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waving my white cotton panties [18 Feb 2003|09:40am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | bone crusher_never scared ]

capitalization is over rated.

welcome to my world, fellow voyuers. yes, i too like looking into the lives of others, and having mine looked into as well. beware, however, the twisted spiral of thoughts that i claim as my own cannot be delved into head first and balls flying. i'm pretty crazy. know that.

maybe i'm not crazy, just different. i like rap music, hard core, ass whoopin' music. i listen to a bit of everything, but i like the thug side of the music world. why, i don't know. i told you i'm weird.

i recently aquired a chameleon, who aside from my husband and children, has become one of my main concerns and sources of joy. he's beautiful, a veiled, and his name is leon. he's just a baby, and i'm looking forward to the challenges of raising him into a healthy, full grown, perfect species specimen. say that three chameleons are very picky in their needs. they usually won't drink water from a dish like most reptiles, they must see their water move, like the rain, in order to identify it as a source of drinking water. i let an ice cube melt on the top mesh of the cage, dripping over leaves and into a water dish. this method has proven a sucess for me, all though some owners must go to more drastic measures. he seems to be eating his crickets well also, and i feel that day by day i am suceeding in being a chameleon owner.

my children are adorable, very intellegent boys. they also consipe against me most of the time, leaving me even more insane. every moment is worth it, though, so is my husband inspired insanities...even though i love him more than my life. without these three "men", my life would be meaningless. you won't be hearing quite as much about them, as i tend to keep my writing as my personal release, something that is MINE. (notice the impact made my the only capital letters in the entry?)

leapin' lizards. look at the time. i should be off for tonight.
prepair to be ~wowed~!

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