Marilena Luiz


29th March 2003

10:44am: Another day goes by and I don't know what to write in my new journal, Dexter sleeps on my lap so no inspiration come from my favorite little sheltie. He's only 8 weeks old so I'll let him rest.
Zeek and Aubrey, two loveable rats, sleep in their cage...unaware of the bowl of food I put inside containing fresh slices of apples. A reward for not waking me up last night. That cage can be quite loud when they play. I should talk about myself but you already know me vagually I think. Marilena Luiz is my alias on A role-playing website and one of the best I know to be even though it's Administrators get into their little moods.
I write stories, poems as well but I don't think either of them meet the standards of a true writer or poet. My dear friend Jenny however thinks otherwise. Someday I will write my stories down but that will be awhile untill I can get my website up and running. Time Time time. A thing I have not much of.
Let see now.. I used to have a boyfriend, though he was perfect I let him go many a time untill the last time he let me go. I have no regrets over it, I just wish he wouldn't look at me so sometimes.
I have replaced him in my mind now. A dear sweetheart by the name of Grant but we aren't dating. He has a girlfriend in Missouri and I'm not one to get between too people.. no matter how far apart they are.
I don't know what else to say, You will get to know me as a very liberated, blunt girl later on in my entries. For now I guess I should work on my website. I will post tomorrow!
Current Mood: blah
Current Music: Static-X 'Cold' and KidneyThieves 'Before I'm Dead'
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