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[26 Sep 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
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heyy guys!
well i just got home from the amc w/ chelsey and people ... it was fun we were gonna see a movie but we decided not to so we just goofed around for like 3 hours at the promenade haha .. chelsea ~~ the gold chair haha .. so we went into coach and "passion for fashion" haha our new fav store haha .. but it was cool and tomorrow i gotta get up like really early to straighten my hair and get ready and shit cuz i have to leave at like 7:45 am for our orientation at motion pic hospital haha .. but im psyched cuz sunday i FINALLY get to go shopping! hahah .. i need clothes soooo badly haha! well anyways this is an extremely boring entry cuz im a boring person lol so ill ttyl .. xoxo love you

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