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Saturday, September 6th, 2003

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    come what may, I will love you, until my dieng day
    howdy YA'LL! i must update you on some shit.
    friday: school again. We had a GAY pep assembly, and i found it completely retarded. The sophmores wouldnt shut the FUCK UP wich pissed me off. They got dis-qualified. I came home, and then i went to the Varsitity football game. I hung out with tons of different people. A lot of the time it was jake and scott (sometimes kristin when she was with scott. but not to long tho), then tay and all them, then julio and andrew and some people i didnt know, but got to know. Then matt and luter. I went home with them, and we had a great time... i talked to all luters stoner friends (met them anyway) and we hung around waubonsie and in the dug outs until luters grandma came to pick us up.. and yeah. I have his balls (his necklace). Yep. And then i fella sleep at 11:30 pm and woke up today at 1pm.
    saturday: thom called seeing if i could come over. but i couldnt, long story, i dont feel like explaining. so i hung otu at home
    TODAY: i didnt go to sleep till four in the morning, i woke up at 7. I had to go to church. Went to early service, then me, alex, ivan, taylor, carrie, and thom all went to thoms house. Then everyone but me and thom went to white castle to get food. So for about half an hour me and thom played nintendo. Wich he totally beat me at. But it was all good. I had fun anyway. Then we went to taylors house and died taylor and carrie's hair purple. Pretty fun. Me and thom played on the computer and he made a mean back ground about me. (damn you) Then we went back to church, then to taco bell ( to get food for jen) then to walgreens to get more die ( to finish carries hair) and then to thoms to drop him off. Theeeeeeen we went BACK to church for practice or whatnot. But we had to die carries hair in the church's bathroom. It was hysterical. And i helped her with her drama script. I was being thom, and i had to talk in my accent. And taylor went out and then brought thom to listen through the door and he finally heard my accent. Damn taylor. Nobody was supposed to hear it but her and carrie. Then we did worship practice, and then we had our service. My older sister brandy came, and i was SO EXCITED!! i sang a solo for one of our songs (wich i think i sucked at) Then yeah me and carrie and lauren and tay and chelsea did a video thing to the jackson five abc song for chelseas class or something. I dont know. Then carrie got a flat tire. My mom came, i said bye to everyone, and then i came home. And this is where i am now. I havent eaten a damn thing all day, and i only slept three hours last night. But im in such a good mood that i cant sleep. And im not even hungry anymore. But yeah i had THE GREATEST DAY TODAY! it was absolutely fun!! yeah... hmm... i have some things to think about. Im out

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