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Monday, August 9, 2004



This is my first post on blurty, and I've never used the client before. So what do I say and how do use this client (outside of the obvious use of the Help option which I don't think anyone ever uses do they)?

I work as a Software Engineer, which is perhaps the most grueling and laborious job in the world that does not involve actually getting off my ass and doing something. But most of the time I like it. The greatest thing about working where I do is that I can work from home a lot, which leads me to where I am now and how I ended up blogging an entry on Blurty. Obviously, I do the bare minimum level of work when I'm at home.
I actually just walked down the street to the coffee shop (Nina's) to get a Macchiato. The macchiato is the best coffee drink available at most coffee shops, if they make it correctly. There are several reasons the macchiato reigns: 1) They're normally less than $2. 2) They're small, and not full of sugar. 3) They're strong drinks, and deliver the goods in full flavor.
Now, at some coffee shops they confuse a macchiato with a capuccino. I personally don't like that much milk with my coffee.

So anyway, I just thawed out some edamame for a snack, removed a few entries from database table called "LOC" for this stupid app I'm developing, and now I'm going to finish this entry. But before I do, is anyone other than me completely baffled by DBA's choice of naming database tables? I mean we have LOC, CPI, CPI_ALT_ID, and shit like that without any documentation to back it up. I don't get it, just call it fucking LOCATION, CLIENT_PATIENT_ID, and etc. We've made it through the days when disk space was a factor in naming conventions.

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