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when im talkin to myself id always rather be talkin to you [29 May 2003|03:56pm]
todya was school. fun times. it was the seniors last day-i dont really care. i thought i would, but i dont. anyways i hate school so much. i feel so stupid and out of place. im not really good friends with anybody in my classes except english (lex and alyssa) but other than that, lunch is cool and before math with jill. i just feel like everyone else knows that they belong there and im just kind of watching from the sidelines. i dont know why i even bother going. im not learning anything. im failing math and getting a d in science and spanish. lately ive been in a shitty mood and i just want to yell all the time. the smallest things piss me off. AHHHHHH i need to do something. maybe ill just write stupid things on an online journal that nobody reads... whatever works. well i got in a big fight with my dad last night, again. it sucked. then he went out and i "played" my guitar and listened to brnad new something corporate and the ataris. i havent listened to blink in so long. i feel like im cheating on tom... haha im such a loser. yesterday i went the hubbard house and then to the freshman game. i miss softball sooo much. jill was playing (i was really happy for her) then it started raining. so meg me and hub went to mcdonalds and laughed at the caucasian : immagrant ratio. then we went to lauren's house and she showed us her prom dress. it was soo pretty. she looked like the little mermaid when she wears the sparkly dress at the end. then i came home and watched dawson's creek again. and now im going to eat some pop tarts and get ready for my youth game.
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isnt that what you said what you thought this song meant? [27 May 2003|03:59pm]
im at home. im sussposed to be at the freshmen game. my dad is a dick and he flipped out, yet again, at me for some really stupid reasons and im so sick of him. all he does is flip out and hes an asshole and i f-ing hate him. he makes me feel like shit. anyways i wanted to go out, anywhere. i cant stand ebing in my fucking house anymore its like a f-ing ghost town. its sooo fake and empty and yet so full. aaaaaah so konstantine. thats an amazing song. i dont know what im going to do now. i wish i could play my guitar at this point. im going to do-somehting. i dont know. i wish i was8 years old again.
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i wont be there, i learned my lesson. [25 May 2003|05:23pm]
ok so this week, on monday i had an away game, i cant recall where. then tuesday i had practice and the a pasta fest at amanda's house. that was sooooo fun. haha jess canavan is the coolest kid alive. then wednesday a braintree game (at home). thursday we did lockers and that was fun. liz did mine and she put pop tarts in there !! boner. yes i get pleasure from pop tarts. then we went to jills house to do shirts. that was cool. then friday we played fontbonne. 8-7 awesome game. theni went to the mall with jill and lex. haha we went to the carnival thing and we rode on the ride thing for free. yeah we did. that was fun. and i decided carnivcal people suck. we were looking for tsl kid. I TALKED TO WILLIAM TELL!! yeah cause jill is friewnds with uhim. so i was like hi my name is kelly and i used to stalk you. that was good stuff. then we saw tom and we hung out with him for a while. saturday i had 3soccer games. it was a tournement. and we won 2/3/ so that was good. today i had a game and we lost in a double overtime shoot out. yeah because of my shot that went over the net. i was soooooooo dissapointed. now im over lex's and in a little while we're going over jill's to watch a movie and just hang out. yeah sooooooo. later kid
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and every single second that i put it off it means another lonely night i gotta race the clock [17 May 2003|11:11pm]
last night i had a game in framingham (plah) we got lost on the way there, i was pissed. anyways after the game me and brittany and jill went to the talent show. i have a crush on pat mc cloud! haha. yeah so this morning i woke up and listened to music for like 2 hours. haha most embarrasing thing ever, i was rocking out to cute without the "e" and i thought i was home alone so i was like full out singing and dancin around and my dad walks in and was like do you want a hamberger and i was like NOOOO! ahh i felt like an ass, it was the most awquard thing ever. then i had a (soccer) game in braintree. we lost. i bring failure around anywhere i go. then lex came over and we went to jills. then matt came over. we had han food! wooo hooo. then we went to the park. we bought emo things at db mart (pop-pops and raisinets) and mainstream pop punk things (candy necklaces). yeah that was cool. THEY HAD NO FUCKING SCREW BALLS me and matt were lookin for them at both dbmarts. when we were walking it was cool (not in an orgasm way, but like you're a cool kid way), i dont know we were talkin about random stuff. we should hang out with that kid more. then i went home cause my rents were going out. then they came back over and we were just hangin out. then jill went home and her dad was screamin, i felt really bad. then lex and matt went home. so i think im gonna go be an emo kid and look at the stars.
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i never trusted anyone but somehow i trust you [13 May 2003|08:59am]
mcas for sopmores today... not freshmen! what what. anyways we won yesterday. that was cool. we like slaughtered them. yeah we did. thats about all i have to say, now im going to eat some pancakes, chocolate chip might i add.
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[10 May 2003|09:06pm]
i hate "friends" who always treat you like shit.
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[08 May 2003|09:55pm]
haha i messed up on this entry thing, i put lex's thing in. ha i didnt steal it from her thing, nooo. haha anyways mine is under that
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dear i forgot your name again [08 May 2003|09:40pm]
x. name = kelly
x. birthday = 8-25-88
x. piercings = ears
x. tattoos = not yet
x. height = 5-3
x. shoe size = 17 (big shoes big socks)
x. hair color = reddish blodish brown
x. length = long enough

x. movie you rented = cant hardly wait
x. song you listened to = cute without the "e" -tbs
x. song that was stuck in your head = hit or miss - gfn
x. song you've downloaded = couldnt tell ya
x. cd you bought = uh... midtown?
x. cd you listened to = a mix sadly
x. person you've called = lex?
x. person that's called you = my mom
x. you have a bf or gf = no
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = fuck yeah
x. you think about suicide = not usually. i used to a whole lot
x. you believe in online dating = haha i think people who do are messed up.
x. others find you attractive = well i dont, so i dont think other people do.
x. you want more piercings = not too many but yeah
x. you want more tattoos = uh huh
x. you drink = like 4 times haha
x. you do drugs = no
x. you like cleaning = i like other people to clean for me
x. you like roller coasters = oh yeah
x. you write in cursive or print = print
x. you carry a donor card = orgasm doner

for or against
x. long distance relationships = for (hello me and tom)
x. using someone = against
x. suicide = its up to that person
x. killing people = if the person is worth killing
x. teenage smoking = totally against
x. doing drugs = against
x. premarital sex = kinda
x. driving drunk =how drunk?
x. gay/lesbian relationships = yuck. just as long as theres no PDA's
x. soap operas = 100% against

x. food = chocolate chip pancakes. other stuff
x. song = wayy too many
x. thing to do = softball soccer music hang with friends
x. thing to talk about = males. bands. music. feelings.
x. sports = softball
x. drinks = agua
x. clothes = anything comfy
x. movies = funny stuff. not too many teen movies
x. band[s] = lots...(no order) blink bcr nfg home grown midtown something corporate tsl the ataris (those or just a few)
x. holiday = mine &tom's bday halloween

have you...
x. ever cried over a girl or guy = no bawling, but one or two tears
x. ever lied to someone = no im an angel- who hasnt lied?
x. ever been in a fist fight = with my sister
x. ever been arrested = oh yeah all the time.

x. shampoo do you use =suave or V05
x. perfume do you use = dream - the gap
x. shoes do you wear = chucks vans
x. are you scared of = death and mexicans

x. of times I have had my heart broken?: once
x. of hearts I have broken?: who would care enough about me to have their heart broken by me?
x. of times I have been in love: love... i dont think a 14 year old is capable of, but maybe twice
x. of continents I have lived in?: 1
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: maybe 3
x. of people I consider my enemies?: i dont know
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?:-no responce-
x. of cd's that I own?: i have no idea
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 5
x. of scars on my body?: 13
x. of things in my past that I regret?: about 4 things i do not regret
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so ill stand with a dead smile on my face... [07 May 2003|08:21pm]
fuck this place. i lost the war. i hate you all. your mom;s a whore.

anyways im kinda in a shiite mood. dance of the shiites woot. anyways things havent been so awesome latley. people just seem to suck. like i feel like i have so much to say, but nobody to say it to. i tt just seems like im walking around in a revolving door by myslef and there are people all around but nobody;s helping me out. it sounds stupid but its true. anyways i had a game today and we lost. alyssa played with us which was cool. ive been doing a lot of thinking the last two days-ouch. haha i just smoked myself. i wrote a song, guitar and everything, i wrote it down so i didnt forget-but it doesnt sound as good as it did the first time i played it. you wanna know something chris padden> i really dont care that you randomly flip out at me and think its ok, cause now i gotr mad for the first time cause no longer is there a boner fore you, i really dont care what you think about me writing this, you can go and tell all your cool new friends but im sick of it. anyways now that that was said, im going to make chocolate chip pancakes and take a shower. later
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[29 Apr 2003|07:48pm]
we had a game today and lost. to a bunch of dykes. it was pathetic. enough said.
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and if i fall away... [23 Apr 2003|10:30am]
lex came over yesterday and we watched billy madison. that was good stuff. then we went over emy's and then we came back here. we were hangin out in my room for a little while and i said something about brand new and lex was like you cant like brand new blah blah blah. and shes always the one whose like people can like whatever kind of bands they want... that made me mad. this morning i taught myself how to play the beggining of stay together for the kids. go me woo hoo. i dont feel like doing anything today. i have a soccer game tonight at fiev. thats a pain in the ass. i think i have to go down the cape tomorrow and im gonna be so pissed if i have to cause new found glory is tomorrow. and that would suck... you take it up the ass with a strap on dildo from your dad cause apparently dicks dont run in the family. :-P
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its safe to fall if you just trust the ground that you stand on, i swear i would never let you down [22 Apr 2003|10:33am]
i just wrote a bunch of shit in here and it said my password was invaled so now im just writing this.

(im still that person that you can always depend on)
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girls bleed glitter [17 Apr 2003|09:02pm]
this week was alright so far. monday we had practice, but its not l;ike we acually practiced. tuesday we had a game, we played FAG haha. i was sposed to go there. we tied. but that's a controversial issue. *who puts alarms on camrys? haha brittany-funny kid. then after the game, bein the gangstas that we are, we went to friendlys. (meg hub, law, al, jill & myslef) it was soo funny, all we did was laugh "hey wanna hear a funny story" "allison SHUT UP" "is your last name gilbert?"..."No." fun stuff. yesterday we had another game, we played brockton. we lost due to the slaughter rule. anyways after we went to friendlys again (fat kids) and then i came home and babysat, it was only sposed to be for 2 hours but it ended up being like 4. i was soo tied. today i came home with meg (hub & morris) and allison. then me and jill-o and lex went to dunks and the park. we're emo kids. and we're startting a band by the name -girls bleed glitter- and we're gonna kick ass. haha we have like our whole band careers planned out. its great
im the "angry emo kid"
jill is the "sad emo kid"
lex is the "fat emo kid"
haha good times "shut up my mother"
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WE (pause) LOVE (pause) DAMON (all in a weird voice) [13 Apr 2003|07:37pm]
haha today me and lex wen to the sox game! they won! woo hoo. todat the game was ok, they won. i think that nomah is soo overrated, he;s not that goood at all. damon could school him. johnny damon is MONEY!! anyways after the game we hng out in the seats cuase stupid people dont move. haha we should talk, we ate like fat kids on thanksgiving! then we were leavin and people were like waiting for manny and nomah to come out in their cars but me and lex were like screw that. so we were walking out and who drives by when nobody's lookin excapt lex and kelly? yeah my bitch number 18 himslef. so that made my day cause me and lex were like waving like maniacs adn he looked at us, smiled and waved, to me and lex!! whoa. i aspire to be that man. yesterday i was hangin out with lex and chris at lex's house and then me and lex went to my aunts. then we came back to my house and watched tv and chris came over. we played blacksketball aagin that was good times. then when they left i got in big fight with my mom. i sat on my roof and listened to the ataris for like an hour, until i got really cold. i was lookin at the stars and just thinkin. roofs are good for thinkin when you want to be alone. its good stuff. Friday i went to jill's and her braintree friends went over too, that was a nice time, huh jill? haha (lick finger, touch shoulder) TSSS... anyways nobody knows what i mean. they were cool kids. now im gonna go play my guitar and think of why im not progressing at playin a friggen guitar like everyday, i still suck. the only thing i can play is l;ike the beggining of dammit haha and that sounds bad too.
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...later on "stay together for the children." [10 Apr 2003|10:16pm]
so lex and chris called me, and they came over (roger too) we played "blacksketball" haha that was a good time. then we were just standing in my driveway and were like talking about things. then chris spit on my pants and now we're in a fight. then erin called to say she saw somebody at someplace. ahah then lex roger and chris went home and i went to the junior high talent show. it was soo bad. ahha a waste of 5 bucks. we sat behind some kid with a mo hawk that she loves. jackie and derek were there. then me and chew were badasses and wrote on the wall in the bathroom. i wrote tom delonge... what a shock, ahah im not gonna say what chew wrote. some band TRIED to play blink and i wanted to cry it was so bad. not to mention it was introduced as "stay together for the children" and 7th graders who think they;re tom delonge suck!
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[10 Apr 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | sorrow... boxcar ]

no time for losers cause we are the champions.... that being said, look at this

haha anyways i just read lex's blurty thing and i know what she means. lex if you're reading this, PARENTS SUCK! don't listen to them cause they take their own problems out on their kids and they say things that they "dont mean" but everybody knows parents are just assholes and ergh. anyways tommy was a dink in school today. i think im over all of them. i still think that the a-dog is hot, buit i never thought sting was hott and i think etnies is gayer than richard simmons! haha anyways. english muffin pizzas are the greatest. i just had one. i want more but meghan wont give me more and im a lazy kid and i wont make them. i havent played softball outside in a week. i dont know why we didnt play today-it was perfect outside. anyways tommy will get payed back... when he least expects it.

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so it's safe to say that we've been here before. [09 Apr 2003|08:46pm]
school- haha allen singing boxcar... what more could i ask for, oh yeah to be like the only 2 kids in the voac while he sings to himslef! haha im almost done with my mulan thingy-score. i brought balloons in school today. kinda random, but whatever. i had a swell time.

hubby's hizouse-only there for like 30 minutes, theres soo many kids in that familia. whoa.

my hizouse
softball- new william tell ws in the gym... yes.

treadmill- didnt fall this time! gooo kelly
ccd-what would jesus do?

heart torn out down for the count but still come back for more.
this lesson is learned too well
only unlearned by the times your wounds have healed.
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honestly, i'd give anything to be with you right now. [08 Apr 2003|06:40pm]
senior homeroom! haha lex and alyssa-we're soo stupid! haha beans isnt hot lex! he resembles a kid on even stevens... anyways. i came home and ate pop tarts (whoa not pop tarts) then meg came home with meaghan hubbard and we just hung out for like an hour. then she left and i pretended to be asleep as to not talk to my dad. haha thats kinda sad. now hes gone to work and im on the computer yet again. yeah big time negative on the college prep! lol. anyways, im out. MASSIVE CREDIT TO JILL TO MAKE MY JOURNAL PRETTY!
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maybe i should hate you for this [07 Apr 2003|07:06pm]
yeah today school, blah. softball was cancelled cause of snow (mind you it has yet to start precipitating). so i came home and ate and watched tv and fell asleep. whoa, im such a lazy piece. haha so then i ate dinner and did some homework, not really i just sat in my room and looked at my romeo and juliet book and tryed to understand it, but gave up and here i am now, im typing something for my dad. in a little while im going to the mall with my mom and sister. Im only going to get some ice cream! yessss. anyways, lex is all over the college prep thing. (not like all over like make out with me but like yeah i got this shit yo! haha im a loser) go lex
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its been three weeks, it just gets worse [06 Apr 2003|07:19pm]
today lex and chris called me and we went to boston. it was ok. we went to some punk thrift thing, that was interesting. i realised today that i hate myself. i really don't like the person that I am. everything about makes me mad. i dont know why. sfter that we went to newbury street, where some black guy commented on how chris had "two" meaning females. it was funny i guess, then they went to lex's and i came home. i havnt spoke to my parents in like2 hours, i dont know why. im pissed and trying to do anything to get my mind of things. things that most poeple dont put in an online journal, not boy things cause that's stupid. chris pointed out how me and lex have stupid obsessions with stupid boys, and yeah we do. that makes me mad. i hate girls who are like that, and yet i am. i hate the fact that im talking about hw i hate everything, SHUT UP KELLY damn. im going to watch the disney channel, nothing better to do.
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