bring and he promised...soo i hope we go...but im gunna bounce ttyl

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