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M0ViNG [07 Mar 2003|11:03pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | dammit + blink 182 ]

M0V3D to clean Add me there chickies!

<3 Marika
( 3 ) !D0L!Z3

JUST F0R MY FR!3NDS.. [02 Dec 2002|06:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | sugar clut = say i`m sorry ]

___( FR!3NDS 0NLY )___
I decided to make this for just for my girls and boys on here for the same reasons everybody else does, but what the hell I`ll list them anyway

--> I don`t want strange stalker 55 year old men reading this. You might ask "Are there stalers on blurty?" My answer: I just don`t know. Better safe thand sorry ( roflmfao )
--> I don`t want rude, obnoxious, immaturure people leaving comments on my entries saying shxt. I hate that becuase most of the time, like 234457 people get involved... then shxt happens
--> I don`t want family reading this. My dad is a stalker. Who the hell knows if he`s reading this right now ( hi daddy! ) but I just might be putting some more personal stuff in here than on my uj. I don`t want family, friends, or my boyfriend looking at this

Ask to be added.. I like everybody so the chances of me adding you are 99.9%. Oh and if you have uj I`m glam0urgirl, add me!
Much love
.. [ Marika ] ..

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