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Monday, May 10th, 2004
7:05p - Stupid American Katie
So team. It's been too long. I've failed at keeping my journal updated. I've even stopped keeping up with my note pad.
School is over for 4 glorious months. So no excuses this time. I have my job back. Selling books. Quite adventurous really. Lots of strange and interesting people. And also smelly people. I swear, Last saturday some man walked in smelling of mold. How do people smell of mold? At any rate a very interesting job.
I met a man on Saturday also. I'm thinking he was in his seventies. He fought in WWII and he's originally from Austria. So now that i look back at it he might have been fighting against us which i find immensley interesting. I told him i was taking latin in school and he started ranting about how capitalism keeps people from their full potential so as to keep them cheap labor. I nodded and smiled of course. But he asked me when i was working next so that he can show me some German Picture Encyclopedia. He thinks its very important that i learn German and then teach my kids german. I was a little weirded out at first, but then as i was ringing him up he turned to a little girl reading a Dora the explorer book and he just went ga ga. It was really quite sweet. He said "Did you get yourself a new picture book. What is it about?" Really really sweet. He loves Russian food and after i rung him he said thank you and goodbye in Russian. Really just a sweet old man. I hope he does come back. And part of me is extremely flattered that he wants to further my education. Me, Stupid American Katie.
Life works in mysterious ways. I think that if i ever write a book he will definitely be a reoccuring character
Supposedly my IQ is somewhere around 135 but since i feel that i have to factor the fact that i'm an American into the equation my IQ is really somewhere around 95. Foreigners always seem so much more cultured. And i know that IQ has nothing to do with being cultured or even knowledgeable but it just seems that American's don't use their itellect wisely. Which is a wretched and horrible thing to think. Ah. Well. I think lots of wretched and horrible things.
Boy, i need a life. I'm thinking about calling Carlye in a little. I told her i want her to teach me about Witchcraft. I know, terribly highschool. But I'm bored and it seems mildly amusing. Yup, Highschool i can feel all the emotional maturity i have acquired slowly leaking out of me.

Ok, i'm going to find something counterproductive to do. like read a mystery novel.


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