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The Firery Breath of Doom and Death [14 Apr 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Queens of the Stone Age ]

Hmmm...i went ot my sister's house tonight. she got a gamecube for her birthday in february. she got the new Zelda: the Wind Waker right when it came out. she's a child of the Zelda series. i remember watching her more than anything. now i get to play and i kicked ass tonight. there was this big boss guy with giant stone hands and a giant stone head. you had to shoot his hands to make them stop smacking you then shoot his eyes while avoiding the fire comin out of his mouth. then when you've shot his eyes enough, you had to throw a bomb into his mouth. it was a good thing they don't let you run out of arrows. everytime you get empty more pops out of the guys nose. all this had to be done three times. i died twice maybe three times but then i got the pattern and my strategy down. tumble in arcs when shootin fire then just shoot arrows whenever possible. when he is in hands mode, stand right in front of the door on the little walk way and they can't knock you down into the electricity! wow, what a feeling of accomplishment. the game kicks ass.

ooo and today i scheduled my classes for next year. I am taking: honors english 11, SAT review, pre-calc, hon chemistry, hon us history, french IV, cereamics and sculpture and photography I. sounds like a fun and hard year. i hope i don't have chem and calc in the same semester. damn that'd be a pain in the arse.

this morning Sigur Ros are going to be on whatever the show is w/ Carson Daly tonight. Last Call........yeah that's it. it comes on at 1:36am. i am going to go to sleep and the wake up and watch it and go back to bed. i missed it the first time it was on and i really need to see it.

last night i watched Six Feet Under. it was great. i don't have time to do a full commentary on it right now as it is getting late and i must retire for the night. i will continue that thought tomorrow hopefully.

anyway.........i am out! g'night.

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Bone-dry Cereal Nuggets and the Cryogenic Milk [13 Apr 2003|04:46pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | The Used, Relient K, Fugazi, Coldplay, Silverchair, Beatles ]

It's Cap'n Crunch Day!! (well at least to me it is)

The Story
Created in 1963, Cap'n Horatio Crunch is a fun-loving sea captain. He was born and raised on Crunch Island, which is located in the Milk Sea. He wears a blue captain's uniform, and a large blue captain's hat. His ship is the S.S. Guppy, which he sails with his first mate, Seadog (1963), and his crew of four kids. Their mission is to keep the cargo hold of cereal from falling into the hands of Jean La Foote the Barefoot Pirate (1968).
More here

An Analysis of the Crunch
"This is an excerpt from the story ``CRUNCH'' by Neal Stephenson, that I find really captures the essence of the Cap'n Crunch experience. The story is part of the story/novella collection Disco 2000, edited by Sarah Champion.
The gold nuggets of Cap'n Crunch pelt the bottom of the bowl with a sound like glass rods being snapped in half. New Cap'n Tiny fragments spiral away from their corners and ricochet around on the white porcelain surface. World-class cereal-eating is a dance of fine compromises. The giant heaping bowl of sodden cereal, awash in milk, is the mark of the novice. Ideally one wants the bone-dry cereal nuggets and the cryogenic milk to enter the mouth with minimal contact and for the entire reaction between them to take place in the mouth. Randy has a set of mental blueprints worked out for a special cereal-eating spoon that will have a tube running down the handle and a little pump for the milk, so that you can spoon dry cereal up out of a bowl, hit a button with your thumb, and squirt milk into the bowl of the spoon even as you are introducing it into your mouth. The next-best thing is to work in small increments, putting only a small amount of Cap'n Crunch in your bowl at a time and eating it all up before it becomes a pit of loathsome slime, which takes about thirty seconds in the case of Cap'n Crunch.

He pours the milk with one hand while jamming the spoon in with the other, not wanting to waste a single moment of the magical, golden time when the cold milk and Cap'n Crunch are together but have not yet begun to pollute each other's essential natures: two Platonic ideals separated by a boundary layer a molecule wide. Crunch Kids Where the flume of milk splashes over the spoon-handle, the polished stainless steel fogs with condensation. Randy of course uses whole milk, because otherwise why bother with the whole exercise? Anything less is indistinguishable from water, and besides he thinks that the fat in the whole milk acts as some kind of a buffer that retards the dissolution-into-slime process. The giant spoon goes into his mouth before the milk in the bowl has even had time to seek its own level. Seadog A few drips come off the bottom and are caught by his freshly washed goatee (still trying to find the right balance between beardedness and vulnerability, Randy has allowed one of these to grow). Randy sets the milk-pod down, grabs a fluffy napkin, lifts it to his chin, and uses a pinching motion to sort of lift the drops of milk from his whiskers rather than smashing and smearing them down into the beard. Smedley This happens without thinking about it; all his concentration is fixed on the interior of his mouth, which naturally he cannot see, but which he can imagine in three dimensions as if zooming through it in a virtual reality display. Here is where a novice would lose his cool and simply chomp down. A few of the nuggets would explode between his molars but then his jaw would snap shut and drive all of the unshattered nuggets straight up into his palate where their armour of razor-sharp dextrose crystals would inflict massive collateral damage, turning the rest of the meal into a sort of pain-hazed death march and rendering him Novocain-mute for three days.

Randy has over time worked out a really fiendish Cap'n Crunch-eating strategy that revolves around using the nugget's most deadly features to his advantage by playing them against each other. Harry Hippo The nuggets themselves are pillow-shaped and vaguely striated in a way that he has always thought is supposed to echo piratical treasure chests or something. Now, in a flake type of cereal, Randy's strategy would never work, but the Cap'n Crunch could never be manufactured in flake form because then it would be all surface area, and it must been obvious to the cereal engineers at General Mills that this would be suicidal madness, that Cap'n Crunch stuff in that configuration would last about as long, when immersed in milk, as snowflakes sifting down into a deep fryer. No, they had to find a shape that would minimise surface area, which ideally would be a sphere (this is why healthy cereals tend to be flakes and sugary ones tend to be round). As some sort of compromise between the sphere that is dictated by Euclidean geometry and whatever sunken-treasure-related shapes that the cereal-aestheticians were probably clamouring for, they came up with this hard-to-pin-down striated pillow formation. Old Cap'n The important thing about which, for Randy's purposes, is that the individual pieces of Cap'n Crunch are, to a very rough approximation, shaped kind of like molars. The strategy, then, is to use the Cap'n Crunch against itself by grinding the nuggets together in the center of the oral cavity, making the cereal chew itself, like stones in a lapidary tumbler, minimising any contact with gums and palate --- contacts bound to be bloody, violent and painful. Like advanced ballroom dancing, verbal explanations (or for that matter watching videotapes while sitting on your ass) only go so far and then your body has to learn how to do this."
Page where above thingy was extracted (borrowed if you will)

Promote Cap'n Crunch to Admiral
We are aware of a grave injustice which has occurred within the Quaker Oats Company. Cap'n Crunch has worked for Quaker Oats for the past 35 years. That is over one third of the average human's life. He has dedicated his life to defeating the Soggies which he has done without fail. He has also protected the crunchberries for the past 33 years. We believe that at the very least, the Quaker Oats Company should promote the Cap'n to an Admiral. The people of Waterloo, Iowa and other cereal-consuming communities all over the world are coming together and signing this petition to show their undying support for the Cap'n. We believe that this fictional character will come alive to bask in the glory of his accomplishments and promotion. The Cap'n will be an Admiral!!
Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition. In doing so, you are showing your support for the beloved breakfast cereal guardian, Cap'n Crunch.
Even if you don't like Cap'n Crunch, you can still sign this petition. It is for a very noble cause. We have contacted the Quaker Oats Company, and they have agreed with us. They even sent us a padded envelope to send the petitions in. So please note, *THIS IS NOT A JOKE* Please help the Cap'n out here."
From this websitethey went to all that trouble, 6 languages. the reply from the cereal people:

After years of adventuring, why isn't the Cap'n an Admiral yet?
"It is a little known fact that the Cap'n WAS an Admiral at one time. After a tremendous outpouring from his fans, the Quaker Oats Company decided to promote the Cap'n. But Admiral Crunch quickly became bored with his desk job at Crunch Headquarters. And after a small mishap with the Crunch Berrie and Crunch Biscuit machine (at the hands of two recently promoted new co-Cap'ns) he decided that he was truly the best one suited for the role as the Cap'n. He soon requested his old position again, and he went back to being the best Cap'n that Crunch Headquarters has ever had. He is much happier now!"

The Real Cap'n Crunch
"Cap'n crunch was never in the navy, he was in the army. IT wasn't in the eighteen hundreds as his outfit would suggest, it was during WWII. Cap'n crunch wasn't a captain, he was a sergeant, and his name is Jaekel, Sgt. Jaekel. The real secret to the marketing, and eventual success of the cereal wasn't the taste (as would be apparent to anyone who has ever eaten it), but the prizes......Jaekel set about making changes immediately, he changed the prizes to toys for children, and sometimes, guns and porn, for children. Another dismal five years passed before he decided to change the cereal itself, he set about designing it personally. starting with a base of sugar, he added other ingredients, such as heroin, radioisotopes, various neuro toxins, and keeping alive the tradition, crap. Upon tasting the first batch, he went completely insane, and started dressing, and acting like a gay eighteen hundred era british sea captain, calling himself Cap'n Crunch. The marketing department decided to use this personal tradgedy, and so, Cap'n Crunch, as we know it was born."
The Real Cap'n Crunch the article is definitely not PC and is offensive, but all that petty shit aside, it is funny, but only because he went to all that trouble to insult people over breakfast cereal. i don't support any of the author's values. if he really believes that crap, he is a horrible person.

The war against Cap'n Crunch
With inflation whipped and the budget monster shackled, two congressmen are now preparing an all-out assault on Tony the Tiger, Cap'n Crunch and the evil Sugar Bear.

Reps. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sam Gejdenson, D-Conn., say cereal is too expensive; it's cheaper to eat steak and eggs for breakfast, Gejdenson says.
The rest here (article from Tuesday, August 5, 1997)

Quaker Halts Sales Of Cap'n Crunch Cereal Containing "Popper" Promotional Toy Because Of Eye Injuries
WASHINGTON, DC -- The Quaker Oats Company, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), voluntarily stopped the sale of 15 and 16-ounce packages of Cap'n Crunch, Crunchberries and Peanut Butter Crunch cereals containing a "popper" toy as a premium following reports of eye injuries to children.

The company received 36 reports in recent days involving injuries to children, such as bruised or bloodshot eyes. In all cases, children used the toy in a manner not intended by applying it to the face or eye, which creates suction. The company reported these incidents to CPSC.

Consumers who purchased Cap'n Crunch cereal containing the "popper" premium should discard the toy as a safety precaution. Consumers with questions may contact Quaker Oats at 1-800-258-5400.
The rest of that story here

The Evil World Of Cereal

interesting stuff ay? i am gonna go eat some Cap'n Crunch now. i have the kind w/ crunch berries, but the pb is my favourite kind.

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Coq au Vin [13 Apr 2003|02:15am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | Jack Off Jill ]

Blah, blah, blah. yesterday i took some sinus meds at about 5pm. i couldn't keep my eyes open by 6:30 so i slept until 8:30 when my parents come home and woke me up. damn them. i then went to bed at 9:30. i woke up at 11:30am.

i got a B on my french composition. i think it is my first B in french and i am in french 3. i misread the rubric. it said 4 etre verbs with feminine, masculine and plural subjects, 4 reflexive verbs with feminine, masculine and plural subjects and 4 avoir verbs. i thought that meant 12 verbs in all. that was very stupid of me to think it was that easy. she really meant 28 verbs. oops! so last night when i got home from school i had to rewrite my entire compostion. in it my teacher had to die, the assignement was called, "Madame est morte." Mrs. died, in english. originally, she was turned into a vampire, dead but not quite. since my old story was too short, i completely rewrote it. she is in her kitchen making dinner when she realized she has not meat. she goes to the butcher and comes home. she finishes cooking and goes upstairs to take a nap. she wakes up and goes to the bathroom and sees a creature behind her in the mirror. she turns around and it is a man. she asks why he is there and who he is. he says that he is Dorian. something outside the window catches her attention. she goes over to it and looks out. it is all gray. no trees or birds or anything. he says "come with me, you are on my planet now." he takes her to his office and there are 5 more people there. they rush over to her and 2 of them start to argue. Dorian tells them, "shut up, she is staying here." and they leave. he introduces the remaining 3. she asks why she is there. Dor says, "because you are delicious." then she faints. Dor takes her to the kitchen and then goes to his room "to take a nap before the big dinner." Yeah that's about it. basic funniness of story: she goes to bed before dinner and is abducted by aliens who take naps before they eat her for dinner. greatgreat ay? hmmmmm, someday i may have to type up some french shit and demonstrate my mad basic french skills and my limited ability to make actual conversation!

hmmmmm.......i am really fucking bored.......hmmmmm.......boredom sucks balls....six feet under comes on tomorrow, or later tonight rather, depends on how you look at it. a new day for me doesn't start until a) i go to bed and wake up or b) the sun rises - but even then it is not a completely new day only half so if that is possible, but i think it is.

here's part of a menu we had to make last year, the only thing i have typed at this point:

Le Menu du Jour

Entrée au Choix
Du Pâté de foie
Un Oeuf à la Mayonnaise
De la Soupe du Jour

Plat au Choix
Du Steak-frites
-faire saignant, à point ou bien cuit avec des frites

Du poisson de Citron
-Du saumon préparé avec de l’huile d’olive

Coq au Vin
-Du poulet préparé dans du vin rouge

Les Légumes au Choix
Des Haricots Verts à la Vapeur
Des Petits Pois
Du Maïs

La Salade
Les Légumes frais avec de l’huile ou/et du vinaigre

Les Desserts**
Du Camembert
Du Brie
Du Gruyère

De la Crème Caramel
De la Mousse au Chocolat
Des fraises au vin rouge

*Boisson non comprise, mais du pain comprise
**Tous les articles sont avec du champagne

The Emo Game - VERY FUN!

space oddity: Ground Control to Major Tom. Ground Control to Major Tom. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. Ground Control to Major Tom. Commencing countdown, engines on. Check ignition and may God's love be with you. This is Ground Control to Major Tom. You've really made the grade, and the papers want to know whose shirts you wear. Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare. "This is Major Tom to Ground Control. I'm stepping through the door, and I'm floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today For here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the world. Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do. Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles, I'm feeling very still. And I think my spaceship knows which way to go. Tell my wife I love her very much she knows" Ground Control to Major Tom. Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong. Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you.... "Here am I floating round my tin can, far above the Moon. Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do."

Here's a little thing i wrote last year, it sucks but is at least abit thought provoking right?:

December 22, 2002
Art Imitates Life, Life Imitates Art
My life is fairly simple. My days and nights go by as one endless string of sun rises, moon rises, moonsets and sun rises, as I cannot sleep. No doctors can prescribe me any medicine for this ailment. Thus, I am forced to live with it. I hardly notice anymore.
Early in the morning, the owner comes in and unlocks the building. I hear his keys jangle as he searches for the one that’ll fit. Then as he puts in into the lock and opens the door. Then as he clips them on his front, left belt loop, as they always are. He comes in and turns on my light, which is mounted above me. It is bright, and at first it burns. Then, as I adjust to it, the pain fades to a dull sting until it goes away completely.
He barely looks at me anymore. One would think he would but he doesn’t. I feel a bit set off by this. Anyway, the time he doesn’t look at me is made up for later.
When he is done turning on the lights and making sure everyone else is in good shape, he starts letting people in. All kinds of people. Old people. Young people. Rich people. Poor people. People with blonde hair. People with red hair. People with blue hair. Anyone.
Then it begins; they come in and the staring contest begins. They stare at me with their critical eyes. All I can do is just stare back. Others do not stare. They just walk by, paying me a quick glance. I don’t know which I prefer, the staring or the quick glance. Somewhere in between would be nice. Hardly anyone is like that.
Then why do I stay here and put up with this torture? I live for the small group of people who appreciate me. They come and look at me and smile. They look into me not at me and really get to know me. I am not an object to them. Their eyes are full of interest and their minds are wondering into the world, which I show them. They imagine themselves in a place that cannot otherwise exist without me to show it to them. Those people make it all worthwhile.
My entire day goes by fairly slow. People come in and out, walking around and looking and not looking.
Then, come about 11pm, the people begin to leave, what’s left of them that is. At that hour, there are not many people to speak of. The owner comes in and turns off my light and everyone else’s. Darkness. Well, not completely, as the lights from the street streams in through the window. But, it is still darker than I prefer.
Soon, I am alone. The people have left. Sometimes I can still smell the faint odor of perfume left behind by the women who stroll by. All that’s left to do is wait. Wait for another day to dawn. The sun will come in through the windows and the owner will turn my light on and the people will come to stare or walk by with a slight glance.

Ok that is it. I'm out.

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Stairway to Sleep [11 Apr 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Relient K - "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" ]

today i may tell about tomorrow. tonight i took some more sinus meds for my sinus headache that developed during 4th period. then i went to sleep at around 6:30. i woke up at about 8:30 when my parents came home. then i watched some tv and dozed at the samemy mom was annoying me so i decided to just come up stairs, and here we are. dead tired and on my way to bed.


Here's my entry from after the Incubus concert, just to share September 24, 2002:

Yesterday Came and Went
---too frickin soon. The Incubus concert was......amazing. Words don't do it justice. We were really close. It sounded so great. They played songs from SCIENCE, Make Yourself and Morning View. No Fungus Amongus. Oh well. Certain Shade of Green and Are You In? were in my top couple of the night, if it is even possible to choose favorites. They had this big screen behind them that throughout the entire show had pictures of stuff related to the mood of the songs and shots of the band while they were playing and stuff like that. There were birds, mountains, trees, fish, sperm, fire(during Pardon Me (duh)), tree frogs, stars (quite often and during Stellar) and all kinds of other stuff. Part way through they brought out a couch and a lamp and the stage was completely dark except for Mike and Brandon on the couch. They did acoustics of Mexico and 11am. It was magical. Then they rocked out some more. Brandon said thank you after every song. It wasn't a rock star ego "they love me" thing either. It was genuine. Then they left. Then came back for the encore. They did a little jam session, The Warmth and then closed with Aqueous Transmission. I thought it was a perfect closing song. Mike got out the weird guitar-like thing, Dirk had the big bass and Jose had some funky drums. Brandon walked up the ramp thing at the back of the stage so that he was right in from of the big screen. There was all kinds of peaceful images of Japanese men doing tai-chi(I think that's how it's spelled), rivers, mountains, trees, clouds and all that good stuff. I was so incredibly BEAUTIFUL. It was the most amazing thing I've ever heard/seen. The combination of the song and pictures makes for an amazing experience. Then, sadly, it was over. They each left the stage one at a time. Brandon, then Dirk, then Jose, then DJ Kilmore, then Mike. They smiled and waved. Then the tree frogs came back , just as they started the show. Ahhhh. I exited the building in a daze. Complete awe. My first concert. Wonderful.

Baltimore Arena
September 23,2002

Set List

-Nice To Know you
-Wish you were Here
-Make Yourself
-I Miss You

Acoustic Interlude:
-11 A.M.

-Just a Phase
-Are You In
-No Where Fast
-Battlestar Scralatchtica
-Pardon Me


-Certain Shade of Green
-The Warmth
-Aqueous Transmission

I'm out! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Ass Machine Teapot, Yo [10 Apr 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Loveline ]

Today in my food technology class, it is required that we take for graduation foundations of tech, which is shop and food tech or keyboarding, it was horrible. We had to take a cliche phrase and rewrite it so that it wasn't cliche but meant the same thing. A girl in my group chose once in a blue moon. She rewrote it "Twice in a pink sun." Yeah she did. the sun is pink every fucking day. she is suck a fucking dunce. ahhhh my class isnothing but stupid people. they are all stupid. all of them. they can't read. the other girl in my group said, "once in a blue moon, like when i read a book!" damn. just damn. what a dumbass. these people. they are all going no where in their lives. it is sad.

I stayed up last night until 12:37am to watch the Foo on Leno. They rocked like always. I won tickets to a Foo show on Halloween last year. It was in New York City at the Supper Club, max capacity 500. It was the best time of my life. The radio station i won the tickets from drove my cousin, myself and about 10 other from Washington DC to NYC, in a pimped out Excursion. I wrote out a long account of the entire thing right after it happened:
I was eating dinner and it was too quiet, so I thought about turning on the radio. Then I didn’t for a few minutes because I thought it might piss off my parents. I ended up doing it anyway a few seconds later. A commercial came on about their contest (99.1 WHFS), hear two Foo songs and call to win tickets. I heard the first song, “Everlong”, and I was like, hey dad, maybe they’ll play another. So I got the phone and put the radio station on speed dial. Then I heard the first second of “All My Life” and hit the speed dial. I handed the phone to my dad because I wasn’t sure if I was old enough to accept the prize. He called and got a busy signal something like 5 times before it started to ring. Then my dad was talking like he was answering the questions they normally ask when you win, like what’s your name, how ya doing, where you from and blah blah. I was jumping up and down in excitement. Then I thought maybe he was kidding. I got down on my knees beside the fridge and laid my forehead on the linoleum floor. He promised he wasn’t kidding.
Next I had to decide whom to take with me. It was a trip to New York City in a Lincoln Navigator Limo to see the Foo Fighters. The first person I thought of was my sister, Heidi. We do a lot of stuff together, she loves the Foo and we’d gone to an Incubus concert together the month before. Seemed perfect. I called her and asked if she wanted to go. Of course she wanted to go, but she had to work. So, then I called my cousin Stephen. We talk and do stuff together all the time, he loves the Foo and we were going to a Sigur Rós concert on November 4. When I asked him he freaked out. He thought I was lying, but I would never lie about something like that. Of course he wanted to go, and he agreed. I hung up the phone and plans were set.
The next two days were full of building anticipation. When I came to school in the morning the first person I told was my friend Sasha. She’s my only friend that likes the Foo, and honestly, she’d have been my next choice if my cousin couldn’t have gone.
The rest of the day, and the following were very hard to get through, but I made it.
Then came Thursday, October 31, 2002. I went to school like normal, except, today would be no normal day. I left at 11am, during English. We were telling ghost stories in groups as a little creative assignment before lunch. I was called down to the office, as my Aunt, my cousin’s mom, was picking me up. I went down and we left for Washington DC to catch our ride to NYC. On the way down, we stopped at the Sbarro at the rest stop and go pizza for lunch.
We finally arrived in Washington DC at about 1pm. We found the radio station building and checked in. Stephen and were put in the station break room to wait for the limo to arrive. We waited until about 2:30pm with a few of the other people on the trip. They were…….interesting to say the least. Two of them brought a bottle of Jim Beam and were sharing that with everyone. I did not partake in the festivities and neither did Stephen.
At about 2:30pm the limo arrived. Only, there wasn’t quite enough room. Two people had to ride in the Excursion that was following the limo. We were nominated because we were the youngest and the adults wanted to drink. We went to the Excursion with no complaint. It was much nicer. It had TV’s, a DVD player; it was armored, and oh was it comfy. There was more than enough room. In the Excursion was the driver, two guys from the station and Stephen and I. They were very friendly. The one guy, Danny, told us his story of when he met Dave Grohl. Wow. If only I…………….
Back to the story at hand. On the way, we watched Monsters Inc. and Big Trouble. Monsters Inc. I’d seen before but it was still funny nonetheless. Big Trouble sucked and was only slightly amusing. Alas, we had to do something for the 4-hour drive.
The time seemed to creep by, but we eventually made it to NYC, with only two stops along the way for the limo drunks to use the rest rooms.
Not soon enough, we arrived in New York City, The Big Apple. The first street we drove into on was lined with porn shops and such. Oh and a Ben and Jerry’s. We didn’t dive very far until we entered Time Square. It is spectacular with lights and people and stores. It is magical; the city is so big. We stopped out front of the Supper Club, where the show was to be held. It was 7:30 and the doors did not open until 8pm.
But first we had other priorities. Bathroom break. We went into a diner right across the street, but there was no public restroom. We ventured on to the one assured place that’d have available bathrooms. McDonalds. We went in, did our thing then left. By the time we walked to the bathroom, called our parents and got back to the club it was 7:50-ish. We got in line and waited for them to let us in.
Actually, we accidentally cut in line. We walked up and got in line, unknowing that the other half of the line was about 20 ft behind us. Three guys had just entered the line right before us, so we had no clue. A guy who worked at the club came up to them and asked them if they cut in line, in a way that let on that he knew they did, but they would not be made to move anyway. Stephen and I laughed at our little act and stayed at our stolen spot in line. I wasn’t about to move now.
Then they started to let people in. At the door we were patted down for security reasons and allowed to enter. There was a stand selling shirts, hats and stickers ahead. We entered the club area. It was a small place, maximum capacity 500. At the front was the stage and on either side were two huge speakers. A DJ was spinning. We decided to get merch before the show because we knew there’d be a crowd later. I got a shirt and Stephen got a beanie. After that, we went back into the club area to claim our spots on the floor.
In front of us was a tall guy with devil horns. He was wearing a Cheerios shirt as well. He was showing people the FF tattoo on his back. It was a circle about 3 inches in diameter, orange with the FF symbol in black. Impressive act of fanaticism I should say. A few weeks later I saw him on the Howard Stern Radio show when Dave and Taylor were on, the only reason I watched the stupid show. He farted Nirvana tunes for them. Dave was unimpressed and seemed disgusted. He said, “His boyfriend must be happy.”
Then, at around 9:15, the main event. The Foo Fighters entered the stage. Oh was it a spectacle. They were dressed as The Hives for Halloween. They played for us “Hate to Say I Told You So.” Dave had a dead on impression of the guy from the Hives. Nate wore a mustache and wig like their bassist. Oh was it a site. After that, they played their own tunes, starting with, of course, “All My Life.” Followed by “Breakout,” “My Hero,” “Generator,” and “Learn to Fly.” After those, they played one of my favorite songs off on One By One, “Have It All.” Next was Dave’s favorite songs (which he pointed out before they played it) and one of mine, “Times Like These.” Following that was “for All The Cows.” Some people brought inflatable cows and one got thrown on stage. Dave picked it up and serenaded it. It was quite magical indeed. The song that proceeded the preceding was “Stacked Actors.” It was interrupted by an impromptu (?) performance of part of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Then they finished off the song. Next they played “Hey, Johnny Park!,” another one of my favorites (but who can really choose), “Low,” and closed with “Monkey Wrench.”
But of course, like all devoted bands do, they came back for an encore. Only, with a guest. Fred Schnieder. Yes, the guy from the B-52’s. They did a cover (does it count as a cover if one of the original band members is there?) of “Planet Claire,” which I enjoyed. The final closing song was the oh how so appropriate, “Everlong.”
All in all, the show rocked. It was my first really rockin’, moshin’, and jumpin’ kind of dealy. I got stepped on. I stepped on people. I smelled some people rockin’ the herb. I almost got kicked in the head. I was jumping up and down a good 60+% of the time. At one point, some one threw something and it hit Dave in the head. He smiled and did this funny tongue thing and kept playing. The mosh pit decided to form next to us. Stephen protected me from it as best he could. The guys rock so so very well. They are all amazing musicians. No words really do the actual musical performance justice, which is why this section of the account is lacking.
Then, sadly, it was over. A very short hour and a half it was. The shortest of my life perhaps. Stephen and I exited the club, past the long line of people at the merch booth. (HAHA). Our ride was still out front, waiting for us to go back home.
First, we went down the street for some refreshments. My hearing was only slightly muffled. We got a big bottle of water, a soda and some chap stick. We then went to catch our ride. We rode in the limo this time. Half the people were toasted to a burn and the rest were sober. They were so annoying. We had some chips, that the station provided, and chatted about the show and future shows we were going to see and would like to see, and other random stuff.
Pretty soon after we departed, we stopped at a gas station. Stephen, another lady from the limo and I went to the bathroom. She was the nicest person on the trip. She was the only normal person there, maybe that’s because she was sober. Then we went back to the vehicle. The rest of the way back we rode in the excursion. One of the guys that rode with us on the way down stayed in the city, so there was an extra seat. Stephen sat up there and stretched out and I lied across the back seat. We listened to the XM satellite radio for a while, some Jim Bruer stand up comedy, which was really funny. But eventually, we all went to sleep.
Stephen awakened me at the rest stop near my house. It was about 2am. We said goodbye and thanked our driver and the guy from the station. Then we went in to call my parents and wait for them to come. Stephen got a burger and fries at Burger King. Mmmmm…….breakfast. I did not get anything. I was content with my sprite and clutching to my brand new Foo shirt. Then my parents got there and we went back to my house. We told them about the show. I was still in a daze. A mix of sleepiness and post-show reminiscence.
When I got home, I immediately went to bed and Stephen crashed on the couch. I had to get up for school in a few hours.

Foo Fighters
The Supper Club
New York City
October 31, 2002

Set List

-Hate To Say I Told So (The Hives cover)
-All My Life
-My Hero
-Learn To Fly
-Have It All
-Times Like These
-For All The Cows
-Stacked Actors (3/4)
-We Will Rock You (part of, Queen cover)
-Stacked Actors (end)
-Hey, Johnny Park
-Monkey Wrench


Planet Claire (B-52’s cover with Fred Schneider)

I felt the need to share all this. greatgreat. i'll have to dig up my dj entry formt he day after the Incubus concert i went to. maybe tomorrow! the other great show i went to was Sigur Ros back in November. that was so amazingly indescribable. The most beautiful music i have heard in my entire life. the mixture of the sound and lights and atmosphere made for a surreal and wonderful experience. I never wrote any entries or narratives about it though. i could never find the right words except that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. $35 for a life changing show. wow. cheap cheap.

speaking of rocking out, the world air guitar championships. yes, air guitar. this is hilarious.

ts/toys/ghetto/">What's yours?
Powered by R

My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Ass Machine Teapot, Yo.

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The Ever Unfolding Fortune Cookie: Vomit on God's Children [09 Apr 2003|09:25pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Radiohead - OK Computer ]

My fortune cookie: "Ideas are like children: there are none so wonderful as your own." hmmmmmmmmm. this actually made me think for a sec. fortune cookies rarely do that. they are usually stupid. but i still love them. i don't like chinese food, but whenever my parents get it, i take all the fortune cookie and i ask them to get extras. i have them stuck to my desk, as a border. i currently have 34. i may have to upload a pic. hehehe. my mom got a fotune cookie once when she was two months pregnant with my sister that said, "After the pleasure comes the pain." how appropriate. i want to make my own fortune cookies. then i could put stupid little messages in them like, "Watch out behind you!" or "KILL KILL KILL!" that'd be great. i could make custom ones for my friends too. like for Julie, "Those who are fixin to fornicate, get turned into toads." or for Alicia, "I-I-I believe you have my stapler." (that's not much of a fortune but its funny nonetheless.) it doesn't seem that hard to make them except for the fact that you have to fold them before they cool, but once you know how to do them, i am sure its not a problem. hey fortune cookie sounds like a good name for a band. "hey crack open that fortune cookie.......album." maybe not. i think there is a band or movie or something called Cookie's Fortune. i may have to look into that.

Clamping down on dry humping and blue balls

Artist: Radiohead
Album: Ok Computer
Song Title: Paranoid Android

please could you stop the noise i'm tryin a get some REST?
from all the unborn chikken voices in my head?
huh what's that?
[my name is paranoid.... i'm your android]

when i am king you will bae first against the wall
with your opinions which are of no consequence at all
huh what's that?
[my name is paraniod.... i'm your android]

ambition makes you look pretty ugly
kicking squeeling gucci little piggy

"you don't remember "why don't you remember my name? off with his head.
off with his head man. why won't he remember my name?"
"i guess he does"

rain down rain down come on rain down on me
from a great height. from a great height height
rain down rain down come on rain down on me
from a great height. from a great height
rain down rain down come on rain down on me
from a great height from a great

"that's it sir you're leaving"
the crackle of pig skin
the dust & the screaming
the yuppies networking
the panic
the vomit
the panic
the vomit
God loves his children
God loves his children yeah!

I haven't listened to this cd in a while. its still as great as it ever was. ahhhhh. radiohead. i hate it how some people only claim that they like radiohead to sound smart. maybe it is true, but who knows who is lying? we know people in our own lives who are stupid, but a lot of celebrities try to look all intellectual and deep and say that they listen to radiohead. i don't get it. however, why aren't people allowed to listen to what they like? or is it the fact that they only claim to like it and really don't? one of life's greatest mysteries. like people who listen to Good Charlotte and say that that makes them them punk now. Good Charlotte are not punk. they suck and do whiny excuse for rock music that sounds just like everything else like Simple Plan and Bowling for Soup and the Riddlin Kids. ew.

Today in french, my teacher came up to me and said, "i am really surprised with your composition this time. it is not up to par as yours usually are. some of the requirements were missing." she didn't specify what though. i would've liked to have known. i think we get them back tomorrow though. we turn in a rough draft and she grades it and corrects it. we can turn it back in corrected for a letter grade higher, so i am not worried about my grade. what pisses me off is how she just kinda said it so matter-of-factly. she said it so casually and friendily. she is a nice person, but she doesn't know me and how i take things. it is really bothering me now. i don't why i feel so shitty about it. i guess its because she didn't tell me what i missed, and i don't think i left any of the requirements out from the rubric. i sat and checked stuff off as i did it. dammit. i wonder if she got me mixed up with someone else. hmmmm. i guess i will know tomorrow.

I never intend to write this much.
I am out. Later.

post comment [08 Apr 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | Cream ] in first period a girl was petting my head. there is this weird girl who is a prep and she is really outgoing (one time she sang to our substitute, and during biology she held up a sign that said vulva). she is really fake and pretends to like people. today i was sitting with my group and working on our project and she just came up and was talking to us. then she started petting my head. i asked her to stop and she did, but started right back up again. i told her to stop and she did, but a second later she started doing it again. i told her to stop a last time and she still kept doing it. i grabbed her hand and said, as calmly as possible, "I am asking you to stop, now please stop petting me." my friend Kari said it looked like i wanted to hit her. to be quite honest the thought never crossed my mind. i am not a violent person. she just really pissed me off. she is so annoying! anyway, not much else. I got a new harddrive! my old one was 6 now, get this, i have a 30!!! wo.0t! i have two hds the other is a 4. so now i have 34g of space. which for some is not much, but for me and my crappy connection and computer, it is fanfuckingtastic. i have tons of mp3s and shit. one can never have enough mp3s though. that's my philosophy anyway. let the downloading begin. this should take me awhile though. it took me a year or so to fill my 10g of space, but as a beginner. still, i have a shit connection, probably about 50kbps. ew. that is disgusting!
earlier i also had a nice convo with my friend Alicia. we just had a bitch fest about stuff and people we don't like or about stuff they do that we don't like. it was a nice time.

Go Here to Buy Drugs! (haha) - For Squirrels by Squirrels (interesting site i found yesterday)

Script for the movie The Crying Game
The Crying Game - movie overview - (i have never seen it but i read the script oddly enough. it is really weird. :::: A guy, Fregus, is in the military(or something) he is told to kill a guy, but before he can the guy tells him to take care of his girlfriend if he dies. the guy is hit by a tank (i think, but i know he dies somehow, its not really important how besides the fac tthat Fergus didn't kill him) before Fergus can kill him. Fergus agreed to track down his gf for him. Fergus goes to find the guys gf, Dil. Fergus finds her and falls in love with her. Then he finds out that she is really a guy! he gets freaked out and won't talk to her for a while. then he tries to go talk to her and she's pissed at him. then he writes her a letter and she comes to talk to him at work. he decides he wants to be with her anyway, even though she is not really a she. they are together for a while until something unexpected happens.:::: i won't give away the ending though. pages 58 and 83 are of particular interest among others. i have never actually seen it myself so my apologies if my account is not all correct but the base is right. when i get a chance i need to rent it, but i dunno when. maybe my sister or friend Julie would watch it with me. sounds weird and twisted but is supposedly a really great piece of cinema.

ok i am out now, i didn't expect to write this much. G'night.

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Death Among Other Things [07 Apr 2003|04:39pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Black Heart Procession ]

Well, today was boring as usual. School. Blah. Blah. Blah. we had a long ass test in trig. our teacher wasn't there so she left it with the sub, who was a bitch and made us be quiet. the last one let us work together. Yay! Anyway....... Six Feet Under was good last night. its my show. its about the only show i absolutley must watch every week. i started watching it from the beginning of the very first show< before the hype and awards and shit. its the most original show i have ever seen. besides, its about death. which is fun. yep. yep.

The poem i wrote this morning at 1:30am ( i stay up late at night contemplating my life and those in it):

a single word
yet so many more
often meaningless words
traveling in pairs like
i'm sorry
i apologize
forgive me
words are meaningless
the most meaningless word

my poetry sucks but it always sounds good a the time, which i suppose is really the point. this is my first one since 12/12/02. maybe i will share my old ones. maybe not. if i am in the mood. i am bad at sharing things. i am sharing this because i sincerely don't think anyone will read this. my feelings are usually bottled inside, with the exception of my old DJ and my poems, which are few in number. which makes it strange that i say this right now. hmmmmmmmm.

I just got Photoshop 7 how mediocre.

which song of staywhatyouare are you? find

I am ...


according to the Pirate Assesment. How Pirate Are You?

Find your inner random object! by Emily

My Old DJ
Ok i am out.
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Well, now! [06 Apr 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | none - weird for me ]

Mah first entry here. I used to have a deadjournal to bitch at, I did a lot of bitching. then I got too pissed off to even bitch anymore. Maybe I can now. Who knows if I can keep up with this. a daily thing is too much for me. i can't commit to that but maybe a few days a week.

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