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[20 Jul 2003|11:20am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | "my love is like ... whoa" - mya ]

heyyy guys!!
well yesterday was just ok cuz i had to hang out with my dad .. haha .. and we didnt fight ((FOR ONCE!! )) .. haha so first we went to my sisters friend clara's house and dropped her off and then we went to the santa monica pier for lunch with his friends from texas and nevada hahah .. which was hilarious cuz they drank sooooooooo damn much beer it was hilarious!!! hahah .. and then we went and saw "how to deal" where i saw megan and ellie which was funn!!and then after we went to blockbuster and went to hamburger hamlet and we got home around 10 ... but it was still kinda boring cuz it was with my dad hahah .. and then today i just came over to my moms and went out to starbucks and got a frappichino and then im playing with my NEW puppy rocky! (a german shephard!) ... and im probably gonna go to the movies with the family to either see bad boys 2 or how to deal again cuz my mom/sisters REALLY wanna see it! hahah .. and then chill by the pool or with my puppy more haha .. well ill ttyl lyl xoxo

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