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CUZ IM SOO FUCKIN BORED.... [25 Oct 2003|09:10am]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | none ]

Name]: Katie
[Name Backwards]: eitak
[Does your name mean anything?]: pure
[Were you named after anyone?]: no
[Current Location]: my room
[Height]: 5'5"
[Shoe Size]: 9.5
[Hair color]: brown with some light brown highlights
[Eye color]: brown
[Innie or Outie?]: innie
[Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?]: righty.
[Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other]: straight.
Do You Have...

[Any sisters]: yeah, and a step.
[Any brothers]: well, a stepbrother.
[Any pets]: yea.
[A Disease]: no.
[A Pager]: no.
[A Personal phone number]: well my cellphone...
[A leather jacket with studs on it?]: no....
[A heroin needle]: no.
[A Pool or hot tub]: a pool
[A Car]: no, not yet .. i cant wait till i do though.
Describe Your...

[Personality]: happy
[Driving]: cant yet..
[Car or one you want]: well i want a bmw 325 but any car at this point is good haha.
[Room]: lavender walls, white dresser, radio, clothes all over the floor (haha), messy closet, white fluffy bedspread with laveder flowers
[Shoes]: i have ALOT of sandals/flip flops and 2 pairs of tennis shoes
[School]: louisville. its good. i <3 my friends there lol.
[Bed]: really comfortable =)
[Believe in yourself]: ?
[Consider yourself a good listener]: when i want to listen..
[Consider yourself a good friend]: thats what people tell me..
[Save your aim conversations]: no
[Like to talk on the phone]: yeah, i mean who doesnt like to?
Do you...

[Like to drive]: i cant yet =/
[Get motion sickness]: no
[Eat Chicken fingers with a fork]: no lol
[Dream in color]: no, but i usually dont remember my dreams.
[Type with your fingers on home row]: yeah
[Sleep with a stuffed animal]: no
What Last/ Is/Are/Was...

[Right next to you]: my backpack . my moms nagging me to do boring ass homework..
[On your mouse pad]: my mouse..
[Your dream car]: black porsche convertible
[Your dream honeymoon spot]: cancun,tahiti,or hawaii
[Your bedtime]: whenever im tired and wanna go to bed..
[Under your bed]: nothing.
[Your bad time of the day]: MORNING
[Your worst fear(s)]: dying and people i love dying!
[The time?]: 9:23 am
[The date?]: 10/25/03
[The hardest thing about growing up]: responsibility... pretty much everything.
[Your funniest experience]: theres too many...
[Your scariest moment]: omg when we were at fright fest at magic mountain and my uncle scared the shit outta me haha!!
[The silliest thing you've said]: too many... my "blonde" moments.. haha


[Number]: 2
[Color]: light yellow/white/pink
[Month]: january (my birthday)
[Song]: "a voice within" by christina aguilera
[Movie]: "romy and michelles high school reunion"
[Season]: winter
[Sport]: i dont really have one haha
[Class]: i dunno .. does lunch count?
[Drink]: pure vanilla/pure chocolate mixed at coffee bean..
[Veggie]: carrots
[Store]: nordstrom,bloomingdales
[Animal]: dog
[Flower]: white rose
[State]: california, hawaii


[Coke/pepsi]: pepsi
[Day/night]: night
[Aol/aim]: aim
[Cd/casette]: cd
[Dvd/vhs]: dvd
[Jeans/khakis]: jeans i guess ... but i always wear skirts
[Car/truck]: car
[Tall/short]: tall
[Lunch/dinner]: dinner
[NSYNC/BSB]:nsync baby!! ohh yeah the fucking nsync concert in 6th grade with ellie/patricia!!!!!! haha
[Britney/Christina]: christina!!! <33 i love that girls fucking songs!
[Gap/Old Navy]: neither.
[Lipstick/Lip gloss]: lip gloss .. i cant stand lipstick!!
[Silver/Gold]: silver


[Do you have a bf/gf?]: no =/
[If you're single... why are you single?]: because im ugly... lol
[Who was your first love?]: ...


[What are you wearing?]: my pj bottoms and black tank top
[What are you doing?]: typing this
[Who are you talking to?]: jaryd (my stepbro)
[What song are you listening to?]: "in this skin" by jessica simpson
[Where are you?]: in my room
[Who are you with?]: by myself .. my rooms the only place i can be alone .. my familys chaotic
[How are you feeling?]: good/happy
[Are you in a chatroom?]: no
[What day is it tomorrow?]: sunday
[What are you going to do after this?]: do my fuckin homework. =/
[Who are you going to talk to?]: my book haha. no one.
[Where are you going to go?]: well today im doing comm. service, having moms freinds over, and going to a crespi dance ..
[How old will you be when you graduate?]: 18
[What do you wanna be]: magazine editor/fashion designer/something involving fashion..


[What do you most like about your body?]: i dunno..
[And least?]: my stomach =/
[How many fillings do you have?]: 3
[Are there people who often tell you that you're good-looking?]: my friends..
[Do people teel you, you look like any celebrities?]: no


[Do you wear a watch?]: no .. i lost it!
[How many coats and jackets do you own?]: like 3 lol
[Favorite pants/skirt color?]: i dont like wearing pants .. ill wear any color skirt haha
[Most expensive item of clothing?]: not sure... probably my lix jeans that polly got me lol
[What kind of shoes do you wear?]: flip flops/heels
[Describe your style in one word]: cute

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MY UMM INTERESTING DAY! haha [24 Oct 2003|04:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | "im still in love with you" - sean paul ]

well today was umm .. interesting! haha it started out sooo boring and i was freaking ready to fall asleep cuz i had algebra first period! and then i had religion and that was boring (as usual haha), but then at the end of religion this girl named ali was chewing on her sweatshirt and she has braces and the sweater got stuck to one of her braces in the back of her mouth.. and then i fuckin had to take her to the attendance office anD had to tell the dean the story haha while i was crying cuz i was laughing so hard! lol and then science was sooo fuckin boring !! haha but then in history we got to watch "mulan" ohh yeah and answer damn questions of a fuckin disney movie! lol cassidy. and then one girl who i HATE was fuckin laughing soo hard about some dumbass joke (lol leslie/kelsey) so yeah that was my day .. and right now im getting ready to go over to taylors house cuz were going to the chaminade game! yayy... haha im soo excited to see my chaminade people <333 (asyou can tell.) so call me tonight. xoxo!!

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[23 Oct 2003|05:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "a voice within" by christina aguilera ]

well today we had the mother/daughter picnic/boutique! it was really funn cuz my mom bought good food from corner bakery in calabasas.. and she also got me a flower and balloons. then my mom and i went into the hall to look at what was there and they had alot of cute stuff .. frankie b and other stuff from the jean shack and then they also had alotta knockoffs from louis vuitton. then my mom bought me a knockoff of a big lous vuitton purse but that was expensive haha .. but my mom was being nice. and then i had powerwalking after that with camille .. haha so we meditated and slept for like an hour and a half so that was awesome..

and then im so excited about tomorrow. tomorrow i get to go to the chaminade game with taylor boyd and hopefully alotta chaminade people will be there .. cuz i miss my chaminade people <333 haha .. and then saturday i have community service at motion picture in the mroning, and then at night im going to the fright fest halloween dance at crespi from 8-11 .. and then sunday UNFORTUNATELY im going to palm springs to visit family! haha..

but life is pretty good right now. im happy with my friends. although i totally miss alana and kimmie .. and im appreciating what i have alot right now .. because my moms friend is going through a really tough financial situation right now.. =/ and i feel really bad .. i love you guys!! youre in myprayers!!

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[20 Oct 2003|05:41pm]
hey guys..
well this weekend was kinda boring but saturday was fun!..(except for friday night)
friday night i didnt do anything cuz i felt sick. saturday night i went to stefanis party from 8-12 and then sunday i went to the father/daughter dance which was okay.. but anyways about saturday night .. well my friend chelci and i were outside hanging out and talking and then this weird guy (jack osbourne hahah chelci) was i gues listening to our conversation and starting asking us about our future/college haha .. were his model/lawyer! lol chelci!!

and i know this is liek off the wall but i totally miss my alana <333 .. but hopefully ill be seeing her friday .. =)

well i gotta go do my homework so ill talk to you guys later!!

<33 love you <33

and please comment!
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*last night* [04 Oct 2003|09:56am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "my love is like ... wo" by mya ]

last night at the crespi vs notre dame game was soo much fun! i saw everyone there and kimmie and i and this girl lindsey had sooo much fun together!! haha and i met alotta people from nd that kimmie knew! chelci~ your earrings!! haha!! camille and kimmie wear the same outfit! haha ... mackenzie and her adventure in the porta potty! haha well today im just chilling and kinda having a boring morning/night but from 2-5 im going to taylors house and going to her block party =) .. and then tomorrow my lil sister is having her 9th bday pool party tomorrow from like 2-5 also and so ill be stuck at home for that =/ and then hopefully sunday night i might go to the amc w/ annie and other people!! and then since we dont have school monday im doing community service from 1-3:30 at the motion picture hospital!!

love you <333

*pleeze comment*!!!

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*i'm sooo bored so here's a survey* [01 Oct 2003|07:28pm]
Name: Katherine (Katie) Anne Balian
Do you like it?: its okay ...
Nicknames: not many...
Screen names: materialgirl7676,katiebatie9876,curligurli82
Age: 14
Birthday: January 26, 1989
Sign: Aquarius
Location: Northridge
School: Louisville HIgh School
Virgin?: yes
Natural hair color: brown
Current hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Height: 5'4
Shoe size: 9

* *[ family ]
Parents: mary and john and my stepdad richard
Siblings: 4 (alison and lauren are my sisters, and jaryd and jamie are my stepbro and stepsis)
Live with: my mom(half the time, andhalf the time w/ my dad), my stepdad,sisters,and sometimes stepsis/stepbro
Favorite relative: my cousin michelle <3
* *[ favorites ]
Number: 2
Day: friday, saturday
Month: january
Season: winter cuz i like the hot chocolate, and christmas and stuff but spring cuz i like the weather!
Sport: im not a big sport person!
Class: english ..haha! we have the most fucking hilarious english class/teacher!
Teacher: ms harrison
Radio Station: 100.3, 105.9
Store: abercrombie,nordstrom,macy's..
Words: fuck,shit,omg!,like
Flower: white roses
State: CA

* *[ friends ]
Best girl friend: kimmie,leslie,chelci,emily,alana
Best guy friend: dont really have one
Who have you known longest?: kimmie
Who have you known shortest?: emily
Craziest: leslie!
Loudest: leslie
Funniest: kelsey/leslie
Sweetest: all <33
Most caring: all <33
Most understanding: all <33
Best dressed: kimmie, leslie,emily,chelci,alana
Flirtiest: chelci
Most likely to be a stripper: i dunno
Most likely to be a doctor: i dont know we all cant stand science!
Most likely to be a stay at home mom: who knows...
Most likely to commit suicide: i dont think any of them because id miss them way tooo much <33333

* *[ love and relationships ]
Do you have a bf/gf?: NO!! =--(
Do you have a crush?: yeah
Why do you like this person?: good looking, and just something that makes me <3 them
How long was your shortest relationship?: ?
Who was your first love?:__________
What do you miss about them?: wanna be <3ed again
* *[ the past ]* *
What is the one thing you would change about your past?: some of the things ive done to some people
What is the biggest mistake you've made: keeping stuff from my parents because it really hurt them( somethign about our family)
Last thing you heard: my mom telling me she'll be home in 45 minutes..lol
Last thing you saw: leslie leave my house..
Last thing you said: im sorry .. to a freind who something bad happened too
Who is the last person you saw?: my lil sis alison
Who is the last person you kissed?: i dont know
Who is the last person you hugged?: leslie
Who is the last person you fought with?: my dad
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: mackenzie
What is the last TV show you saw?: gilmore girls
What is the last song you heard?: "my love is like .. wo" by mya
* *[ the present ]
What are you wearing?: black sweats, a white tank top
What are you doing?: filling this survey out, and talking to friends
Who are you talking to?: christina and chelci
What song are you listening to?: none
Where are you?: in the study in my house
Who are you with?: no one .. im by myself
Are you online?: yeah
How are you feeling?: happy
Are you in a chatroom?: no
first phrase that comes to mind: holy shit!

* *[ future ]* *
What day is it tomorrow?: thursday
What are you going to do after this?: talk to friends
Who are you going to talk to?: probably chelci
Where are you going to go?: no where .. im stuck at home
How old will you be when you graduate?: 18
What do you wanna be?: magazine editor
What is one of your dreams?: to be a successful, happy person
Where will you be in 25 years?: married, successful, with kids

* *[ have you ever ]* *
Had sex? no
Stolen?: when i was little
Done anything illegal?: no
Wanted to die?: yes ... but im over that
Hit someone?: yeah

* *[ other]* *
Do you write in cursive or print?: print
Are you a lefty or a righty?: righty
What is your sexual preference?: straight
What piercings do you have?: ear
Do you drive?:no

* **Physical appearance*
How many fillings do you have?: 3
Do you look like any celebrities?:i dont think so..

* **Fashion*
Do you wear a watch?: no
How many coats and jackets do you own?: like 5
Favorite pants/skirt color?: sweats, and cute skirts that i have
Most expensive item of clothing?: umm i dunno..
Most treasured?: cell phone
What kind of shoes do you wear?: adidas,flip flops
Describe your style in one word : i dont know ... its not one thing...

* **Your friends*
Do your friends 'know' you?: yes
What do they tend to be like?: sweet and caring and fun
Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: yes
How many people do you tell everything to? 4
How many people tell you everything?: a lot

* **Love*
Are you in a relationship right now?: no
Have you ever loved a person so much that it hurt?: no .. i want to love someone that much though..
How many people do you say 'i love you' to on a daily basis?: like everyone..

Ladies, do you like to wear thongs?: sometimes
Do you find them comfortable?: it doesnt really bother me...
Boxers or Briefs?: boxers!
What is the nicest colour for underwear? BLACK .. <3
Do you find it uncomfortable without a bra?: sometimes
Do your bras fit properly?: yea i guess
Do you ever wear a vest?: no
Do you make it a habit of showing people your underwear?: yeah haha

What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: okay
Do you detest homosexuality?: no i dont have a big problem w/ it
Do you agree or disagree with gay or lesbian couples bringing up children?: i agree with it because they should be able to do wat they want and not have to have a whole court thing to be a parent...

*General Questions*
Whom do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment?: i dont know ..
Do you consider yourself lucky?: yes .. very <33
Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: yes because things get better after the end and soo many people will miss them and feel the pain .. <33
Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: happy
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[01 Oct 2003|04:21pm]
well today was a cool today cuz we got out at 1:15! well leslie came home with me and we chilled for a lil bit while my housekeeper kept talking to her! haha leslie!! now, housekeeper, no hitting on my freinds dads! haha!! and now were doing our homework!!

NEED A PREZ? VOTE FOR LESLIE GOMEZ!! hhahahahaha leslie!
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*My Weekend* [28 Sep 2003|09:13pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | none ]

heyy everyone!!
well this weekend was totally bitchin!! on fridayi went home w/ chelsey and alysia and we chilled and ate dinner and then went to the amc and saw alex and everyone and then i went home around 10:15 pm and then i chilled at home and then went to bed around 12:15 am. then on saturday i got up around 7:15 am and got ready and then went to starbucks and to chelseys house and then went to the motion picture hospital orientation and saw megan schulz there ... then i dropped chelsey off and went to my dads house and had lunch and stuff and then got ready for the frosh box and went to that which was alotta fun .. and then today i went shopping and got a shitload of clothes!! haha well ill ttyl .. love you

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[26 Sep 2003|10:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | the sounds of the IMs going off... ]

heyy guys!
well i just got home from the amc w/ chelsey and people ... it was fun we were gonna see a movie but we decided not to so we just goofed around for like 3 hours at the promenade haha .. chelsea ~~ the gold chair haha .. so we went into coach and "passion for fashion" haha our new fav store haha .. but it was cool and tomorrow i gotta get up like really early to straighten my hair and get ready and shit cuz i have to leave at like 7:45 am for our orientation at motion pic hospital haha .. but im psyched cuz sunday i FINALLY get to go shopping! hahah .. i need clothes soooo badly haha! well anyways this is an extremely boring entry cuz im a boring person lol so ill ttyl .. xoxo love you

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[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | "perfect" - simple plan ]

MaterialGirl7676: eww i HATE steak
PUnKbUnNyY182: jk jk i dont even eat meet
MaterialGirl7676: i cant stand it!
PUnKbUnNyY182: meat**
MaterialGirl7676: haha yeah i only eat white meat
PUnKbUnNyY182: yea me too
like chicken and thats it
MaterialGirl7676: yepp
PUnKbUnNyY182: we're cool
MaterialGirl7676: and for thanksgiving ill eat like a slice of turkey and mashed potatoes and bread hahaha
MaterialGirl7676: ohh yes we are .. the non-red meaters
MaterialGirl7676: haha
MaterialGirl7676: haha i always get sick cuz i eat soo damn much
MaterialGirl7676: all the bread/mashed potatoes/corn!
MaterialGirl7676: haha
MaterialGirl7676: ohh yes were the non red MEATER EATERS!! HAHAH
MaterialGirl7676: ohh yes and the ice cream .. yummy!
PUnKbUnNyY182: thats right!
PUnKbUnNyY182: and the! salt!
MaterialGirl7676: ohh yes .. haha yepp!!
PUnKbUnNyY182: lol i didnt no what else to say
MaterialGirl7676: ohh yeah the salt baby!
MaterialGirl7676: haha
MaterialGirl7676: this is deserving of katies blurty..haha so u have to comment after i put it on haha
PUnKbUnNyY182: we cant forget the pepper!
MaterialGirl7676: ohh no the salt and pepper ALWAYS go together!!
MaterialGirl7676: haha
MaterialGirl7676: haha i love you chelci haha youre fuckin hilarious!
PUnKbUnNyY182: :-) yay.
MaterialGirl7676: haha
MaterialGirl7676: and christmas dinner is yummy too but thanksgivings better ... :-D
PUnKbUnNyY182: after school i went to lunch so now i cnt have dinner LOL im still full
MaterialGirl7676: hahaha
MaterialGirl7676: wat did u have for lunch?
PUnKbUnNyY182: HAHA a turkey melt and bread and fries!
PUnKbUnNyY182: sooo yum!


CHELCI AND I ARE NON-RED MEATER EATERS THANKSGIVING LOVERS 4 LIFE!! HAHAH .. chelci i fuckin <3 you girl! you made my day awesome!! haha xoxo!!

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[23 Sep 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | "going under" - evanescence ]

i just got home from picking my lil sister and stepsis up from their schools ... school was pretty good today although spanish was sooo boring ..!! but anyways we got out of school at 2 .. so then i went 2 go pick up my stepsister jamie from her school in calabasas at 2:30 and then i went to chaminade ms to pick up my sister lauren from there at 3 and i saw mr camargo and ms allas and they were really nice ... its really weird cuz theyre alot nicer when theyre not ur teachers haha! but it was soo embarrassing cuz when i went to chaminade i was in my ugly ass louisville uniform cuz today was a dressy day so i had to wear my UGLY penny loafers, knee socks!!!!! haha .. well anyways right now i dont feel like doing my homework haha so im updating my blurty and listening to music .. xoxox!!


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I LOVE YOU KIMMIE!! [21 Sep 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | "gotta be more to life" - stacie orrico ]

hey .. well today was filled with drama and tears ... thank you sooo much kimmie .. i love you to death!! <33 .. well i just hope rumors didnt exist at all and people didnt lie to make themselves look better!!! but kimmie helped me realize that rumors just suck and that everything will turn out better ... and i realized that the truth wil eventually come out ... well anyways today i just chilled with the family and we all went 2 citywalk and saw dickie roberts and ate at hard rock and shopped and shit ... but i really hope that kimmie and i can work out our plans for the future nd/crespi game! cuz i miss her sooooooo much and i really need to see her and to talk to her!! i really need her! <333 .. anyways i gotta go eat dinner w/ the family to celebrate my lil sis's 9th bday! haha ill talk to you guys later!!

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[20 Sep 2003|01:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | "dont wanna try" - frankie j ]

well todays been pretty boring ... i got woken up by my screaming family at like 8:30 am and then we went out to breakfast at cocos which was hilarious cuz we were all fighting and stuff .... and then i went to office depot/target to get stuff for my religion collage project thing ... and then my friend shelby from northern california came down for the daY!! ive missed her soo much!!! and tomorrows my lil sisters bday .. shes turning 9!! xoxox!!

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[19 Sep 2003|08:59pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | "suga suga" - frankie j ]

hey guys!
tonight was kinda boring but kinda fun in a weird sorta way! since we got outta school at 1:15 pm after that i went to go pickup my stepsis in calabasas, my sisters from chaminade and 1st pres ... so thenafter htat i got home and talked online and then i went to calabasas high to pickup my stepbro jaryd from his football practice and then we went to agoura hills to wood ranch for dinner which was really good !! =) and then i just got home and im kinda bored right now but wereprobably gonna go out to blockbuster in like 30 minutes or something... and tomorrow my friend shelby fromnorthern cali is flying down to hang out and stuff so ill be chillin w/ her tomorrow! which should be cool ... and then sunday its my lil sister alisons bday and shes turning 9 and were going to citywalk for lunch and a movie ... and then mondays emilys bday =) ... love you girl! but yeah nothing exciting has been going on in my life really ... xoxo!

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[18 Sep 2003|06:23pm]
i dont feel gorgeous today i feel like complete shiT!! i really really really wanna go to homecoming and i really dont think im gonna get asked despite wat emily says haha thanks emily 4 making me feel good though!! i love you! i hope a crespi guy asks me though!!!!!


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DAMN HOMECOMING!! [17 Sep 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | "get low" - lil jon ]

i was just thinking today at homecoming cuz like everyone*s getting asked which makes me feel sadd cuz i haven*t .. =/ ... i just HOPE that i get asked by someone cuz i really really wanna go and it sucks cuz we cant invite guys from like other schools and stuff hahah well i just want to go and get asked really badly ... well ill talk to u all later ..


anyways ... tonight should be an ok night since i dont have THAT much homework and im finally getting my nails done haha kristina,chelci,stefani,and leslie ... well nothing really happened today except my homecoming worrying haha emily!

bye!! luv ya!!

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[14 Sep 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | none =/ ]

i just got home from the crespi dance which was pretty fun!!! and it was cool cuz i got to see sarah schiff,bianca pucci, taylor boyd,sara webster ,carissa trinidad,danielle brown,christina rowley,crissy lederman, brienna johnson,and julie rose! cuz i missed them all soo much!! well anyways right now im just really bored sitting talking to friends and eating coffee ice cream hahah!! well tomorrow im going to the fuckin hollywood bowl with my dad,sisters,dads best freind,and dads best friends girlfriend (but shes really nice and cool!) ... and i freakin have to do all of my homework tomorrow!! ahhh .. boring shit!! well ill ttyl .. xoxox

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[13 Sep 2003|05:48pm]
well school has been bitchin! its been a blast cuz its easy since im taking all the same classes ... which is boring but whatever!!! and today i had the retreat from 9am-4pm and it was hilarious!! our awesome dave matthews dance haha camille,chelsea,heather,leslie,emily... well yesterday was a blast cuz i went to the chatsworth football game with alana and her friend tiffany whose sooooooo sweet hehe!! well i was sooo happy to see alana!!!! loL! well tonight taylor boyds coming over around 7:15pm and were going to the crespi dance from 8-11 ... and then tomorrow my dads freakin making me go to the hollywood bowl with him!! but the good thing is were going with his best friend and his best friends girlfriend whose awesome!!!


ill ttyl ... xoxoxx!!
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[25 Aug 2003|09:51am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | my stepsister yelling ]

heyy everyone..
sorry i havent updated in a while .. my computers down so my internet is and stuff ... well unfortunately i start school in 2 days (wednesday)! well family things have gotten alot better except now my friend is going through alotta shit with her family and friends and stuff ... well ill ttyl ... xoxooxox!!

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[20 Aug 2003|05:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hey everyone!!!

wutzup? srry i havent updated in a while ... well today was funny lol lana (( dave and his HOTT friend )) .. i hope u guys go out haha .. well today i just chilled and went to skateland (( how funn!!!! lol NOT..)) ... well tomorrow ill just be chillin out at home with no computer since mine broke so call me on my cell .. or home .. and then friday im going to disneyland with friends!!! xoxoxxox

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