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    Monday, November 24th, 2003
    10:01 pm
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    Friday, October 17th, 2003
    12:55 pm
    21 Oct 03 Joey Harrington #25 Yeah Joey! and Go Detroit Lions!
    In case I'm too busy to make time to wish you a Happy Birthday of 21 Oct 03, I do so today:
    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!

    P.S. Joey, page me. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday in person/or (YIM) me.
    21 Oct Happy Birthday Joey Harrington #25
    23 Oct Happy Birthday GreatGReatAuntie #92
    02 Nov Happy Birthday gradeSchool Linda #25
    11 Nov Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio #?
    19 Dec Happy Birthday Cousin Douglas #guess
    20 Dec Happy Birthday Great GrandPa #86

    Please make comments about Joey and/or Detroit Lions here. [search engine Meta ~154 sub-engines]
    Monday, July 28th, 2003
    1:09 am
    Road Tripp'n Blues (compilation)
    Morning begins when I begin to sleep tonight! So, just a quick note before I sleep. Just want to share a 2disc blues CD. Artists include: John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Rushing, Jimmy Reed, Otis Spann, Bif Bill Broonzy, Memphis Slim, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, LEADBELLY, Muddy Waters, John Mayall, Joe Turner, Jimmy Witherspoon, Billie Holiday (5:38 long!), Bessie Smith, Big Joe Williams, Champion Jack Dupree.

    What do you think of "BigCarBlues"?

    Yahoo IM: mar1_07061978

    Good night./mar1_

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    12:32 am
    Sagas of Travels by travelers NOT tourists...Do share yours -- just clink on "Comment" link.
    Travel Europe: letters from Travelers NOT tourists..
    Anyone else want to add their trip events?
    London - Tuesday, July 15
    Hard to believe, but my English sojourn ends tomorrow! Percy (the cat I’m taking care of in Kensington)’s family comes home tonight, and I leave tomorrow morning for Amsterdam and the next phase of my adventures! In my week here, I did some of the things I’d hoped to do, while saving some for another visit and different weather! I never thought I’d complain about heat in London, but it has been uncomfortably warm and humid here. In fact, they are having an unusually warm and dry summerall over England. I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve seen serious rain since first arriving here in April! The grass in the parks is dry and brown - looks more like California than England!! I did do a number of London Walks to places I hadn’t been before - my favorite discovery was Camden Locks and its
    wonderful market. Ended up that afternoon by taking a canal boat ride through Regents’ Park - delightful! Also saw a lot of
    theatre - including an all-female Richard III at Shakespeare's Old Globe; Joan Plowright in Absolutely (perhaps!), Kenneth
    Branagh in Edmund, Ralph Finnes in Brand, Patrick Stewart in Master Builder (I do rather like Ibsen!), Minnie Driver and
    Matthew Perry in Sexual Perversity in Chicago, My Fair Lady, My Brilliant Divorce, and a few others!

    I expect I shall probably have e-mail contact for the first couple of days I am in The Netherlands (i.e. 16-18 of July);
    however, I will be surprised if there is e-mail available the week I am on the barge (19-26 July). I’ll be in my last exchange
    home, in The Hague, on 26 July, so, in all events, will be “plugged in” again at that time! Love, D
    Hi Richard and Anne - For an e-mail address of the law school, you might try starting with or something of the sort, as the law school in Eugene is part of the state university system and Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. By copy of this letter, I am e-mailing a friend who lives Oregon--- mar, do you know the e-mail addressfor the U of O law school? Don't let the heat get you down - I heard a rumor that cooler weather with rain is due mid-week! More later - D

    At 06:00 AM 7/14/2003 +0100, you wrote:

    Dear Dee How quick you are THANKYOU and we have heard from Karen and
    Loren already!We also look forward to meeting Robin and looking into
    legislative issues. As you know I am especially interested in Elder Law
    and Professional Conduct issues So glad Amtrak is near you and yes we
    do plan please to spend some time in Portland if OK by you. Now all I must
    do is find an email address for Oregon School of Law in Eugene and arrange a meeting. It's
    all rather exciting! Very hot here and I am preparing for a very full
    examiner's day (or two) in London alas Thankyou for looking for Anne's
    cardigan Much love RandA

    ----- Original Message -----
    Subject: Re: Bird Watching

    > Hi R and A - I'll make note of your times - and I will plan to
    > pick you up at the Amtrack station in Portland (which is very close to my
    > flat). You are spending the first few days in Portland, aren't you? I
    > will be leaving the morning of the 18th for my trip to Ashland, but I will
    > be sure you are "settled in" first, with information and keys for the
    beach house. I have also spoken to my friend Robin and she is happy to
    > meet with you and take you to Salem. She is in Scotland at present, but
    > rang me last night (we both have UK mobiles) to tell me it was raining and
    > pleasantly cool up there. It is still pretty warm here in London - I
    think yesterday was even hotter than Friday, and my friend Christine, with whom
    I had dinner last night, told me she thinks it will be even warmer the next
    few days! So enjoy your cool country air! It was great seeing you as well, and I shall look forward to your
    Oregon visit!-- D
    > P.S. to A- I checked Lost and Found at Holland Park, but your red cardigan was not turned in.

    At 07:53 AM 7/13/2003 +0100, you wrote:
    > >D: Many thanks for this. We will love to meet up for birdwatching
    with your friends We have now booked the trip Arrive Portland by train
    (not plane!) [schedule deleted]

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    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
    12:28 am
    Star Wars Trivia
    [Source: ]
    First Question: (Week 1, June 9-15, 2003)
    Which Star Wars character recently accepted an award for Best Fight Scene at the MTV
    Movie Awards?
    (Answer: Yoda. Winner: Florian Dettwiler, Switzerland)

    Second Question: (Week 2, June 16-22, 2003)
    Which Star Wars actor/actress recently graduated from Harvard?
    (Answer: Natalie Portman. Winner: George Fiedziuszko, USA)

    Third Question: (Week 3, June 23-29, 2003)
    What is the name of's pay subscription service?
    (Answer: Hyperspace. Winner: Deb Oliver, Australia)

    Fourth Question: (Week 4, June 30 - July 6, 2003)
    Which country is Episode 3 currently being filmed in?
    (Answer: Australia. Winner: Wittinger Gyorgy, Hungary)

    Newsletter Question: (July 11-16, 2003)
    In what year was “Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace� released in theaters/cinemas?
    (Answer: 1999. Winner: Nicholas Freeland, Australia)
    ---------------------------------Any one want to contribute more Star Wars information?
    Search list of links:
    [source:] for Episode II (Anakin Skywalker) and
    Hayden Christensen []

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