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    Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
    8:48 pm
    Athena Institute Pheromones Explained
    Athena Pheromones and pheromones in general increase the sexual attractiveness of the person who is emitting them. This has been proven countless times and perhaps most significantly by Winnifred B. Cutler, Ph.D. One thing that people might not realize is that pheromones differ from one another, which makes it vital that you use the correct version of these signals. The Athena Group has put a great deal of time and research into developing a synthetic pheromone that is as close to natural as possible, which is why many people believe that it works the best.

    According to this page, numerous controlled groups have been tested over the years and Athena Pheromones are no different. In February 1998, a group of 38 men wore these pheromones as part of a double-blind study. Over the course of an eight-week period, 74% of these men received more attention from women than that did before using the pheromones in comparison to when a placebo was used.

    In March 2002, another test was done, but this time women wore the pheromones. At the end of this experiment, 74% of these women had noticed an increase in the sexual attraction that men had for them. None of these women could explain why this had happened so suddenly, which led to these women believing in Athena Pheromones.

    In November 2004, further testing was done, except for this time it was performed on menopausal women. Surprisingly, even women in the 47-75 age bracket noticed increased attention from males when wearing these synthetic pheromones.

    The idea behind Athena Pheromones is that it gives you a 74-75% better chance of attracting a mate than if you are not using this product. While the products are not guaranteed to attract absolutely every member of the opposite sex, they do give you a much better chance than if you were not wearing it at all. In today's dating world, any advantage that you can give yourself definitely helps, since multiple people are often competing for the same man or woman.

    When Dr. Cutler developed this product, she knew that it would create controversy. She also knew that it worked, which is why she was happy to put her name on it. The idea is that pheromones communicate with each other in a primitive manner and if you are able to communicate your attractiveness with the opposite sex in this way, it automatically makes you more attractive. The Athena Pheromones that were developed for men, which are called 10X, mimic the pheromones put out by a healthy and attractive man in his early 30s. The pheromones for women, called 10:33, put out the pheromones of a physically attractive woman in her late 20s.

    Overall, the change in behavior towards a person who is wearing Athena Pheromones shows that these products actually do work. Any member of the opposite sex who encounters that person will notice the pheromones, which gives the wearer an immediate advantage. As was mentioned previously, this does not guarantee that you will attract a mate, but it does get your foot in the door by stirring up an immediate chemical reaction within everyone around you.