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Thursday, September 4th, 2003

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    So this is odd, the painful realization, that all has gone wrong. And nobody cares at all
    Today, another round of school. PRETTY lame if you ask me. I had fun tho, met some more new people, had an interesting conversation at my lunch table. We have me, drea, tay, ross, rachel, arthur, dj, allen, paul, taylor (green), juan... and so many more that i cant remember. Its pretty fun! REALLY fun actually. Yep, soo.. yeah me and jess and my dear old parents went to kfc for dinner. YAY POPCORN CHICKEN! ah its so grossly fattening, but kindof good. yah, whatever. I have to do my shit load of homework............ im so confused at the moment. Theres two guys i have tons of feelings for. but then.... theres this other person who's always been my bestfriend.. and i think i might have somethin for him. but i dont know yet. but yeah, you didnt need to know that. But i guess thats the whole point of a journal thing... to get everything out in the open. right?

    Current Mood: confused
    Current Music: For felix

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