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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
2:35a - Less than 4 and half hours of sleep left.
I can't sleep. I just finished reading Diary of Mad Mom to Be and I'm convinced I'm pregnant. My sleeplessness and every pain thereafter can easily be considered a symptom of pregnancy. I was naseous earlier today and the book even said Morning sickness is most definatly not limited to the Morning. Do birth control and condoms really work?
I don't have a clue what Mazarita is. I assume its some place near or in Alexandria. I just found the name in Justine when I couldn't use Justine has my username.
So how about that election. 18% for Dean. While I do believe that Dean is the most promising canidate for the democrats as far as a possible success of actually beating Bush i still can't help myself but to relish in the fact that G.R. is pained by this outcome. He is to liberals as So. Baptists and the CSU are to Christians. While So. Baptists and the CSU drive you to want to become Jewish, G.R. almost motivates you to be staunch conservative.
B.H. is sending me the line up for Coachella. I'm not sure why he tortures himself with such information, especially after missing the BJM when they came to town. I'd love to go, but California is a little on the far side especially if you are pregnant.
I'm having a fall baby. I guess i won't be able to get an XBox, I have to save up for diapers. It's ridiculous what you can convince yourself of this early in the morning. No its not, its ridiculous that i can convince myself that i am pregnant when I've had completely responsible sex. Its pathetic really.
Currently i'm partial to Gabriel if its a boy, if its a girl... Justine? Just tonight anyways.
I wonder if I will quit school. I'd be fine till next fall. I can easily finish the semester. Maybe i'll start again the following spring.
Carlye told me that i was going to have my first kid at 27, if she really does have ESP and that is true i can have all kinds of carefree sex (I'm not trying to promote promiscuous sex here, I'm nice and monogamous; I'll still use both forms of contraceptive because obviously I can't handle the stress of the insanely minute chance that i might be pregnant that way) until that time. She said I'd be married too. Things are looking up. If only my period would hurry up and get here. Or sleep. Either or I'd take right now.

Any how back to trying...

night night

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