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i wont be there, i learned my lesson. [25 May 2003|05:23pm]
ok so this week, on monday i had an away game, i cant recall where. then tuesday i had practice and the a pasta fest at amanda's house. that was sooooo fun. haha jess canavan is the coolest kid alive. then wednesday a braintree game (at home). thursday we did lockers and that was fun. liz did mine and she put pop tarts in there !! boner. yes i get pleasure from pop tarts. then we went to jills house to do shirts. that was cool. then friday we played fontbonne. 8-7 awesome game. theni went to the mall with jill and lex. haha we went to the carnival thing and we rode on the ride thing for free. yeah we did. that was fun. and i decided carnivcal people suck. we were looking for tsl kid. I TALKED TO WILLIAM TELL!! yeah cause jill is friewnds with uhim. so i was like hi my name is kelly and i used to stalk you. that was good stuff. then we saw tom and we hung out with him for a while. saturday i had 3soccer games. it was a tournement. and we won 2/3/ so that was good. today i had a game and we lost in a double overtime shoot out. yeah because of my shot that went over the net. i was soooooooo dissapointed. now im over lex's and in a little while we're going over jill's to watch a movie and just hang out. yeah sooooooo. later kid
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