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03:36pm 08/10/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Ms.MandaMay on the tellie!
It boggles my mind that Jesus came down here, from the side of his father, to die for you and me. Jesus made the ULTIMATE sacrafice for you. He loves you, and he desires to have a relationship with you. all you have to do is accept him. When you accept the Lord as your personal savior, You will wonder how you ever survived without him. He helps me through situations everyday, and he desires to be with you too. If you have not accepted the lord, please talk with me about it. Remember...Jesus loves you, and so do I .

I do not understand that people can not believe this happened. People wrote a bible all about him thousand of years ago. He is our savior and king of all time. He is reaching out to u everyday but u block it out. It is so simple to except him all u have to do is reach out your hand and ask for him. U don't have to be perfect like some people think in God's eyes we are perfect if we except him. The best part if we make a mistake or a sin he forgives us if we ask him to. He died on the cross to save us from our sins, now don't u think we can atleast love him and follow him i do.
More survey things lol   
08:06pm 05/10/2003
  Well I'm super bored! Lol theese really help if your bored!

[ current clothes ] Pink strawberry pj pants, White n pink panties, white bra, white tank top that says Doll face in pink glitter underneth my pink billabong sweater
[ current mood ] Bored and wonderinginsh
[ current music ] None now
[ current taste) Taco bell
[ current hair ] Some messy bun pony tail
[ current annoyance ] I want more food and being bored
[ current smell ] Momma's night time cinnomin rolls in the oven =) cant wait =) mixed wih hawian giner lotion
[ current thing I ought to be doing) HAHA homework
[ current desktop picture ) Eminem
[ current book you're reading] Flyy girl
[ current movie in dvd player ] Living room - Holes and family room - 2 fast 2 furious
[ current color of toenails ] Pink with light blue polkadots
[ current refreshment ] Pink Lemonade
[ current worry ] Where's my prince charming? =( and if one of my guy friends is my friend or not...

last person

[ you touched ] My sister huggin her bye
[you talked to ] Steph on the tellie and buntch of people online =/
[ you hugged ] My sister ^^^
[ you instant messaged ] Eric
[ you yelled at ] Alex (my brother)


[ food ] yeh right! How am I spossed to answer that??
[ drink ] ummm =/ kool aid, mcdonalds french vanilla cappechinos and sun tea
[ color ] Purple, Lime green, Orange, yellow, And red
[ album ] My mix c.d's
[ shoes ] flip flops or Kswiss (just something original to go with every color)
[ candy ] ummm I love all of it! not alot of chocolate though
[animal] cats.. some dogs
[ TV show ] Friends! Lizzie Mcguire! Mad about you! and music vedios! lol
[ movie ] ALOT!... Love and basketball, save the last dance, bringing down the house, fast and the furious, titanc, little mermaid, cinderella, lion king, some scarry movies ( dont watch to often cause then i'll have to sleep on my couch with oscar n molly (my cats) lol )
[ song ] All my life.. K.c and JoJo , Shake ur tail feather, get low, man a buntch im not to well with names lol
[ vegetable] corn n broccli
[ cartoon] spongebob and tom and jerry ohh and proud family
[ video game] umm dont play it to much but I liek my big bro Steve's basketball game its fuun lol

are you

[ understanding ] Yes
[ open minded ] Yes
[ interesting ] Sure
[ random ] Yes
[ hungry ] ALWAYS
[ friendly ] That's me
[ smart ] Mhh.. some subjects.. got a A in english n math! lol
[ moody ] Yes
[ childish ] maybe at times around home... lol
[ independent ] sometimes
[ organized ] well I cant see what color my floor is =/
[ healthy ] yes
[ difficult ] Yes
[ attractive ]you decide...
[ bored easily ] not really only when its late at night and no ones around
[ messy ] yes and when im not paying attention and have to do things in a hurry
[ thirsty ] yes
[ responsible ] yes
[ obsessed ] no
[ angry ] well everyone has some anger
[ sad ] yes
[ happy ] no .. sometimes yes... mostly when im with my friends or when i see the guy im liken
[ hyper ] Yes
[ trusting ] yes
[ talkative ] haha yes
[ horny ] no

who do u want to

[ kill ] *****
[ to love you ] ******* =(
[ slap ] ignorant people that be gettin on my nerves.. but hey .. im shure i get on peoples nerves too
[ tickle ] ummm noone lol
[ kiss ] *******
[ look like ] whatever the guy a like thinks is attractive and what is his dream person
[ talk to offline ] everyone lol
[ talk to online ] Anybody who's on my buddy list or IM's me

Yepp I shure was bored lol im done now! lol n now im off to do some more gay homework! lol
07:15pm 05/10/2003
mood: bored
music: Get low
*What time is it: 7:15
*Todays Date: October 5th
*Full Name: Amanda Nicole Overall
*Gender: Female
*Age: 13 (Unfortuenetly i'm a youngin)
*Birthday: 11~21~89
*Siblings(age ,sex): Alex - 15, Sally - 22, Krissy - 24
*Parents: Kathleen (Kathy) and Guy
*What are you wearing as of now: Pink pajama pants with strawberrys and cherrys and a pink billabong sweater
*Are you wearing make-up? ... Chapstick??
*Did you take a shower today? Yes
*What are you drinking right now? Pink Lemonade
*Do you smoke? Psshh You honestly think I ont care about my health lol ... No
*Do you have a car? No =( not yet anyway - FEW MORE YEARS! ;)
*Are you listening to music? yessum
*If so, what song, and who is it by? Getting ma praise on! - Shout to the lord... my mom's worship c.d she has blaring with her friend Felecia... MhhHmm I like!
*What are your screen names? The1TheOnlyMandz and HOTTANGEL1189
*Crush: Lets just say... **I'll keep it to myself!** even though my dear BEST FREINDS know! ;)
*Person you want to go out with: HAHA... My prince charming! (if I had one!)
*Dating anyone? I wish
*Are you in love? Actually... I dont know =/ Love is really confusing
*Are you a virgin? What do youuu think?
*Who's your favorite friends? MhhHmm ALOT!.... Steph, Cass, Bee, Kristie,Amanda, Ash, Megan, Jamie, Alysia, Markkita, Amber, Paris, Amy, Linny, Chels, Ashley, Nikki, DeDe, Ebony, Kayla, Sarah, Susie, Zack, Andy, Matt, Matt, Ryan, Bryan, Bryant, Javon, Jordan, Tony, Markus, Tommy, Eric, Phillip, Robby, Nick, Leroy, Joey, Steven, Lorenzo, Chris, Matt, Mike,
what kind of music do you listen to? well you know... pretty much everything theese days!
Do you like little kids? Yes! Love them!!! =)
Who's your favorite? Little baby Austin and Brittany Kay! Love her!!
*************YES OR NO*****************

*Shy: Sometimes, I try not to be...
*Outgoing: Around people I know real well... Make shure to show my character!
*Ugly: depends on what youuuu think
*Pretty: People say I am... even random people =)
*Beautiful: ive been told..
*Loveable: yes
*Sensitive: very
*Nerdy: If reading books in spare time... then yes but I wouldnt call that nerdy!
*Tall: HAHA no!
*Short: Hmmmmmm imma smurf!
*Only Child: No.. 3 others... one miscarrige =(
*Cheated on a test: Is my teacher reading this... okay well maybe a quiz....
*Did someone else's homework: Well cmon now.. thats not bad...
*Let someone act like you on the phone: Not that I know of =/
*Asked out your crush: I dont ask guys out
*Split up a relationship: I hope I didnt
*Drove a car: HAHA! Tons of times! LOVE IT! =)
*Road a roller coaster: YESSUM! The millenium force was my first rollar coaster ever! including I never been on carnival rollar coasters! Thanks to my best friends my fear of rollar coasters is gone! lol
*Chickened out on a roller Coaster: Well once.. me n Bee... the dragster I mean who wouldnt?? (steph kristie nikki cass n cayla) lol
*Went to a concert: actually ... only christian concets with my youth groub... TobiMac and some others
*Went to the beach: yeppers! I love soaking up the sun! =)
*Been to an Ocean: Yepp
*Made fun of your best friend: Every other day... but its all outta love.. I Love all my bestfriends.
*Said you loved someone when you really didn't: yes =(
*Said you loved someone and you meant it: yes =)
*Went out on a date, just you and him: yup

*BEST HOUSE: I like steph's comphy house... But prettiest - Give it up for Amber Nicole Davis!
*WEIRDEST TASTE IN THE OPPOSITE SEX:hmm... I'll keep that a secret
*BEST SENSE OF HUMOR: well people say i'm crazy... but besides me... probally steph
*DIRTYEST MIND: pretty much most of the guys AND I HATE IT! lol
*DO U GET ALONG WITH YOUR EX BFS: yes, besides one on and off we argue
*WHY ARE YOU SUCH GOOD FRIENDS: for different reasons .. and because I love them most and were here for each other through thick and thin! =)

*SHORTEST: Nikki =) lol
*TALLEST: Cassie and well Scotts a tall one! lol
*FUNNIEST: Stephy poo
*TRUSTED: I can trust all my friends
*ADVISER: Cassie
*MOST PERFECT:no ones perfect
*SMARTEST: Hmmm... I dont know really =/
*BLONDEST: Well Kristie has the BLONDEST hair lol but hey say im the most *DUMB* Blonde
*HORNIEST: all my guy friends..lol
*HONEST: theres a few...

***************Which One??*****************
*Car OR jeep: Car
*Sweet and ugly OR Rude and Hot: Well actually.. it depends on what qualities I like in a guy... Definetly not rude... Msot guys always tend to be at times.... I dont know =/ can I say sweet and hot? lol
*Tall OR short: TALL
*Long hair in the summer OR short hair in the winter: Short hair in Summer with layers... Long hair in winter haha
*Bangs OR no bangs: NOOOOO bangs!
*Soggy Bread OR Raw Meat: SICK! neither! lol
*Pringles OR Doritos: Doritos..
*Scary Movie OR Romantic Movies: Romantic.. although I find them depressing sometimes.. Scarry movies are always fin to watch with ur boo and best friends!! =)
*Dog OR Cat: Cat
*Fish OR Bird: Fish (really neither) .. I had so many birds they ALL died.. and I over fed my fish... they died... =/
*Sandles with socks or tennis shoes with no socks: Sandle with socks..
*Shoes OR Sandles: FLIP FLOPS!! =)
*Love OR Like: like.. But sometimes I do wish for love
*Hott Or Cute: I like both..
*Honest & Nerdy OR Liar & Popular: honest and nerdy
*100 friends or 1 best friend: 1 best friend (although I have tons! love u guys!) =)
*100 friends that lie all the time OR no friends: no friends... I have jesus and my family! lol
*Staple your tongue or Staple your Lip: WTF?? thats something that would be on jackass.. not here! lol
*Food or drink: FOOOOOOOOOD!!! =)
*Spinach OR Raw Fish: ewww sick none ... but you know... spinich does make popeye stronger =/
*Green Beans or Refried beans: green beans
*Email or Mail: both, but the mail always sends bills... BOO!

***************First reaction****************
*Ugly: shy, maybe put down alot ...
*Fat: eats alot or just doesnt exercise cause I EAT ALOT! lol but it's not nice calling people fat so thats outta the question! ;)
*Cute: annonymous
*Hot: WHOA! LET ME TELL YOU! (but I wont)
*Jerk: Alotta guys
*Friends: I love them SOOO much and dont know WHAT I would do without them! They are the best thing that ever happend to me besides my family and God... Even though I may not show it all the time to everyone but I love everyone and wish I could call every one a friend but some people arent like that... I love ma best friends!! =)
*Color: Lime green, purple, orange, and red
*Wet: pool
*Hard: hehe lol i'll just say a rock
*Soft: The blanet im using right now and also my cat Oscar
*Silver: Earrings
*Fork: Spoon
*Bowl: some good food inside!
*TV: BET, MTV, disney movies, and sometimes cartoons =)
*Money: Shopping!! =)
*love: hurts
*girl/boyfriend: currentley im avaliable! (as always)
*Drink: Cherry coke
*Blow: pops LOL
*Outside: cold and about to snow...
*Inside: warm, cozy... borning unless friends are here and theres food
*What time is it now?? 7:56
*Did this Survey really annoy you?? nope
*Who do you hope fills this out? Well whenever anyones bored cause time flied!
*Are you glad your done? I guess.. I'm gonna do another one though ;)
*Do you want more ?'s: ^^ m *VERY* bored
Just some quotes that come in handy for me!   
07:05pm 05/10/2003
mood: curious
music: Shake ya tailfeather
Well they always have them little quotes .. But besides bible verses, I think that these come in handy!

-dreams can come true if u take the time to think about what u want in life

-Being around you makes me feel like for once in my life I dont have to try to be happy.... it just happens

-The only goals I have in life are to be myself, and do what I think is right

-I am who I am today because of the decisions I made yesterday
10:54pm 04/10/2003
mood: crushed
music: Scarry sounds from the TV that my bro n friends r watching!!
Well Its saterday night and the time right now is 10:57...
I have church in the morning and I can't sleep...
I really want a boyfriend and it's really getting to the upsetting point... I mean not even a boyfriend... just someone to talk to and some one that will be willing to listen to my problems and I can always count on...
Just hearing boyfrined/girlfriend stories from my friends is cool n all but it makes me feel really.. well... pathetic...
At least once I just want SOMEBODY that I like to like me back...
Honestly.... I cant tell you even how CLOSE it hurts....
Winter... Cudle together in front of the fire place... watch some scarry movies....
Spring... Water fight... out in the rain ...
Summer... teach me to play bball (lol) swim watch movies go to the movies hang with friends
fall... It really doesnt matter cause none of this will ever happen.................

There's this one person that I like oh so very much and I cant even write about in here....
I just know nothing will ever happen and I'm to scared to even talk to him and through his eyes lookin at me im just some girl... if i had the chance or the opportunity I would do anything for him.. literally... I wish i was his kinda girl... I just dont understand why things have to be the way they do.... whenever he talks to me... when ever he smiles... It's like all troubles run away...
But then when he mentions other girls I know im just that "little girl"
Whenever I dont talk to him.... or whenever it seems like were miles apart... I cant get my mind off him....

I hate it I really really do
Just some thoughts~~~~   
09:13pm 02/10/2003
mood: cold
music: DMX cd.... Random songs
Hey yall!
Well actually turned out to be an okay day from not going to school, I called all ma buddies to get ma homework and I got all that good shtuff finished up! so thats off ma hands... Sheeee-It I dont even know what I'm doin this weekend yet =/ Me n Alysia was gonna go to the Willow Run Bball game n see Paris n Ashley up thur but not no more cause well I dont know what happened but I know Paris n Ashley are still goin.... so0o0o I think if Alysia's mom meets my mom then me n her r gonna stay hur Friday night and watch Mommy dearest, Misery, And that other movie with the kid from Home Alone when he was a little boy and we'll make brownines lol I DONT KNOW! Hmm Alysia gotta write u an email! lol

Homecomeing - I still dont have no one to go with =/ Am I really THAT bad?? lol yeheyheyhe I knew it!!
not haveing a boyfriend is really starting to get me upset... I dont know it's gettng me very stressed out.... Not only not haveing a boyfriend is getting me stressed out, but HAVING a D in AEROBICS and because of being gone another day today it will probaly go to an E!!! And then if I have an E I will not be able to do pep squad which is really fun and I just got done selling all the candy bars for are saweeeeeet uniforms!! Soo alls i gots to do is make those days up and make a comitment to never miss another day of school and I will try to stay with that!!! Man.... I dont know lol

Well Stephy still has my brotehrs basket ball shorts which he is now begging to bother meabout! STEPH!!! lol

I get to go shopping tommarow! thats gotta be fun! Well I gotta let Alysia know that has to squeeze into our tomarow plans also if she will be able to come over!!! (lol) If not i'm by my lownsome
Finally get my 300 from my sister and then i get 500 in november! whoo hoo thats gotta be great! I mean will be great! lol =)

welp... umm... I dont really know what to write in hur...... I used to liek someone so much.... I dont know what happpened... =/ Im wondering
tomarow im gonna decorate my house for Halloween also... fun

Well my backs beginning to hurt
and also I wanna be able to go to school tomarow so im gonnna go to bed so I will be able to get up in the morning take a shower, put on my new victorias secret bathrobe, do my make up, brush my hair, blow drye my hair, put up my hair, get dressed, make my lunch or get some mula from my mama, get my back ready, put on my shoes, and walk out the door, get first dibs on the seat on the bus with the heater by myself so i can nap, and then enter lincoln high's school doors! funnn!
lol alright much love to everyone and have a great night and sleep tight!

S T R A W B E R R Y * S H O R T C A K E
-----HmmmMhh no school again?? --------   
10:49am 02/10/2003
mood: worried
music: Why Not - Hillary Duff
Well I havent wrote in here for a loooooooooong time.... well I havent benn on the computer for a loooooooooong time.... Because of well home issues
Last night was so bad... Cassie dearly Lee Downing! I hope you get better... my mom's in so much pain... she said shes not gonna drive her car for a long long long LONG time... reason being - you know
I am in so much pain.... but werelucky we didnt get hurt then what we are... my mom thinks she actuially dslocated one of her plates from her last surgery in her neck so shes gonna go to the hospital... and because of last night me and u didnt go to school =( MAN! I missed 5 flippin days so far!

This is upsetting


I'm really worried about you, my mom, her car, the payment, our homework...
well last night i'ts really hard to explain about the accident cause it all so happend very fas and it hurts to move my hands so thats all that i will write for now

much love god bless and *Remeber* Jesus loves you!!

****LOVE HURTS!****
****LOVE SUCKS****
****F'YN LOVE****
****WHO NEEDS IT****
Earache.... AGAIN! =(   
08:35pm 22/09/2003
mood: cold
music: Little mermaid telling Flounder he's such a guppy
Well today was another OKAY day (HEY they rhyme!) =) but I dont know why I havent had any really GOOD days lately.... Besdies Saterday was okay seeing the family.... But today I staed home from school. This morning I was liying in bed hopeing my Mom would just take me to school after first hour which is aerobics cause that really hurts my ear... but neway.... When I thought things were doing okay.....
man ol' man I will tell u... NOT COOL! NOT COOL AT ALL! awwww well
Steph was spossed to ride my bus home tomarow.... havent talked to her in awhile =/ so I think I will go call her..... BRB!
well im back now......
We just got off the phone
She's not riding my bus home tomarow because what I kinda forgot all about in which she remined me was this...
Tomarow I will be loaded with boooks and papers in my backpack which the papers is called "Homework" and that "HOMEWORK" will need to be done QUICKLEY becasie it is FOUR days worthe of! BOO ON THAT!
This is gonna ssucuck!
Aw well
well im bored I ate so much today... It felt good to eat! Finaly can eat! and now that my ear is acting up again soon enough I wont be able to eat AGAIN... so now I'm eating as much as I can YUMYUM! =)
I'm watching Little Mermaid
Best movie ever
I love
Yes yes I do!
She's so pretty.... I wish I was pretty
Even Ariel can get a man..... man this is a bummmer lol
She has her pronce charming now where is mine?
yehyeh I knew it lol
Homecoming - October 17tH!!!! Freakin SWEET!
I'm gonna be a lowner lol... naw tommy asked n so did Matt... Hmmm Whom may I choose? I love them both there both so nice and funny and sweet! MhhHMm Lol
Well time to go take MORE meds! Hollllllllller!
I love each and everyone one of you!
HmmHmmHmmm tired!   
02:58pm 21/09/2003
mood: cranky
music: Above all (stuck in my head from chizurch)
Well today so far is GAY... gay gay gay gay GAY!.... lol only cause my nephue woke me up at 8.. then my mom repeately was tryng to wake me up many different times between 9 -10 .... Why because of ChUrCh... getting up early is just not my thing! I will tell u that right now... I am not an early person..... What I love most besides fooooood and ma best friends is SLEEP! yeheyh! Well.... church was okay... it wasnt all that GODley today.... maybe the pastor was sick?? =/ aw well
After that we went with m moms friend from are church Fleica and 2 of her grand kids Dakota and Wiat and I will tell you, they are so hard to be in a car with... after church we went to meighers and then Tim Hortons (YUM!) =) BUT.... You know how sometimes u get carsick? well thats teh feeling mixed with kids talking to u every 5 seconds nonstop and having you look out the wondo at THERE car... geeze they shure have alot! ;) Lol But I love them.... Not when I'm sick tho n feeling dizzy n cranky n cramps.... CRAMPS SUCK! man i hate P.M.S! IT SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! Man I wish I was a guy! lol
I dont know what im even about to go today =/ Probaly clean and homewokr... ugh I'm gonna have alot of homework to get caught up on for missing 3 dern days of school! I DONT WANNA GO BACK! =(
School sucks
Guys suck
Getting up early sucks
Cleaning cat litter sucks (which my mom is telling me to do which i refuse lol)
and a buntch of other things
well lol I think im gonna go take a nappy nap! so holllleeer at me if anyone wants to hang out tonight! k?k!
Stepher ill call u back... Alex said u called lol ; )
Much Love

Where is my prince charming? Where is my cuddle bug? Where is my F'yn boo? Where is my BOYFRIEND? lol man this SUCKS too! lol
10:43pm 20/09/2003
mood: bouncy
music: nightnight music... Brandy/Angel of mine
Today was a *FREAKIN* Blast!!.... I went to one of those family evens that take place about every 3 monthes or so..... I will tell you, it was fun! Me, Missy, n Mandy all chilled... and holllleeer at the neighbor hood boys, while also ditto towards us ; ) The fact that upsets me though is there.... welll.... eleven =/ lol
It was really werid without my Dad bing there... REALY WEIRD... time actuaally goes by WAY to fast... I havent seen him for 4 weeks now.... Nope wont see him at my birthday eaither... Thats in November... I dont know when but I hope i'll get to see him soon... I know i get to see him the 25th, but not in a good place, i shouldnt be to excited about seeing him there... probaly wont even have much time to talk =(
But happy news =) i died ma her once again! THIS TIME its Starberry blonde.... THANKS JANET! =) I love it Lol.... Hey steph we are twins noww 4sho! lol sorry Jess we know longer have the twin relationship
Stephy came over!! she brought me tomatow soup agaiN! =) Then she left =( she was in the neighbor hood
Her mom is the best nurse ever I LOVE HERRR!!! =)
I been in the hospital alot lately =/ I have to take 6 pills actually only 4 now becauuse the TYLONAL THREES made me break down in hives... StRaNgE ma docters said I wasnt alergic to anything but now im having doubts =/
Im really full.. I ate alot today... food at the party
We had fun... I love my family! Its one of a kind... Reconize... We are thee best!
I finally met troy today!! He's a very good kid lol.... nice him n mandy make a veryvery cute couple... although they met cause he whaked her in the face with a door at the movies =/ Lol and now there in LoVe!!! ***
HmmMhh Is there ANYONE that wants to whack me in the face please?? Lol
I wish i had a boy friend! Boyfriend where are you?? do youuuuuuuu wanna be my boyfriend? lol didnt think so

well i decided im sleepy
I decided to mkae this online journal becasue my dear friend ashlie nicole did (although she doesnt write in it no more) and it looked funnnnnnn! thanks ash! =) lol

well yall good night sweet dreams much love to you and God bless!