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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
12:08a - Nihil
Spring Break is over. I've returned to the drugerous life of searching for knowledge through an institution. I have a latin exam tomorrow. And Cicero is a bitch to translate. My latin partner is on the phone, most likely with her boyfriend. They just had their first kiss last week. They have been dating for a few months. Confused? Hah.. thats how over zealous religious people do things. Lets see.. I think by the second day i was dating my boyfriend he was already fondling my tits.

So tomorrow my period is supposed to come. It better come. Then i'm going to abstain from sex. I can't handle the stress of waiting for my period to come. Plus i don't want his babies.

What now. I read loads of trash over spring break. I neglected my school work. I got a nice tan in some places and a nasty burn in others. I went to Mega Con and then went to an antique book collectors convention. That was awesome. I almost came looking at first edition copies of Ulyssess. I found a few puritan books actually from the 17th century. I was hoping to get the burning sensation mentioned in the Custom House when the narrator picked up the Scarlet Letter. But nothing that exciting happened.

Speaking of coming... why is it that guys have the better phrases for it? My personal favorite is creaming the pants. Honestly it would have sounded much better if i could have said i creamed by pants when i saw first edition copies of Ulysses.

I guess i should go back to latin.

School is such a drag =)


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