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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003

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    i know you dont know me yet but you and me we will be together someday

    Current Mood: scared
    Current Music: myself
    i know you dont know me yet but you and me we will be together someday
    Today was awful. I woke up and had to write up my lab report, then i had to get ready for school. I had fun in advisory making fun of severance. What a dork, seriously. How many times is he going to ask us if our schedules are okay, and if we know our way around? I'm starting to crush on someone from advisory. But thats between me and... ME. So yeah, you know. I had a really bad day, just because i had so much on my mind, and i was on the verge of tears all day. At lunch i was pissed, arthur kept on with his ridiculously immature comments, and paul put gum in my hair and kept grabbing me around the neck. Wich really angered me. Had the gum actually gotten STUCK in my hair, i would have beaten the shit out of paul. I would have fregardless, on any other given day. Just not today. The bus ride home was fun... but thats about it. Tayber got her braces off... but i did not see her....... oh well. I'll see her tomorrow

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: everclear "unemployed boyfriend"
    **oh the pleasures of being D-U-M-P-E-D!***
    I thought I'd update ya'll on the fact that Jake is no longer my homecoming date. he's got a girlfriend emily. Wich sucks for me i guess... real bad mainly because i have no date for homecoming, and reasons unmentionable..... Dont get me wrong, Im extremely happy for the kid, really i am. But, i dont know, its one more thing to add to ((THE LIST)). Theres still plenty of time to find a date... im thinking of two people. RIGHT NOW. One i think might already have a date... and the other, could care less. So sucks to be me even more. Im going with mine and stina's plan...............

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: The sound of my keyboard making noises as i type loud n hard

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