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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
5:49 pm - okay... this is where it starts...
this is definitely going to be a rebuilding summer for me. but theoretically, most of the actions have happened today.
at 4:57 pm EST, i drove off in my new car. it kinda looks like this:

however, it does not have that black bar thingy on the side.
anywhoo, that is my new ford focus, and i like it. i hope she lasts longer than sweetbot one.

for those curious, i went with tmbg's "destination moon" as the first song played in my new car.
not to leave mr. meatloaf out on anything, "Bat out of hell" will be the first album played all the way through. it was only fair.
okay. i will do a real update later. i need to get friends in my car so my shithead roommate won't be my first passenger as he was for sweetbot one. be good.

current mood: excited
current music: cars driving by...

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Monday, April 28th, 2003
5:23 pm - this is the deal:
umm, as of the end of this statement, my vacation starts. i am not going to think about this place until next monday morning. if anyone wants to hang out or whatever, i should be picking up my car tomorrow at some point. then it can all happen. umm i will check my email from the library and whatnot, but until then be good. also, umm i forget. i will tell you when i get back i guess. oh yeah, if anyone has any input as to what should be the VERY first cd to be played on my new car's cd player, please drop a suggestion, even though i am most likely going to go with "bat out of hell" by meatloaf. you have less than umm 15 hours to reply! that is a rough guess. fine. i will commit to the fact of not listening to my cd player until umm like noon or so. 1:30 p.m latest! yeah. so... until then....

current mood: relieved
current music: the sound of a shaken soda fizzing at the bottle cap

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Saturday, April 26th, 2003
9:04 pm - man i hate this shit.
okay, i got invited to my cousin ericka's friend's party. i guess she saw me at my cousin's sweet 16 party and wanted me to go to this one becuase i was a fun guy. no arguments there. but anyway. this is the deal: i am fucking old. way too old to be invited to a non relative party full of 16 year olds. i mean really... it would have been awesome back when i was 16 but no. those years were spent in lonely selfloathing and misery. wait a second. the only difference now is that i am out of high school. fuck mang. whatever. anywhoo, this is the further deal: if i go, it will only be for my cousin, who i have grown closer to as a relative. not like that you jerks. i mean, my cousin ericka and i have grown to be like buddies if you will. she is a good kid. and she loves meatloaf's bat out of hell. i mean, obviously she rules. anywhoo, like i feel bad for her. in the past 2 years, her mom, my aunt, noreen, passed away a few days before christmas. she was going through all sorts of depression shit and all that. she is doing alot better, but now her kidneys have failed and she needs dialisys every other day. if i don't go, i think she will be upset. if i do go, i am going to be like 3 hours late. i thought it was today, then my mom convinced me it was yesterday, then i drove past the place and it looks like it is tonight. hmmm. it is a costume party and if i go. fuck i am totally going. when i go, i am going to be rockin' the buckethead mask, in a tyvek suit. i totally didn't get to clean my sanitation jumpsuit, so like hmm. oh yeah, shit i had better get going. this is a quick note before i go:
A. i hate that 16 year old girls look like college ladies.
B. i hate that i didn't get invited to one of these things when i was their age.
C. when i was their age, they were in kindergarten.
D. hmm nothing good can become of this.
E. wish me luck.

i know someone is going to leave a smartass comment and i want it known that i will most likely umm feel bad about it. thanks alot.

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Friday, April 25th, 2003
10:23 pm - yay!!!
gena made me this awesome new icon. it looks like this umm. fuck what is the code again


and you thought the parades were bad! thanks once again gena!!!

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7:25 pm - hmmm..
it is amazing what a $50 winning scratch ticket will make you buy:
all of these will be mine:
... SUPERSTARLET A.D. ... Title/Description ... A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL ... Title/Description ... Def By Temptaion ... Title/Description... Waitress! ... Title/Description... The Best of TromaDance Film Festival Vol. 2 ... Title/Description... Doggie Tails Vol. 1: Lucky's First Sleep-Over ... Title/Description... Chopper Chicks in Zombietown ... Title/Description ... BUTTCRACK ... Title/Description


current mood: cheerful
current music: a bunch of random empty office noises

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1:30 pm - whoooppeee!
i just got back from china taste with chris, and i stopped and bought a scratch ticket at the place next door as i always do, and i won $50! this doesn't change much in my life, and i think i am going to use it to buy this: shit. the link won't work. oh well. it was something neato. but then again, i am in debt, ehh. fuck it. okay. i am going to have to get back to work. new regulations do not allow for us to be on the internet, so i am going to get going. yes, this means no aim. no friendster. no ebay. no hotmail. i will be brave though. also, if anyone wants to add sweetbot one to their friendster list, can do so umm with the email address leave a comment if you want.
also, if anyone needs to get intouch with me during the day, my work email addy is i have it set on umm notify so i will get back to you asap. okay. be good.

current mood: rich
current music: tom lehrer "the remains of tom lehrer" still.... it is 3 cds

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10:19 am - it is funny...
how you can just step into the office and know it is going to be a sucky day. i have had a coffee, and a cinnamon twist thingy, and a heapin' helpin' of crappy work. oh well. i am supposed to go to china taste with chris today, even though tone copped out on us... (as a side note, i would like it to be added that friday, paydays are our china taste days. we have helped other employees out, come in on our vacation days and umm everything else to get all of us to china taste, but no, today tone has to go to "TACO BELL" {which in it's own right is very delicious} with his girlfriend. ooooooooh. big deal. it's not like taco bell is open ONCE every 2 weeks and he can only go then. chris and i see how it is. way to cop out.) as another side note, that was all said in jest. but whatever mang!
anywhoo, i am getting bothered by people so i have to get going. i hope to put more in, but if i can't have a great weekend. and be good.

current mood: ehh
current music: tom lehrer "the remains of tom lehrer"

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Thursday, April 24th, 2003
10:38 am - ladies, all the ladies, louder now, help me out, all the ladies...
okay, so for some reason i got salt-n-pepa's "let's talk about sex" stuck in my head this morning. some days rule.
so this morning i am looking for a tie and i stumble across my three day threshold cd that i have not listened to in a good 5 months or so. this is the deal, it brought me back to different times in my life. not so much better or worse, just different. like, the night i got the cd. the band i wasn't in played a show at the midway cafe and we opened up for them. i think that night, katie and prb, were given control of the jukebox, and i pressed random songs that i thought were awful, but then again, they were on the jukebox on 45's so i mean how bad could they be? anywhoo, we went to that place down the street that sold "sammiches" and i think it was snowing that night, but i don't remember clearly. the band i wasn't it did a few shows there when i wasn't in that band. anywhoo, three day, always puts on awesome shows, that is all i know. and i love their cd. the last show i played with the band i wasn't in, was at bill's bar. that was a night as well. it was all about other band people getting upset that i was turning in keys to the practice space, and empty words like "yeah, if you EVER change your mind, you know where we are." hmm. yeah. also, that night, was spent dealing with cornelius vs. prb fighting for the attention of katie at the time. it was not cool. all sorts of shit went down, and i was wondering why i was in the middle of all this. why as a friend, i felt it would be best if i walked katie to the store 24 as a matter of safety. i wondered why after all the yelling and arguing and all that crap, why katie left with cornelius that night.
that memory brought me back to the time roz broke up with me over the phone, and i had like 2 days in a row off from home depot and katie and bill knew something was up, when i was watching cannibal! the musical at rancho relaxo that day and i was staying pretty quiet. back then, we would watch cannibal! the musical alot. like up to 9 times a week. it was good clean fun. and grant it, eventhough i knew that they were up to something whilest i was out on the porch smoking a cigarette, i didn't care. somedays i felt like a third wheel, but i guess at the time, i didn't have anywhere better to be.
anyway, this cd brings me back to yet another different time in my life. it brings me back to working overnights at home depot. man those were some days. like i think i loved those days for some reason. actually, i can list the reasons. A. i got to wear shorts. B. there was next to no management working so i could be an ass. (i usually did) C. you could listen to whatever music you wanted to, if you brought in your cd player. D. you could get sooo much shit done and E. if i wanted to take a break, would play with these laser levels and mirrors.
well often, i would play this cd, particularly track number 7 called "billy". the song is about a perverted truck driving clown called "billy" and the chorus repeats the words "billy, truck driving clown" like over and over again, and it is awesome. to me at least. pete, on night crew, did not like it. he was usually working in the aisle next to the one i was working on, and well, he would groan every time he heard this song. well one night, just to be a rotton bastard, i left the song on repeat and left to work in some other part of the store. after about 9 times or so, he found me, and blatantly said "if you don't change that fucking song, i am going to smash your cd player." poor pete. although something told me he deserved it. like, i wouldn't be an ass to just anyone. oh well.
after all that, i would just like to say, that was a different time in my life and some days i really miss those days, but something tells me, i could never go back to those days. at least not in the same context or emotional value. okay, be good.

current mood: quixotic
current music: three day threshold "home cookin'"

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003
1:44 pm - okay. this is just a start.
i am not done with it yet, but here is sweetbot's tribute page. anyone know what a silver ribbon means?

click here for sweetbot's tribute

current mood: nostalgic
current music: journey "don't stop believing"

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10:58 am - hmmm...
today is not going to get any better. yesterday wasn't great. ehh.
gashia is still blah blah blah-ing all over the freaking place.
although, this morning gashia did surprise me by using 9 "homeboys" and 1 "homegirl" in a matter of one minute and 32 seconds. like that has to be a new record or something, because they were all used in sentences properly.
still no car. still no conversation with the state trooper regarding who is at fault in my accident dealy. i am going to have some pictures of poor ol sweetbot and umm a section that will allow you to leave your own comments about her, if you have had the opportunity to get a ride from her. umm, but for now, i am going to get back to work. i made tomato sauce and sausages in the my crockpot last night, so i can just eat lunch here and work on my webpage. until then, be good.

current mood: apathetic
current music: "eyesore: a stab at the residents" residents tribute cd

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
10:41 am - blah blah blah
yadda yadda same old crap. gashia is talking on the phone loud enough for everyone to hear, and then she is going to tell clare exactly what her friend had to say even though we already know. dingbat is still stupid and sucks. clare is still a parrot. my job still stinks and it is about to get worse. i have been told they are moving my cubicle up about 60 feet. to the other end of the office next to the bigger boss. hopefully singy mcgingy will be put in a sound proof chamber, or shot. tone is going to get moved and so is lynn, but like, i think tone and i are going to be out of this hellhole before it really makes a difference. my boss wants me to pack up my cubicle to move it next week, but i am thinking off bringing in some boxes and getting ready to move out of this place altogether.
i am setting up a new website, and it is at horribly basic stuff right now. like extra lame. but if you want the addy, it is here:
as i say, there is nothing major on it, but it should be getting some improvements done as soon as i umm well, i don't know when it will be improved, oh well. if i get the chance i will write about easter and yesterday and like other stuff i have needed to get out of me. until then, Be Good.

current mood: geeky
current music: richard cheese "tuxicity"

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Monday, April 21st, 2003
1:27 pm - what a relief...
okay, i went to the mall, and got an energy boosting smoothie dealy and a new pair of glasses from hot topic. i had horrible visions in my head, of me hitting my bowl of paper clips and having them hit me in the eyes. *shudders* but it is all cool now. also, i found my kimya cd underneath the passenger seat of the car, as well as $5 so that was awesome. this is going to be a great day, maybe. but then again i am still bombed with work. f this place mang.
okay be good.

current mood: relieved
current music: meatloaf "bat out of hell II back into hell"

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10:03 am - look at her you, must see it too...
can't make complete sentences...
i slept on and off all weekend. why am i sooo fucking tired?
this morning totally sucks. I conked out last night at a random hour, like 8:30 or something, whilest lying down watching "the awful truth" season one on dvd. umm in whatever clothes i was wearing after i got home from easter celebrations. i will get to that later. anyway, this morning, i woke up before my alarm went off. wait. did i wake up at some random hour as well, didn't i have a dream or some shit. i am totally lost. anywhoo, i woke up around 3:20, thinking it was still last night and for some reason, i thought the x-files was coming on at 9:00, and that i had only conked out for like 10 minutes. i know it is confusing. then i went back to be and woke up at 5:45. then my alarm went off, and i don't remember what happened but i woke up again at 7. and my other roommate was in the shower. and then my roommate was in the shower and i was like "Fuck this" and i got dressed. i could not find my glasses. i looked everywhere. i don't know if i conked out in them, or if i put them in the bathroom or like whatever. for those of you who really know me enough to know i have 20/20 vision, and that i don't really NEED my glasses, you will be all big deal. but like this is the deal. due to silly childhood fears of getting hit in the eye with small crap, i theorettically need my glasses. like it is something silly to be afraid of, but i don't want to get hit with anything and lose them. anywho... ny head is fucking loopy right now so if this goes nowhere i am very sorry. umm oh yeah, i stop at dunkin donuts get a huge coffee and a breakfast sandwich, and go to work. and all i get is "sean did you get contacts?" and i am grouchy cuz it is monday anyway. "oh you look so different" blah blah blah. this is the deal: it might amount to something awesome though. like maybe i will take my hair out of the ponytail, and stop wearing paint spattered overalls, and get myself a dream date for the prom with the "hot jock guy" like in not another teen movie. i think that was based on she's all that, and most likely tone will tell me. anywhoo, i get to my cubicle, and dingbat is talking to gashia about stupid crap and i just want them both to shut up. i mean ugg. blah blah blah, "my dad goes 'tina-bug', he has always called me 'tina-bug' ever since i was a lil girl, he goes 'tina-bug, dale earnhart jr. is going to win at nascar this weekend' and i say 'no, jeff gordon is going all the way' and the you know what happened? jeff gordon won, because i was right cuz i said he would' and my dad goes 'i am still ahead of you, you got alot of catching up to do.'" and i just want to get shot in the head. partially because my roommate feels the need to pump up nascar races at full blast whenever they are on tv, same with the video game, and i guess i just don't get it.
anyway, work sucks. i hate this place. i want to go home and umm watch mash or something all wrapped in blankets and not be here. i am probably getting another smoothie from tcby with 3 energy boosters for lunch. speaking of which, i had half of this awesome greek salad left over from louie's pizza that i was going to bring in for lunch, but forgot. it sucks. now clare and gashia are talking tomato sauce preparation. don't they teach you about "using inside voices" in kindergarten? like seriously. there is no reason for any of this. okay be good. i will check in later.

current mood: confused
current music: bis "plastique nouveau"

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Friday, April 18th, 2003
9:42 am - friday my ass.
this is the deal. i am tired, and cranky and my alergies are kicking in, and corine singing is not fucking helping. and gashia borrowing a radio that doesn't come in clearly is not helping. and dingbat existing is not helping. okay. gimme a sec.
*sips of his huge corfee*
ahh. okay. last night i set a new record in staying at work late. i was online talking to random people and looking at strong bad emails and trying to find the video for "sleep now in the fire" by rage against the machine because it was directed by michael moore and my friend andy told me about this wacky site called friendster. i still don't get the point of it, but i guess it is kinda neat... i guess. the deal is this, it has you list your self, then list friends of you. well it connects you to the friends of your friends and like all of a sudden you are connected with 5000 people through 2 - 3 degrees separation. it is weird. all i know is at first, the only people i met, were my friend, andy, who i have known and grown up with, tone, who works 12 feet away from me (for not too much longer we both hope) and gena, who i talk to online usually anyway, and have hung out with a number of times. it was silly. but then i got involved in this wacky chat, blah blah blah. long story short (too late) i end up chatting til 2 in the morning or so. and now i have 2 friends who are really cool shits. if you want to go and list me as your friend, use my email addy for a refference, although, i am still not sure as to how great this site is, or what an "open marriage" means. i think it is set up for shady dudes who are married to get mistresses.
anywhoo, last night i talked to my friend laura, who has been crazy busy between school and work and whatnot. i have missed hanging out with her, because in essence, she is a good shit. i am going to try to visit her during my june vacation. shit mang, where did that corfee go? aha! *sips more wacky wake up fuel* man, i hope i am fucking wired by the end of the day. i wonder if the C.T. Crewsers will be in full effect today?
okay, back to the conversation. laura and i talked on the phone for like 2 hours most likely. talk about old times, random shit, life whatever. it was good to catch up with her, although i think for the last half hour, i was kinda in a tired induced umm like you know when you start staring at a picture and then you see a poodle or something wacky within the shadows or shapes. no? alright whatever. i was feeling crazy numb like i was drunk i guess. i don't know. one day you will feel like this and be all "yeah, that is exactly what sean was talking about."
anyway. my copy of baseketball has not arrived in the mail yet, so therefore, the dream did have a bigger significance than just the fact that my baseketball dvd was coming in the mail. this is the deal: things have been kinda shitty in my life. i have tried to keep starry-eyed about the whole thing, but i am still in a crappy lot. it could be a whole lot worse, i know, but like, i don't want to get into, but there are alot more worse fates. anyway, i am hoping that dream was not just a series of timtam induced visions, i think there is good things around the corner. and i hope the good things spread to my friends.
whoa mang, my mom just called. we are going car shopping tomorrow. i am debating about getting a ford focus Title/Description (not in that yellow!) and liz and kate take note that as much as i wanted that to zoom across the screen, i didn't make it do so.
if anyone else has heard good things about a car that is fairly cheap, please drop a reply. but do so before umm like 5 i guess, because i am most likely not going to be online til monday after that. unless i visit my local library.
okay, be good.

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current music: the aquabats "vs. the floating eye of death"

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
2:21 pm - this is totally tony's fault.
because he doesn't want to be associated with a band he once was NOT in. he has a new name and thus a new position in the parade of friends. blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. enjoy. if you want to thank him you mayy do so here

in the meantime here is the updated parade:

... starring: me ... Title/Description... tone ... Title/Description ... kristin from packets ... Title/Description... liz ... Title/Description ... gena ... Title/Description... stacy ... Title/Description... kate ... Title/Description ... andy ... Title/Description ...a new tone... Title/Description ...and kumicho!! ... Title/Description

life is like some fucked up parade. umm fill in your own moral to that statement

if you want to be part of the parade, umm i can throw you in. although i think it is silly. and annoying. shit mang... i wonder if i can get them to flash?

current mood: cynical
current music: the residents "have a bad day"

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11:19 am - yay!!!
other than the burning stank of something in this office, and that our reports didn't print til 9:15 and umm gashia and corine are talking relationships, and umm i got bombed with accounts and shit, it is still going to be a fucking great day, for i have found my much adored, missing cd: Meatloaf "Bat Out of Hell"!!!

"Best album ever!" - Mr. Ha, Bysis Inc.

"Oh God" - Mr. Ta, Dan Miller Magazine

"I can't stand that cd." - Mr. Plass, William Shatner Monthly

Buy your very own copy today Title/Description

current mood: ecstatic
current music: meatloaf "bat out of hell"

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
5:23 pm - the parade gets bigger!!!
someone has joined the parade and thus it still goes on. or i just want to mess with people's eyes. ehh whatever. here goes:

... starring: me ... Title/Description... tone ... Title/Description ... kristin from packets ... Title/Description... liz ... Title/Description ... gena ... Title/Description... stacy ... Title/Description... kate ... Title/Description ... andy ... Title/Description ... and kumicho!! ... Title/Description

life is like some fucked up parade. umm fill in your own moral to that statement

if you want to be part of the parade, umm i can throw you in. although i think it is silly. and annoying. shit mang... i wonder if i can get them to flash?

current mood: marchy!
current music: not gashia! yay!!!

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5:18 pm - HMM...
well it is nice out. i am done with my work. i think i am going for a huge fucking walk. well, wait a sec... hmmm. maybe.. i could take ms. scooter b. sweet out for a romp. i wonder if i have a non car cig lighter powered airpump... hmm.. oh duh. i have a rental that has a cig lighter, i am such an ass. i have decided that anytime i add a buddy to my buddy parade, it must be reissued as a journal entry. so after this, we will be seeing it again. okay. i am about to enjoy the weather. be good or else!
p.s. i hope kate did alright with her platelet donation. once again, Great job!!!

current mood: excited
current music: meatloaf "vh1 storytellers"

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8:44 am - a question that has boggled me for years

I am Snoopy

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

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8:22 am - okay. i need to document this dream...
whilest it is still fresh. which is going to be tough considering i didn't write any of it down and i played simpson's road rage this morning before i went to work but here goes:
we (our office sans chris and tone which sucks cuz it means it was clare, gashia, han and dingbat.) had to go to some nature hike thing as a "Teamwork" building device. you know the drill. anyway, the bus ride up sucked and i think we broke down and my boss was all "yeah, let's start the hike from here to show we have the most teamwork." which still makes no sense to me. as a team we could have called a cab or fixed the flat but whatever. anywho, we are on this hike and get to umm the "lodge" or whatever the fuck the place where you start is called, and umm they give us backpacks and all this other crap that makes the trip more of a burden. so like we are hiking, and i am getting bored because i am not talking to any of my co-workers or like whatever. and i knew i was within earshot of all the other office people that had to do this hike so i go "boy, this sure is alot of walking" quoting "cannibal! the musical" and all of a sudden, trey parker is beside me. we were talking about cannibal, but he was like kinda avoiding the subject, as if like it were the movie he was trying to umm like shake from his heels. i can't give an example. i guess like oh well. anywhoo, we are walking through old buildings with no lights and we have flashlights and there are these cave man drawings of people doing office stuff. the most amusing was this group of stick figures with ties attacking a huge pile of papers with staplers in their hands. okay anywhoo, trey and i start talking about movies we want to do and i told him about "CAKE the movie" to help out liz and stacy. he told me he was friends with meatloaf, and could talk to him and most likely get him to be in my movie. we get to like the buffet outdoor thingy table and matt stone is standing there, in line. so trey and matt are talking about like projects and stuff and matt goes "i love cake!" in the same voice he says "i love hospitals" in baseketball. anywhoo, matt is taking these huge piles of food and trey is all "dude, there are other people behind us who will need to eat too." and matt was all "there are other trays of food underneath here." but those trays were empty. i ended up with this tiny thing of cole slaw and umm like a chicken alfredo dealy in ziti? (what ever the tube looking noodles with the lines on the them are) and trey is looking at matt eating a turkey leg. and at my 2 lil servings on my plate. then he goes "we will fund your movies and make a cameo. i have a song that would be perfect for yours." then my boss told me to get back on the bus. and trey did a "call me" gesture with his hand. and i don't think i ever got his number. then i woke up.

okay. now i am going to get to work, but on a sad note, i have been thinking about john candy lately. anything he was in was gold mang. well not wagons east but i mean... this is the deal. i don't think john did drugs, but maybe he did. whatever. i know this, i miss him. he brought a levity to every movie he appeared in. as the polka guy in home alone, oh shit. time out. nothing but trouble was really bad too, but anyway... i miss john candy. rest in peace buddy.

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current music: toy dolls "one more megabyte"

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