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    Saturday, June 5th, 2004
    11:19 pm
    a virgin?
    I wonder if that's how the world defines me, by the sins I have or haven't committed sexually. Why is sex so important anyway? What do you call someone who has had lots of sex, but never loved? What do you calll someone who's never touched a drop of booze, never taken a drag off a cigarette? What do you call someone who's never had pebbles thrown at their window at night or who has never been given wildflowers instead of store bought roses? What do you call someone who's never been to Disneyworld or Boston in the fall?
    What do you call someone who's never really lived?

    I have never had sex. I've never tasted a drop of booze, I've never smoked a cigarette (although I did take a drag off a cigar once). I've never gotten high. I'm not sure if I've ever really, truly been in love... I've never had anyone bring me wildflowers, nor have I ever been to Disneyworld or Boston in the fall. I did have someone throw pebbles at my window once, but he forgot to serenade me or try to convince me to run away with him, so it doesn't count. There are a lot of things I have not yet experienced, and some things I never plan on experiencing, but I have lived. I am more alive than most people on this earth. I am a child of God and this journal is my story.
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