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    Thursday, January 29th, 2004
    10:10 am
    The Allometry of Godzilla
    The first thing that Idid while trying to answer this amazing question was find out how tall Godzilla was in the movies. The original size of the beat was 50 meters tall, or about 167 feet. Throughout the course of his history, the beast climbed size to 80 meters (267 ft) and finally to 100 meters (334 ft) tall in the early 80s. This enormous size would be breathtaking, if it were possible. The fictional creature known as Godzilla could simply not have existed with the body type and structure it is depicted as having.
    The largest animal in record is the brachiosaurus, which is about 75 ft tall. This animal has most of its mass near the ground with just an amazing length in the neck. Unfortunately for Godzilla, its body is shaped more like the infamous dinosaur, the tyrannosaurus-rex. The T-rex is built standing on two legs, leaning forward in a manner that frankly looks like its ready to bite the head off of the first dinosaur it sees. The largest example of this creature found is about 15 ft high and only 40 ft long. The Godzilla is more than 22 times that high, with the same body type! This is ridiculous!
    The bone structure of the T-rex would not have been able to support the mass and weight the Godzilla would have put on it. The bones in the leg would have to not only become large, but also denser, which would result in more weight. Even if Godzilla had been able to live with that body, at that size, it would not have been able to move. The force of gravity would have pulled on his legs and not have allowed him to move the knees up and down as it does. In fact, the shape of the leg and knee is one more reason it would not have existed. Looking back at the brachiosaurus, it has tree truck shaped legs with minimal joint structure, unlike the foot and knee of the tyrannosaurus-rex.
    Let’s work backwards now. If Godzilla had been only twice the size of the t-rex, his volume would go up nearly 800%, but the legs would only be 200% larger. The pull of gravity on his organs would be painful in the least, but for organs that size, it might disrupt the processes. Surely the creature’s blood pressure would have been amazingly high, due to the volume and distance it would have to run. The question of body heat in Godzilla would surely have been an interesting one.
    Would he be endothermic, like dinosaurs of the past, or might he have been ectothermic, pulling in heat from the outside world. If the first were the case, his total surface area would have been a problem, because with that much area, it can be easy to lose body-heat. If he were the latter, then his body would have gone into shock during the night, for the same problem lies with the surface area: so much space but not enough heat. The air around his body would always have a chill to it, because of the heat being pulled from it would have been enormous.
    In conclusion, the fictitious creature known as Godzilla simply could not have existed. His bone structure, sheer size, volume and body temperature all would have created problems for him. The tallest dinosaur was less than 1/5 of his height! This beast lives only in our imagination. And don’t even get me started on his ability to breathe fire.

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