[ 26 Jun 2003 | 08:31pm ]
If you want to see the continuation of my journa

Ive moved to caleida.

So read on!

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[ 24 Jun 2003 | 08:07am ]
rawr! *jungle cat noises for illiana*
lick_tannings and I were talking last night.

We came up with this thought:

The three best words in the English dictionary are:

Whhadya think?

*nods* Oh. taylor_babe is my makeout buddy. *winks* She is my lesbian lover!

I have given liyah_montero two First-Class tickets to Hawaii for two days, as well as booking her at the Hilton Hawaiian Inn, on my expense.

Lets hope that this time de-stresses her, and takes off ALL of the drama of having a baby, then loosing it, then the drugs, AND cancer, AND THEN the heartbreak, and whatnot. Im know it will do a lot of others good too. *coughsgina_scoughsk_is_for_kaleycoughs* Loff ya Gina & loff ya Kaley: Mwah!

So, Good luck to ya Liyah! Have a good time! DONT FORGET TO PACK CONDOMS,
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[ 23 Jun 2003 | 11:34pm ]
Creative much?
Hi! Here is me being a dork!
Whee! Aren’t superlatives fun?

Superlatives Galore:
Best Eyes:
Best Smile:
Best Hair:
Best Dressed:
Best Spirit:
Best Shoulder to Cry On:
Most Reasonable:
Most Wise:
Most Popular:
Most Friendly:
Most Welcoming:
Most Emo:
Most Dramatic:
Most Slutty:
Most Ditzy:
Most Creative:
Most Opinionated:
Most Talented:
Most Perky:
Most Hardworking:
Sweetest Guy:
Sweetest Gal:
Handsomest Guy:
Prettiest Gal:
Smartest Individual:
Shyest Individual:
Funniest Individual:
The Overacheiver:

My Answers )
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[ 21 Jun 2003 | 11:12am ]
Songs that turn you on! Rawr!
{{She puts in 'The Smallville Soundtrack' and dances around in her underwear as she bobs her head up and down, smiling happily. She turns up the volume of the stereo as she sings to herself. She shakes her head, smiling, as she plops down unto her bed, in front of her laptop. She opens up the Blurty webpage and begins typing}}

I love this song. It is just so perky and happy, and erm... Perfect!

*laughs* So I was thinking some, last night, and a thought ran through my head.

What song turns me on?

I came up with these:
(*) Fluke - Zion
(*) Save Ferris - Let Me In
(*) Heather Nova - London Rain
(*) John Mayer - Your Body is A Wonderland.

What song gets you in the mood?
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[ 20 Jun 2003 | 11:43pm ]
Me in a nutshell?
I love helping people.

I do believe in true love.

What else can I say?

Im still secretly hoping that a handsome prince will come by, and sweep me off my feet.
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[ 19 Jun 2003 | 11:37pm ]
you might want to read this...
Do you feel alone, lonely, miserable, worthless, unwanted?
Do you feel like the crap on a person's shoe?

If so...
We present to you...

MARIANA HERTZ -- Love Doctor; L.D.
Yes! Your very own Love Doctor!

Words from the Doctor Herself: "True love is out there. You just have to find it. I'll find you a dapper guy! Satisfaction guaranteed!"

Some of her works include:
(+) Lixi and Johnny (Johnny remembers my badgering)
(+) Rockett and Landon (Um.. Well... Sorta... Huh?)

So come one, come all to the hottest scam deal of the century!
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[ 18 Jun 2003 | 11:04pm ]
a bit about myself
{{Mariana plops down unto her bed, and sits cross-legged in front of her laptop. She bites her lip, unsure of what to write. She brushes a loose strand of hair that seemed to strayed away from the loose knot she tied over her head, as she cloes her eyes thinking. She opened up the Blurty webpage and began to type}}

A certain individual mentioned airheads in a post of hers, and that is when it hit me. It was a sudden realization and all, not to mention the flashing light bulb....

I think people perceive me as somewhat a 'ditz'

I guess I seem to have brought it upon myself, by acting like Ms. Sunshine, and running around Dover being extrmely perky, to the point that it seems unnatural. I admit that I was raised to look at life at a positive scale and appreciate life, no matter what the situation, but I dont think I was raised to be an 'airhead'.

I think that in order for people to understand the way that I act, they have to understand where my hapiness is coming from. Years ago, I felt the pains of love and the hurt of rejection. I guess I turned my negativity into a positive force and decided to live my life as a carefree person from that point on.

I have talent and brains. Hell, my GPA is at 3.8, but my main point is that I just dont like the fact that just because a person is happy and bubbly, that they are perceived as a fool, or naive, or someone who just has not been exposed to the troulbes ofthe world. Because believe me, I have been through the pains. The world is not kind, but it is easy to forgive and learn to love after pain has taken over.

I should stop rambling. I dont think people will even read this. *nods*

{{She wipes a tear from her eye, as she rereads the entry. She smiles a little as she clicks the 'Update' button, hoping that she didnt put herself 'too out there'}}

EDITED TO SAY: Thanks Deryck. You are the best feel-better pimp on earth. *thumbs up*
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[ 17 Jun 2003 | 11:02pm ]
You want to see Cleavage right?
*grins* Megg, Liyah, Harmony, Keri, and I are in a band.

We are called.... Brace yourselves....


*nods* Our first song is entitled 'Need a Lift'

Calling all the talented bastards out there....
Im on the guitar, and we are all on vocals, but we need a couple of loveys who can play the bass and drums.

We are still getting everything together...
But show us some groupie love, hun!
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[ 16 Jun 2003 | 11:26pm ]
Im going to marry Prince William someday.

And I am going to be a Princess!

*twirls around* Laa dee Daaa!

Isnt he just spiffy?

Edited To Say:

Screw the One-Liners. *nods*

*She sits in her room as her mind slowly goes blank. She looks out her window and watches the people, illuminated by the lamp posts, scattered about. She bites her lip as she turns back to the intimidating blank computer screen staring back at her. She sniffles a little as she looks around her room. Her pink night-light gave the room a pinkish glow, and she could not help smiling at the rosy glow of her room. She scanned the room, looking for something to write about, and she sighed. Her heart felt heavy as she closed her eyes and thought*

It is very hard to be happy all the time.

*She surveys what she had typed up, and a small frown sneaks up onto her face and creases her forehead. She wishes to describe what she truly feels, but the words dont seem to pour out*

Its easy to give in to the dark abyss that is sadness.

Someone once told me that happiness is an ongoing struggle.

Im starting to believe him...
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[ 16 Jun 2003 | 10:41pm ]
*Makes jungle cat noises*

Im not a man-eater. *grins*

I hate alligator penises. *winks at Illiana*
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[ 15 Jun 2003 | 11:31am ]
I miss playing with dolls! Barbie fan for life!
Hef hef hef...

Im a single and independent chica.

But I sorta miss having a guy to push around and bug. I miss having a guy to hold my hand and I miss having someone to be sweet with.

*grins foolishly* I also miss having a guy to dress up... Hee! Like a litle Ken doll! You know... Dress him up in a little Dolce and Gabbana or maybe some Fendi... And toss in a couple of Kenneth Cole shoes. *swoons*

*laughs* I hope Im not the only one who makes her boyfriend do stupid things.
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[ 14 Jun 2003 | 09:54pm ]
ideal partners
*bites her lip thinking*

Ive always fallen for the sensitive and shy kind of guys. Musicians and stuff. *grins foolishly* I dont know why, but there is just something that attracts me to them. *drools a little* I love the way they are so pensive and thoughtful...

*laughs* No... This isnt a shameless self-promotion of my single self.

*nods* I just wanted to know what everyone's ideal partner would be like.
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[ 14 Jun 2003 | 11:57am ]
want a cure for that KILLER hangover?
Liyah was hungover so I made her a concoction of some sort to cure it.
Ive made it on a couple of occasions for myself. Its not soo tasty and its green…

Its got seaweed, raw chicken skin, bacon grease, raw eggs, and tomatoes, celery, mint, and some wasabi for good measure.

Hefhefhef. She drank it, and she puked all over the place. Goes to show that the toxins are being removed!

So next time you get hungover. *flashes her pearly whites* You know who to come to! *points to herself*

Oh! I almost forgot to add! I think Harmony is hot! *salivates* Yes ma'am!
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[ 13 Jun 2003 | 04:02pm ]
nothing like simple plan + apple pie
*She steps into her room, toweling her hair off, and humming to herself. She checks her purple Harry Potter wristwatch. The gold numbers tell her that its 3:42 in the morning. She reaches for the phone, thinking of calling a friend over, but she decides not to, thinking ’Its too early.’ She seats herself on her bed, in front of her pink laptop, and switches Kazaa on, randomly clicking on a song. She gets up and stands in front of the mirror as her greyish eyes glaze over the image staring back at her. Her gaze shifts from her stick-straight, chocolate brown hair, wet from her bath, to her almond-shaped eyes, down to her plain white tank-top, to her red Paul Frank underwear, down to her long, shiny legs. And then she hears the familiar song play…*

*'Id Do Anything' by Simple Plan plays, and a smile immediately creeps onto her face, as she scrunches her nose up, and begins to sing along. She grabs her brush and sings into it.*
"Another day is going by, Im thinking about you all the time. But you’re out there, and I’m out here waiting!” *She tosses her brush away, and jumps onto her bed, annimatedly. Mariana thrashes about wildly, as head bobs along to the beat. She ruffles her hair about, and plays an air-guitar as she sings at the top of her lungs* ”Yeaaah! I’d Do anythiiiiiiiiiing, just to hold ya’ in my arrmmmms!

*She hears a thump from the room next to her, and she hears a faint, but angry voice. She collapses on the bed in a fit of giggles, as she lowers the volume of her laptop, and opens up the Blurty webpage. She begins to type...*

Wow. I conclude that dancing around in your underwear if fun.

Especially if its like 4 in the morning! *chuckles*

But nothing like rocking out to Simple Plan this early. *nods*

*swoons over Pierre*

Dizzamn.... Im hungry all of a sudden. *pulls open her mini-fridge and fishes out a plate, with a slice of apple daintly placed unto it*

Nothing like apple pie this early in the mornin' too! *smiles as she eats a forkful*

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[ 13 Jun 2003 | 12:12pm ]
new icons! whooop!
[[Publicly thanks Parker-Shaped for her new icons...

Like I said, Id hump ya, but Im sure you would just settle for a hug!


Thanks ye' very much, lovey!]]

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