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Useless. [12 Feb 2003|04:51am]
I think of myself being useless. Yes I did really like Katie, but I'm not going to be in competition with Shane West, theres no way I would stand a chance. If you asking why, is this? Its because I'm hard on myself, and I dont care anymore if I get hurt or scarred for life. I'm really happy with Katies decision.

I fucking hate Valentines Day, I'm just going to stay home, and watch some sappy, romantic, love movies, and probably just call my mom and shizz. So I'm going to go, and see what I can plan for Friday
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I. Do. Like. Her. [09 Feb 2003|01:49pm]
Katie, I do like you. I just dont want to have competition, Shane is a great guy. I think you should be with him. I'm not going to compete with him against you. Listen to me, and do that. It's going to be okay. I dont want to be the only one in Mest with a girlfriend, I'm shocked Tony and Sarah broke up.

I just want you to be happy, whats going to happen when I go back on tour anyways, you need to be someone that will be there for you. Your busy with acting and I'm busy with Mest. I just think doing this right now will be the right thing.
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Um. I. Have. The. Hottest. Girl. On. The. Block. [08 Feb 2003|01:55pm]
Oh Yes. I have Katie Holmes *dances a little bit* Shes hot. Shes Cool. Shes my riot girl. Shes going to have to come on tour with us for this summer's warped tour, and the good charlotte tour, or I'll go crazy and die.

I didn't know she thought I'd be hot. I thought she would think Tony was. But? Things change sometimes. I'm the hot one this time. *holds up thumbs* Shes really sweet, if you lay one finger on her, I'll break that finger, because shes *sticks sticked on her back* Property of Matt Lovato. *nods*
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Katies Date with me. [04 Feb 2003|05:28am]
I guess we had an okay time, haven't talked to her since the date. We saw Final Destination 2, pretty good movie. Maybe she just wants to be friends, maybe I'm not that attractive? Maybe Sarah with find Jeremiah *smirks to himself* I really MISS HIM

Tony and Sarah are happy, and i'm happy for them. haven't talked to the madden twins at all, its find but okay.

thats my update, peace out yo!
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I'm here, but barely. [01 Feb 2003|05:21am]
We are going to be on Warped Tour. *smiles a bit to himself* Thats a plus I guess. We are also going to be on the Good Charlotte tour with MxPX, Less Than Jake and New Found Glory.

I'm really not feeling too well, I miss Jeremiah, he has to get a journal. Yeah so everyone is hooking up Sarah Madden and Tony, shes better than that Chelsea chick he had. I'm single, but none of the ladies around like a guy like me. They always like Tony, yep, the hotter guy always gets the girls.

I'm going to go, and go be alone, no one seems to care anyways.
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